Friday, December 25, 2009

At The Gaslight Parade, 2009

Well Counters, I learned something new today. How to edit videos.

You see, last month I blogged about being at the Gaslight Parade. I was sitting in my beach

chair with my laptop and my sometimes trusty Polaroid blogging about the Parade and shot some video of it.

Unfortunately, the video was of the entire parade and just over 20 minutes long.

Well, the service hosting this blog, as well as YouTube and Photobucket, limit videos to around 10 minutes maximum.

I never thought I would be able to share it with you but when Big J visited a while back, he showed me the program to use and today, Christmas Day, 2009, I gave myself the present of learning how to use it.

Here they are, my videos of the 2009 Gaslight Parade. A couple cuss words from the peanut gallery but overall nothing to bad and no F-bombs.

Well, I am off to Christmas dinner and to continue to

Celebrate Life.

1 comment:

Horse-farmer said...

GREAT, just great, video was cool of the oldsters.... was that Ellie Mae in the back of that early pickup??

With the cold up here, and you down there, maybe I should........ nah

I like the changes of weather.

John keep up the great job.... I enjoy viewing these much more than if I was there.. because sitting here I can do "instant replay" and pause and really get a good look.

Merry Christmas and say hi to everyone.