Tuesday, July 26, 2011

On The Road Denver Edition: Rocky Mountain Street Rods

So, last week while this olelongrooffan was still on vacation here in the Mile High City, I was out and about and on a viaduct over some roadway and I spotted this sign painted on the side of a building.

Well, I am certain those of you Counting Along With Me know exactly what this olelongrooffan did.

Yep, I whipped around the corner, well as fast as I could while driving Filmore, a 31 year old Volkwagen Vanagon Westfalia, and parked in the lot of the Rocky Mountain Street Rod shop and after checking out the busy shop area, I strolled right on into the showroom.

While there were a ton of nice old, and newer, street rods present, the first vehicle that caught my attention was this sweet Corvair Monza.

And even though it had those donky *ss wheels on it, the overall stock appearance was extremely appealing to this olelongrooffan.

Of course, being a street rod shop, they had a bunch of vintage looking, but modern, street rods available.

When I entered the showroom area of the Rocky Mountain Street Rod enterprise, I was approached by a salesman who was interested in putting this olelongrooffan in the driver's seat of one of these pretty almost show car looking street rods.

After it was revealed that i was from the greater Daytona Beach area, the conversation quickly turned to the subject of street rod gatherings in my part of the country and I extolled the virtues of the Turkey Rod Run, which I have blogged about many times previously, as well as the Daytona Dream Cruise.

Finally, that sales dude realized this Vanagon driving olelongrooffan was not a viable customer of his and just let me wander around that showroom and gather some images.

But I do have this to say about that. They sure present some extraordinary vehicles with lots of chrome and meticulous attention to detail.

And there are some pretty spectacular street rods readily available via their showroom or

you can start from scratch with this super nice original 53 Chevy.

As I mentioned earlier, their restoration shop was full up and at least some of their nearly completed projects over flowed on to the showroom floor. Although this olelongrooffan doesn't remember the defined make of this ragtop, I am going to go with a 41 Mercury based only on the placement of the turn signal indicators on the one the Kid and I had seen a while back.

Oh yeah, some reassembly required.

However, you could drive its near twin out the door almost immediately, should you so desire.

And just to demonstrate the Rocky Mountain Street Rod's ability to produce near anything, here is an Offy powered street rod frame just waiting for your bodywork to be attached.

But know that around these here parts, even relatively late model Corvettes are much appreciated.

Of course, the one ride that really caught this olelongrooffan's attention had the shortest roof of all of them.

This bright blue FOMOCO product of the late 30's, with an undoubtedly modern drive train, is one I would totally Hoon on my trip back to the Birthplace Of Speed.

As this olelongrooffan realized that was way out of the question, I decided to take my leave of the showroom area of the Rocky Mountain Street Rod showroom and see what was up out in the shop area...always the best spot and today was no exception.

While I didn't venture far into that restoration shop, I did get far enough inside to see some of the stuff they were working on.

Yeah, I do recognize a 55 Nomad on the ground in the distance, an early Ford up in the air and another in the foreground and I believe that is a first gen Charger right up front.

And just down the row is a bullet nose Studebaker. Yeah, this was quite a sight to see for this olelongrooffan who just stumbled upon this shop of beauty.

On the way out, I spotted a dude working on the braking system of yet another old fun ride.

And, on my drive away from the Rocky Mountain Street Rod shop, I spotted their daily driver parts carrier framed by a Chevy SportVan in the background and that really provided an opportunity for this olelongrooffan to

Celebrate Life.

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