Thursday, July 24, 2008

Traveling Around The Flatlands

Yesterday, while driving back from Palatka, I was traveling through the middle part of the state, north of the Ocala National Forest, and remembered how parts of Missouri and Arkansas were as flat as the interior portions of the Sunshine State.

The following two images were taken in southeast Missouri.

these next two are taken in southeast Arkansas,

and these last three were taken in north central Florida.

To me, the similarities are uncanny.

Wonder how I will feel about south Texas? You can bet I will let you know.


dirtsister said...

Are you the photog in these pix taken on the road? Or do you have an assistant?

john lee said...


I have been flying solo for many years now. No one else I know, or have met, except for possibly some brothers, enjoy the same quirky stuff I do.

So, yes those are my pix taken On The Road.

Sounds like you and brother Jim had a fun evening together.

Celebrate Life.


dirtsister said...

I'm impressed with your multi-tasking abilities behind the wheel.

Also? Love that you'll take the scenic route and stop once in a while to investigate.

Rock on and have a safe journey.