Monday, September 29, 2008

Hey CDM, Check This Out

This dude, vacationing down this way, saw this monstrosity and included it on his blog. Hope you enjoy.


Busplunge said...

Happy Birthday John!

bus and pvt rn

r u 49 now?

john lee said...

thanks bus...yeah 49 now and feeling it..

best to you and the pvt rn.


Complaint Department Manager said...

AH, Happy Birthday to the longroofer!

Those pictures take me back. NIIIIIIICE! Thanks for the gratuitous post. I gotta get back down there sometime.

Horse-farmer said...

Thanks Bus,
I need to be reminded that the Longroof is 49, that makes me a year older and I am feeling it today.
Long roof, 49 is almost over the hill, well forget almost, it is over the hill.
have a good one.