Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It Ain't A Longroof

Well Counters, thejeepjunkie, and just about everyone else, has been vetoing every new vehicle choice this olelongrooffan has been thinking about the last couple weeks.

Monday night at Happy Hour, this olelongrooffan brought up another and thejeepjunkie mentioned he has seen it and it was a "rust bucket."

Well Counters, this olelongrooffan journeyed down to once again check out this "rust bucket" and Tuesday evening I mentioned to thejeepjunkie that the driver's side floor is the worst part and the few other spots were easily repaired. I shared with him my rationale for purchasing an already rusty ride as this olelongrooffan lives beachside and everything is going to rust anyway.

He mentioned he approved of my prerusted opinion and approved my purchase of it.

Since this is my sixth vehicle in the past two years, before this olelongrooffan reveals thejeepjunkie approved purchase, let's review my daily drivers since I moved to The Birthplace of Speed.

I am certain you longtime Counters remember my 850 truckster wanna be.
And remember what happened after we unloaded that table thus transforming the 850 back into a passenger sedan.

And of course my oleragtop number 2 and evidence of its demise and subsequent removal.
And of course, the aptly named Casper, a moniker placed by the Kid.
And my, until now, current daily driver, my oleragtop 3. Yes this is the third E30 ragtop this olelongrooffan has owned over the years. I currently have a small deposit in hand for the sale of it but the dude hasn't picked it up as of yet. The proceeds of that sale will get me a new longroof.
And of course, my olestation bus now resting comfortably down on the Space Coast.
It was partially this incident happening down on the World's Most Famous Beach that prompted me to purchase this.
Yeah a Jeep!! Who the h*ll does this olelongrooffan think he is, thejeepjunkie?

Actually it's a great little truck. 1986 Jeep Comanche, 2.5 liter 4 cylinder, 5 speed, four wheel drive. And it is prerusted!

The first that this olelongrooffan did after picking it up was head over to the thejeepjunkie's shop and have them really check it out. I think they were dutifully impressed and I was offered a grand for it on the spot. I passed.

Then thejeepjunkie fired up that cutting torch and commenced to removing that after market roll bar. Because to this olelongrooffan, as well as thejeepjunkie, Stock Rocks.
So this olelongrooffan got "the Indian" home and today thejeepjunkie calls and mentioned he has a decent set of tires for it and to bring the Indian on down and we'll get it reshod.

And I did.
It's a nice little workhorse and if it is not abused, I'm going to try and put another 176,000 miles on it.

And if you Counters noticed that naked driver's side fender in the above image, you will know this olelongrooffan sometimes just has some dumb luck. Look at the third from the bottom item in the following image and you will know why.
Plus, I know where a parts truck is!
the Indian is actually the second MJ this olelongrooffan has owned. Back in the mid 90's I had a two wheel drive version of this. Like that one, the Indian has no air conditioning, hand crank windows and a safety bumper. It can be seen in the bottom image in the far back just over the head of the Kid.

At one point in my life, while still married, we had a black Limited that I just loved. I am fairly certain we traded it in in '97 for my daughter's mom's Honda Odyssey which she still drives!

Yeah, Jeep Cherokees were pretty popular in my family back then. This shot was taken on a family vacation in Highlands, North Carolina. My sister's Cherokee sport in front, followed by TheGentlemanFarmer's Cherokee in the rocking chair position and driven to this day by the Bus's son, NotSoLilJim, and my Limited bringing up the rear.
That MJ I was referring to earlier can be seen in this shot.
Now Counters, just know that having another MJ in my possession, and especially one with four wheel drive, plus the fact I only paid 8 Benjamins for it really lets this olelongrooffan

Celebrate Life.


kashgar216 said...

I approve! Old, odd, and reliable. I had a 1993 YJ with (I believe) the same 2.5 liter 4 cylinder. It was a gutless wonder but is fine with a stick in surface street traffic. Plus, it was bulletproof. It never failed me and I drove it cross country SIX times. I sold it in 2001 to the owner of my neighborhood liquor store in Oakland. He promptly retired and returned to his native Fiji with the YJ.

Horse-farmer said...

Glad you got something that you can put a cover on, and then it becomes a "Long Roof"

Had one too, got it in Hawaii and it was a work horse. 1986 model with 5 spd and 4 cyl.

Hauled a ton of stuff in it, someday I'll find a pic and post it.

Good luck with it, besides, it will work well with your manual labor friends.

d5thouta5 said...

it's perfect for his neighborhood.


good buy for the longrooffan....

and cleaned up it looks pretty good and he says it drives out smooth....
plus it is CHEAP to fix....
even the guys at Beachside Auto agrred that it was a good buy....
looks like he doesn't need to find a new parts house...

I remember your truck when you moved back stateside TC...seems you had trouble crossing the Rockies because the truck was pre-set to 0 altitude....laughed pretty hard at that, but a good blue truck it was....and 4x4 to boot...

Anonymous said...

178,000 on Grandpa Bob's, not sure if it will make it through the boys though... Made it through my 20's and a divorce though...