Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Another Day At The Races With the Kid

So, the Kid and this olelongrooffan are out at the Daytona International Speedway for the Sprint Cup version of racing this 4th of July weekend. On Friday we saw the Nationwide racecars out and about and the Kid decided we needed to come around for the "Big Boys" racing action on Saturday.

As those of you Counting Along With Me saw a bunch of race cars in my blog about Friday's activities, I thought I would mix it up today and include some images of the "war wagons" utilized on pit road. The big yellow one seen above belongs to Roger Penske's Kurt Busch #22 team.

I didn't really note who the drivers of the Roush Fenway or the Hendrick Motorsports teams were represented by but the Target Wagon off in the distance belongs to the Juan Pablo Montaya Target team.

And just a whole bunch of NASCAR tires and rims were seen and recorded by this olelongrooffan.

If memory serves me correctly, the above images are of a couple Toyota teams, one of which I am sure is of Michael Waltrip's number 56 team.

And these? I have no clue but they did have the covers on those wheels that the Kid so wanted to put in this olelongrooffan's Continental Tire backpack.  But as I related to the Kid, "If I am going to Hell, it is going to be for stealing a bunch of billions of dollars, not a NASCAR wheel cover that will bring me maybe ten bucks on ebay."

By the time we arrived out at the Speedway, all the NASCARs were lined up on pit road.

Meanwhile, the Kid and this olelongrooffan beat it over to do the obligatory signing of the start/finish line.

Luckily, the Kid left out my growing bald spot in the following image.

On the stage set up in the infield area, Martina McBride was putting on a great show.

And she, like the weather, is hot!

After listening to her awhile me and the Kid decided to head over and take a break on the pit wall.

In the Jeff Burton pit stall was this box with used lug nuts and lug bolts in them.

A dollar per lug nut and five bucks per lug bolt was requested to be donated to charity. I pointed them out to the Kid and reminded him of the lug nuts this olelongrooffan got from Dale Jr.'s pits a couple years ago which are resting comfortably on a cool wooden flatbed semi trailer I got as part of a traveling museum from the Bus a while back.

I was so excited that Mark Martin got the pole for the Coke Zero 400 this weekend.

the Kid and I meandered over to Robby Gordon's pit stall and the Kid pops open a drawer in his tool box to verify its contents were what was labeled on the front.

They were as labeled.

While we were at Robby's pit box, I captured an image of the helicopter that lingered overhead all afternoon.

Just to make sure I remembered whose pit box it was.

the Kid and I headed back to the Fan Zone and on the way to purchase a four dollar pen to make some notes on a truck I had seen earlier, I spotted this t shirt that I found rather humorous.

the Kid allowed me to capture this image of him next to Dale Jr.'s GT Vodka race show car.

After driver introductions were complete, the Kid and this olelongrooffan were standing in the garage area, just outside of the pits, a bunch of drivers were headed to the nearby restrooms.

While the Kid and I don't really see the need to capture any autographs, a whole d*mn bunch of touristas did.

We found it humourous and the Kid commented the place to be was in that restroom when driver introductions were finished.

And I was able to capture the flyover of the jets.

Not as cool as the image the Kid got a few years ago with the jets and a flag in it, but cool nonetheless.

And who says racing is all about the cars?

the Kid and I were sitting in the Crown Royal bar stools just outside their pit box and I saw these two hotties and even the dude guarding the gate to the pits commented on them.

Shortly thereafter, we spotted Trevor Baine pull his wrecked Wood Brother's machine off the track for the final time that day.

the Kid and this olelongrooffan skedaddled around to his garage to see if it was terminal. Unfortunately it was. I felt really bad for that kid and his team.

And the truck I sacrificed four bucks for to take notes about? This is it. More to come on this vehicle shortly. And sighting this olelongrooffan in a t shirt is pretty rare but this one from the 2011 Canadian Grand Prix was sent to me by a fellow blogger and I thought it only appropriate to wear it to a race! Thanks again kashgar.

And spending another day with the Kid and having fun doing it really lets this olelongrooffan

Celebrate Life.


Anonymous said...

I have seen that Chapman somewhere, if only I could remember where!

Oh well, they say the memory is the second thing to go.

Can't wait till November... staying until end of April....
Nova Family Campground, Port Orange

maybe longer.....

tom and viola

kashgar216 said...

Glad to see that the shirt fits!