Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sedans Sedate & Stimulate, Short Stuff

Well Counters, it is time for a short picture starved blog about the sedans this olelongrooffan saw while out at the Daytona International Speedway for the swap meet and car show at the Turkey Rod Run.

I spotted only three that really caught my eye and were deemed worthy of posting on By The Numbers.

No, don't get me wrong, there were a large number of outstanding sedans but these three just struck me as beautiful representatives of their era.

Sorry about the quality of this image. It is an Imperial back when Chrysler decided Imperial needed to be a separate marque, as Pontiac was to GM.

I remember Mr. Drysdale, the banker on the show about my Ozark Mountain cousins, The Beverly Hillbillies, drove one of these.

I put it at a 1963. Long, low and lean for the time.

This dude was only asking $5,900 for it. Seems like a bargain for a luxury orphan car.

Another great one I saw was this 1948 Lincoln Continental. Big fenders, front and rear. Suicide doors, tons of chrome and very desirable as about the fifteenth car in my livery.

As long as I could afford a chauffeur!

Finally, there was this absolutely outstanding Packard 160 which I believe to be a 1941 or 42. It was gorgeous and about a mile long. I love the bumper marker so the driver can see where the reach of this old beauty when parking it. Worth in the vicinity of $60,000. Nice....

And it was seeing these cool ole sedans and sharing them with you that lets me

Celebrate Life.

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