Monday, December 21, 2009

Barnfinds At The Turkey Run

A couple weeks ago I did this blog about the ragtops this olelongrooffan saw out at the Daytona International Speedway over the Turkey Rod Run weekend, that would be Thanksgiving to all you Counters out there without the Carcaine habit I have.

Well, in that blog I posted an image of some chicken wire, no not that chicken wire, and promised a blog about it later.

Here it is.

To the uninitiated, a Barnfind is an old vehicle of any type that was stored away years ago and has not been driven or molested in that time. Usually, some hoon has a desire to restore it someday but never got around to it. Time passes, the hoon passes and the vehicle is brought out to the light of day once again.

Often times Mother Nature has been nice to the old vehicle but other times this is not the case.

A Barnfind is not the same as Ran When Parked. Ran When Parked usually means driven to a field and parked and seldom are driven again.

Every automotive swap meet this olelongrooffan has attended has had at least a couple of these vehicles. This time I decided to get some images of them to share with you Counters.

First up is a mid 60's Dodge Coronet, I believe. Corroding front bumper, rust at the front fender, tattered interior, but, if you believe the scrawling on the passenger's window, "It Runs Good!" I think those shiny wheels disqualify this as an actual Barnfind. One of my older sister's used to date a guy who drove one of these back in the day. Maybe I should forward this to her so she can pick it up. Only $6,000!

Next up is this old farm truck. I wish I could remember what it is, I think possibly a late 30's Chevrolet but don't blame this forgetful oleman if I am wrong. This is a pretty classic example for its age. Rusty all around the fringes, especially the hood, missing the passenger's side headlight, and a handcrafted bed. But check out that shiny and straight front bumper!

I then stumbled upon a SAAB Sonnet sharing a trailer with a ton of other stuff. That is a wicker motorcycle on its roof, oars standing upright at the front of the trailer, a marine gas tank is sharing that trailer with a stainless steel lidded bucket, along with a bin of parts and a set of air horns. The true Barnfind of this booth. The tilt up hood is a different color than the rest of the body.

Next up was the most preserved Barnfind this olelongrooffan saw that day. I am pretty certain it is a 1939 Plymouth, but again, my memory is not the best. I gotta start writting this stuff down for all you Counters. Anyway, straight rust free body, good glass, nearly pristine interior and only $2,950.00!!

Next up was this Porsche 356 "bathtub" ragtop. Compared to the Plymouth, this one was pretty rough. Interior was shot, missing hubcaps, the motor was in pieces and body dings all over. I did see it being loaded on a different trailer as I was leaving that day though. Some hoon has his work cut out for themselves. Hopefully got it for a good price.

The final Barnfind I saw that day was this 1931 Dodge Brothers Sedan. The dude selling it told me he found it in a barn on a farm up near Marietta, Georgia. Documentation of this is the condition of this ole beast.

The interior was in true tatters,

the spare tire was on the front seat,

rust permeated the entire old car but

at least it has a sunroof, albeit chicken wire covered!!
Only $1,850.00!!

And sharing these old Barnfinds with you Counters out there lets me

Celebrate Life.


Horse-farmer said...

Get that dodge, no wait, I don't have anymore chicken wire to fix the roof.

Oh well, thanks for the photogs, I will start taking more pics on my travels over the ways and byways of this great state.

Don't forget to get infield camping for Turkey run in 2010, I'm bringing my house and one of my broncs just for fun.


jesse said...

the Coronet is a 1969, and htis is a great post! Those of us who can't get to swap meets love seeing stuff like this! Thanks!