Saturday, August 2, 2008

Go For the Gusto, The Ads

So I spent a good portion of this rainy, coastal, central Florida, Saturday trying to figure out why this piece of Bluetooth technology I bought last spring won't work. Have yet to figure it out though. Probably will get the Kid to take a look at it next time he is over. Also tried to get the door mechanism on the front passenger door figured out on the old FalconStationBus but couldn't do that either. Will wait for the jeep junkie to take a look at it.

So I did what I seem to do best these days. Looked around on the web for some off the wall crap to post on this blog.

Found some over at Plan59. Cool old ads, not car related, but related to a blog I did yesterday on the Beer that Made Milwaukee Famous, and I thought I would post them here. Hope you enjoy.

Is this the first, although oversized, Ipod? Given the mediocre expression on her face, I would guess she is not as enthralled with the blond dude as he is with her. More like, "Dude, can you tell I am listening to music and not to you?"

Notice, also, that beer can has a pull tab opening.

This can does not. Hey, JohntheNeighbor, wish you had a cutie like that to help you restring that reel?

TV, beer glasses, earrings, and bottles on that picnic in the park watching baseball!! Cool!!!

Forget Raiders of the Lost Ark, this is Raiders of the Schlitzbox, and love that dachshaund.

Everybody is just to damn happy in these ads.

Had to include this one just for the jeep junkie and CDM.

and after all that fun, Pepto-Bismol is absolutely necessary.

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Anonymous said...

Sitting in the rain, surfing the net for schits ads.
You should have come this way, 96 was high, 80 some humidity, and I am working in the sun on a chicken run that you and Jeep Junkie didn't finish. Jay thought and mentioned you a lot today. Will send pics when I find the camera.