Tuesday, August 2, 2011

On The Road Denver Edition: The Mobile Taj Mahal

So, over the course of the past couple evenings, this olelongrooffan has had a few conversations with some east coast time (yeah, I miss it) friends of mine who have absolutely no idea what a Westfalia Vanagon is.

Well for those unknowing Counters, (of which there can only be the ones I spoke to recently) this is a 1980 Volkswagen Westfalia in all its glory.

It is a factory approved camper conversion of a basic Vanagon with a gas stove, refrigerator, slide out table with a seat that converts to a bed and a pop top that is also another sleeping area.

But, more important than that, Filmore, as it is affectionately named by its owners, is also the chosen home of this olelongrooffan for the duration of my stay here in the Mile High City. And this vehicle signifies the desired lifestyle of its owners. The above image captures it all on the day after my host's 30th birthday party.

Newly acquired, but unseen, first home behind the image taker of this picture: Check

Newly acquired blown up pool, inflated by the 45 dollar air compressor purchased to apply yet to be applied nails to the walls of this 1901 constructed home: Check

Large trash pile of food wastes accumulated while the urban trash collection schedule was decifered: Check

Even more recycle ready items: Check

Construction waste dumpster nearly filled to capacity (but thankfully without foodstuffs): Check

The Denver based minature Taj Mahal with the pop top in the background: Check

Legal here in Colorado cannibas in the foreground: Check

I am fairly confident that might explain to you the situation here in the Mile High City.

But know this Counters, my dad, TheGentleManFarmer, used to call this olelongrooffan JD, short for John David.

And if any of you are cruising I-70 near the Pecos Street exit in the Mile High City, stop in and enjoy a cool one with this olelongrooffan as Filmore and I continue to

Celebrate Life.


Charles said...

Nice read, John David...! ;-)

Lenette said...

Is my prescription ready for pick up?