Thursday, July 7, 2011

On The Road Denver Edition: 5,280

Dateline Denver: July 7, 2011

Well Counters, awhile back on one of my rare Facebook postings, this olelongrooffan mentioned I would be heading to The Mile High City to spend a few weeks working with Manuel Labor remodeling a good buddy and his girl's new to them home.

Yesterday I made the trip out here to Denver arriving around 9:30 Mountain time, that would be 11:30 Eastern time so it was almost a full 12 hours of planes, trains and automobiles.  Thanks to TheGoodAttorney for the airport shuttle ride, the smart 12 year old kid from Daytona Beach that made the journey from Hotlanta to Denver so enjoyable and to Big J for the stopping off to pick up some hurricane supplies on the way back to Ellie's condo.

They aren't scheduled to close on their new place til next week thanks to the swift action taken by HUD on relieving our government of yet another foreclosed home.  I swear the Federal governments actions are really starting to piss me off.  Wait, wrong blog.  I am not knuckdragging.

Anyway, since my flight was booked already and it would have cost a small forture to change it, here this olelongrooffan is adjusting to Mountain time, the relative coolness in the weather and living with a small active dog, Tripod. 

Having said that, since I have a few days of Hoon time, I am going to make the most of it.  While Big J has a BMW X5 as his daily driver and Ellie has a Volvo wagon, that leaves this olelongrooffan with this to Hoon around in. 

It should be fun Hooning around The Mile High City in this old bus and really being able to

Celebrate Life.

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