Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tudors Tour The Track

The Chamber of Commerce is not happy today as here in the Birthplace of Speed, it is a cold, wet and dreary day.

After visiting with Manuel Labor for a few hours this morning, I thought I would post about the tudors I saw over the Turkey Rod Run weekend. That would be Thanksgiving to all you out there in the real world.

Yeah, I live in my own world, but it is okay. They know me here.

Now on with the tudors.

I spotted this early 60's Chrysler 300 letter car over at Fortunato Park on the north side of Granada Blvd. They hold a car show there every year the day after the Gaslight Parade is held over on A1A.

I spotted some other cool stuff there also, but that is another post.

Out at The World Famous Daytona International Speedway, I spotted several really nice tudors.

Starting out with this Pontiac Star Chief, manufactured for the 1956 model year. Love those wide whitewalls.

Just down the row in the car corral, I spotted this 1957 Buick. More chrome on the front that old tudor than on all of my olestationbus. Four portholes marked the front fender of this beauty and the placement of the front turn signals indicate it to be a Buick Century. The sister car of a newer model is the subject of a post over at Hemmings blog today.

Next up was a 1968 Pontiac Grand Prix. It is huge, sweet and yellow. The Essex in the background will be included later.

Just down the row, in the show car area where the race car driver's motorcoaches park during racing events out at the 2 1/2 mile speedway, I spotted this gorgeous 1966 Pontiac Grand Prix. A buddy of mine in high school, John Engler, had one of these. It was gorgeous, fast and also sported eight lug wheels.

TheGentlemanFarmer had the same vintage Catalina four door sedan and a Bonneville convertible.

Well, Counters, that concludes this installment of images from the 2009 Turkey Rod Run.

Stay tuned for more images and remember to join me at I

Celebrate Life.

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