Saturday, July 30, 2011

On The Road Denver Edition: What I Saw Today

Dateline Denver Colorado; July 30, 2011

Kind of a lounge around day today for the crowd this olelongrooffan is running with these days so I figured I would update those of you Counting Along With Me on some of the cool cars I have spotted around the Mile High City.

When I first arrived, I almost freaked out about the number of original older vehicles that could be seen around town.  It still seems as if there is an interesting vehicle parked in a driveway or out front every other block. It's pretty cool.

Check out this International Harvester Scout I saw the other day. (Seems to be a trend beginning here.) Its got a spare tire, spotlight and it's a 1/2 cab!

On the day I misdirected myself all over downtown Denver, this olelongrooffan sniffed up a late 70's Mustang II. Sweet and a still nice interior.

And while this olelongrooffan is done with BMW's for the time being, I certainly lusted after this very period correct BMW 2002.

Just down the street from Big J and Ellie's condo there is a high rise assisted living facility and this is always parked out front.  When I finally quit slacking and stopped to gather some images of it, an older gentleman who had been sitting on a park bench under a nearby shade tree ambled on over to chat it up with me. If memory serves this olelongrooffan correctly, it is a 1972 Mercury Montego with 50,000 one owner miles on it.

These cars and trucks, among plenty of others I have seen, have a certain panache this olelongrooffan enjoys and it provides me great joy to share these sightings with all y'all.

However, a couple of vehicles I have seen recently require a bit more of an explanation as I was reminded of a great memory when I saw these two.

Like the vehicle I spotted that had this original AAA sticker affixed to its trunk lid.

And that trunk lid was attached to a mid 60's Mercury Montclair 4 door post sedan.

Judging by the condition of this rare beauty, those AAA privleges have probably been utilized to the max during the life of this car.

The Club is a nice touch.

Yeah, this thing has been used and no exception was taken when something got in the way of this beast.

"That's what I'm talking about Willis."

The passenger side rear window was broken out and that sunscreen was the only protection for the interior from the torrential rains we were having here in the Mile High City that week.

This model, however much it is beaten up it is pretty cool, well to this olelongrooffan anyway,  in that the rear window is retractable just like the rear window on a station wagon tailgate. It was supposed to provide an offset breeze while on Eisenhower's Highway System.

And like the hubcap hanging on the front door of the Taj Mahal, the grille on this old sweety pie possessed a profile of the god Mercury. Nice.

I spotted that Mercury while out one day with Big J and we were checking out a local Big Lots store in the suburbs.

So, a few days later I am downtown checking out some more of the sights and Lo and Behold, I spotted this almost pristine mid 60's Mercury Montclair rag top that I absolutely had to stop and get some images of.

It was parked in a pay by the day lot in downtown Denver. It was in nice condition but did have some rust in front of the rear wheels.

I thought that the location of the rust was in an interesting place as my experience with that in snowy climates was the rear of the rear tires rusted the worst. Oh well. Still a nice car and about 20 feet long.

No car, no matter how nice and desirable, parks for free though.

It was really surprising to me to have seen, what to me is a rare model vehicle, then to see two different versions over the span of just a few days was pretty interesting and enjoyable for this olelongrooffan.

Seeing these two vehicles reminded me of my dad, TheGentlemanFarmer, who owned a 66 Pontiac Bonneville convertible as well as a 66 Pontiac Catalina 4 door post sedan at the same time back in the day.

And any things that remind this olelongrooffan of my Pop will always allow me to

Celebrate Life.

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