Friday, December 4, 2009

I Got Another 15 Seconds

Last year I did this post, this one, coincidentally both about camper cars, and then last summer, I did this one.

Well, last week, Hemmings blog asked for we followers to submit old photos with old cars in them.

My brother, the Bus, who is a bigger old car fan than I am, submitted some links to his blog, also to another brother's blog, thejeepjunkie, and also to yet another brother's blog, thehorsefarmer, and to By The Numbers.

Hemmings blog had been posting those photos and usually included several unrelated photos in one blog.

Well Counters, this past Wednesday, Daniel Strohl over at Hemmings blog did an entire post on my brothers and this olelongrooffan!!

We all are totally honored to have been singled out by Daniel and I am still pretty stoked about it.

In the comment section, my brothers and this olelongrooffan responded and my buddy, the Kenman, is commenter number 16! Ken is now on these tubes with us and I can just imagine his surprise at seeing that post!

And, yeah, it is with our love of old cars recognized by The Bible of Old Cars, we

Celebrate Life.

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