Sunday, July 10, 2011

On The Road Denver Edition: The Clear Creek Concert

Dateline Golden Colorado, July 10, 2011

After misdirecting myself all over downtown Denver ( and having a total blast doing it)on Friday, my wonderful hosts allowed this olelongrooffan to be the fifth wheel by attending a great concert in a cool park in downtown Golden, Colorado about a 30 minute drive away.

That evening, we arrived at the beautiful Clear Creek History Park to hear Bill Nershi and his wonderful partner, Jiliane, sing some great bluegrassy kind of music from a small pavillion on the grounds. Just in case those of you Counting Along With Me are as ignorant as this olelongrooffan, Bill Nershi used to play with a band called the String Cheese Incident. Yeah, I know, I'm an old dumbass.

Now if those of you Counting Along With Me remember, this olelongrooffan got me a new touch screen cell phone last October.  Well that new fangled phone's ear piece speaker has bit the dust and the only way this olelongrooffan can communicate, other than texting, is if the speaker phone is utilized. Now on the way out to that cool riverside park on the Eisenhower Interstate System Highway 70 in the back of a sweet Volvo station wagon, this olelongrooffan received a call from my great friend down in Palm Beach Gardens wondering how my On The Road Denver Edition is going? I got on that speaker and asked if I could return her call in just a few minutes once we arrived at Clear Creek.

Well, Counters, we did arrive and I promptly commandeered that cooler containing hurricane supplies and told my hosts that I would find them in that massive 8 acre park.  I returned that phone call to Kris and we had a wonderful 25 minute conversation while I was listening to that wonderful duo in the background.  Now usually telephonic conversations by this olelongrooffan are about 3 minutes max in length but it seemed Kris and I had a ton of things to talk about, many of which seriously affect this olelongrooffan's future.

But that is not what this blog is about.  It is Bill Nershi, Big J, Elle, Luke, Emily and this olelongrooffan and I will get to it.  Right Now.

After concluding that conversation with Kris while sitting in a peaceful herb garden, I headed off to explore that bridge I had seen earlier.

Yeah, the bridge over Clear Creek (no you're not that buzzed, this image is blurry).  As I have mentioned, probably over on Facebook, yeah I know---first texting and now Facebook updates...anyway, it has monsooned every day since this olelongrooffan arrived in Denver from The Sunshine State and as a result, Clear Creek was swollen and had a helluva great current going.  It was the first current driven river I had seen in years and it possessed a wonderful sound.

After that enjoying that wonderful nature driven symphony, this olelongrooffan decided to head over and enjoy an equally fun human produced symphony.

Bill and Jiliane are under that metal roofed pavillion to the left while those of us enjoying their fruitations are on the hillside to the right.  That log cabin in the distance is totally legit and if the placard out front is to be believed, it was built in 1866.

That's Jiliane in the red dress wailing out some great vibrations while member of the crowd move around expressing their enjoyment of Jiliane and Bill's wares.  And there were at least 20 or so hola-hoops in attendance.  The first I have seen in quite a while.  I thought they were all melted down to make Barbie's cars.

Behind that log cabin up there was where all the 420 friendly folks hung out for just a bit and then came on back to visually enjoy the entertainment.  My commentary on that Jeep in the foreground is reserved for another post.

So there is Bill and Jiliane and I am confident the hay bales in the rear of that pavillion were there just for effect, unlike those seen out on Haven Lee Farm.

And this was a fun event for this olelongrooffan.  I had not been to one of these family oriented old school events in over 20 years and while not really my kind of event, I really had a blast.  Tons of youngsters running around and great vistas in the background.

And even more statues down by Clear Creek.  Is it just this olelongrooffan or does everyone seem to attract these these days?

So, like my arsty farsty friend Kris, I set out to explore other vistas to share to help to more explain the beauty of this park.  I spotted this view which show a killer look at a far off mountain and butte which I thought was pretty enjoyable.  This olelongrooffan also walked up that hill and spotted quite a few vegetable garden local citizens had planted to provide natural goodies to their kinfolk.

So, after that sojourn into that entire wholistic environment that is Clear Creek Park, Golden, Colorado, this longrooffan started experiencing some that Sunshine State enduced rainfall and headed back to the maincamp and realized that Luke had been around awhile and had brought a tarp to cover all of us in the event of rainfall.  Of course, he was complimented by all and we stayed relatively dry while others attending this show with us had a great time dancing in the rain.

Now Counters, twenty or so years ago this olelongrooffan had a blast enjoying the same action but today?  Having the ability to Celebrate Life under that tarp presented no problem for me.

But I have this to say about that.  That cute blonde in red was having a total blast no matter what the rainfall amount was.

However, with this kid I can't say the same.  But he and his stroller riding sister sure had a fantastic time earlier.

Later, after the skies had ceased from providing that much needed rainfall, the performers commented on the double rainbow and after crawling out from under that Luke provided tarp, we all enjoyed it also.  God is know the rest.

After the rains left, a dude that was hanging with us was enjoying a 16 ounce Bud from a can which this olelongrooffan has blogged about earlier and will again.  Stay Tuned Counters.

After the performance, Big J, Elle and Bill got together for a photo opp and a

little bonding time.  It seems the String Cheese Incident band is big in their world.  Those two certainly seemed to enjoy their interaction.

Me, well, this olelongrooffan was down by the river just enjoying Clear Creek and, yes, I was still in a position to

Celebrate Life.

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