Saturday, July 12, 2008

Cars Seen On The Road

If you have been counting along with me, you know this past Friday, I returned from a nearly 3,000 mile (2,964 to be exact) trip up to the Ozarks from my home here in the Daytona Beach area. On this trip, I took over 900 images (908 to be exact) and over 230 of them were of cars I spotted along the way. I thought, as I am still recovering from all that driving, I would post the images of the cars so they can be enjoyed by the world. I will try to identify as many as I can. If you have been along On The Road, you will recognize some of the first photos in this blog as I have posted some of them previously. Others will be seen in future blogs. The first is my Volvo 850 on Ormond Beach, the day my adventure began.

The red CJ 5 I spotted in St. Augustine, entirely by accident.

These Air Force jeeps were spotted in Green Cove Springs, Florida, as was the old lincoln and the 28 Plymouth.

This is an old junkyard I spotted in southern Georgia, along US41.

This Ford I spotted along side the road, forgot which one. This International I spotted in the woods just down the way.

I saw this old Ford Econoline on down a ways and then in the next town, I shot this old Dodge driving the other direction.

I spotted this old bug at a petrol station near the end of the day.

The next few shots are at Old Car City just north of Atlanta. Today, I saw a restored suburban such as the one pictured with a $28,000 bid.

When I first posted this pic of the railroad bridge, I did not notice the CSX truck on the tracks above.

Then on to the Towtruck Museum in Chattanooga.

I saw this Bug/Trike across from the windmill blades I referenced in that post.

On my European excursion, I saw these in Dresden, Tennessee.

Trey helping me unload those truckster doors.

Mike and I are off to check on where to launch the old pontoon.

Down on Haven Lee Farm, trying to remove that table.

the jeep junkie and the Kid spotted this on the way back to town and called me to alert me of its existence.

At the bus's house.

and at Lil Jim and Lil Mom's house.

On a quest to get jim's new Jeep to its new home.

One of several Volvo longroofs in Jack's family.

Jack's 55 Belair sedan.

And his cool old Chevy Fleetside.

For the 4th of July weekend, due to the bus's need for some stuff to be delivered to the cabin, I parked the 850

and drove ole blue, jim's s-10. First stick I have driven since my original oleragtop years ago.

Austin the youngster rode with me to the lake cabin. Jim mentioned not to take the first exit to Rockaway as it was a twisty windy old road. So, of course, we did. On the way, Austin spotted this old Travco motorhome.

Austin also spotted this old skateboard themed bus. We shot a pic to show Trey.

Down the road a piece I saw the rear 1/2 of a Porsche 914, does that make it a Porsche 457?

I also spotted this old Midget and Spitfire along with a couple Jags and a Corvette.

To the corner of Laughing Lane and Beach Street in scenic Rockaway Beach, Missouri.

Down on Beach Street they were setting up July 4th festivities for the youngsters and were using this fire tanker to fill the dunk tank.

I saw this old Bus down the street. Pretty cool and, if i had Jay Leno's toy budget, I would have one, as he does.

This is another of the cool longroofs in Jack's family.

Trey and I rode together in old blue to attempt to launch Jim's pontoon boat. Along the way, I spotted the following at scattered locations between Rockaway Beach and Beaver Creek.

My friend, Jami Young, the Kenman's wife, actually used to have one of these old Ford Granada based Lincoln Versailles, along with big hair, back in the late 70s and early 80's. She actually admitted this to me and I saw the pictures!

I was wondering where this fold up hood belonged.

Then I looked around back an saw the remainder of that car.

I saw, what I thought was a Cushman van behind that old Buick but the bus corrected me. It is an Onan Westcoaster.

After an enjoyable few days with both generations of the Jim and Ganey Lee family, I headed out, in old blue, to Haven Lee Farm to pick up the stuff I delivered to BBB. Along the way, I spotted this old Ford Wrecker as well as a whole row of Blue Oval trucks.

In Crane, Missouri, I spotted this old electric truck from Mt. Vernon. It must have been sitting awhile, based on those tires. The phone number on the passenger door was just 3 digits.

In Marionville, near Haven Lee Farm, I spotted this old place with some pretty cool cars. When I was 19, I dated a 41 year old woman who owned a Continental Mark III like this one. They both were fun and educational.

These two Dodges appear to be of the same vintage but the rear chrome treatment makes me think not.

This is the same vintage Cadillac as Hank Williams last ride, but his was a ragtop.

And a Nod of the Head to CDM.

While out at Haven Lee Farm, the horse farmer decided he needed a zero turn lawn mower to go with the rest of his equipment. So we went to that big blue box with the number 48 on the side and got him one.

On the way home, I detoured over to Halltown way and traveled about 25 miles on old Highway 66 and shot these pics.

I got On The Road and heading down Highway 13 and 7 into Arkansas and saw this "shortroof".

and this old coupe.

the mascot resting comfortably on the dashboard.
Down in Russellville, Arkansas, I spotted this old graveyard.

I especially like this old pontoon Mercedes.

The next day, I got stuck, for a short time behind this and then blew by and headed to the Museum of Automobiles at Petit Jean Mountain, Arkansas.

Sorry about the quality of some of these pics. Still figuring out that Polaroid.

A little later I saw this
and this

and this.
I am not sure what this is, I think it is a Mopar, possibly a Plymouth.

The next day in Montgomery, Alabama, I saw these cool old aircooled specials.

And just down the road a piece, I saw this old sedan delivery, a couple flatfenders and a bunch of Cutlasses.

On my way to BBB's I saw this old Nova.

A gratuitous shot of the 850 included here.

I also spotted this old army truck with a new bed. $7,000.00.

At BBB's I saw this race car.
and these models.

and I saw the Airstream Ranch.

Got that stuff delivered to the jeep junkie
and a shot of the 850 on the beach.

and that mascot permanently in its new home.

That's it for now. Hope you enjoyed seeing these as much as I did finding them.

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Complaint Department Manager said...

"And a Nod of the Head to CDM."

Okay, I laughed pretty good at that one.

By the way, did you happen to pass through Clinton, Ar.? If you did. while heading south just past the Walmart on the right hand side there is a house there with a Countach and a few Mach 1s.