Monday, September 6, 2010

thejeepjunkie's New Toy

This olelongrooffan spent a thoroughly enjoyable Saturday afternoon this Labor Day weekend working with thesungoddess and thejeepjunkie painting and replacing some rotten exterior siding on thesungoddess's abode.

At the crack of dawn-thirty Sunday morning the massive communication system lights up at the Taj Mahal. Surprisingly this olelongrooffan was awake and waiting for that summons from thejeepjunkie to meet him at a previously determined location so we could hook up and take one vehicle to pick up his new toy.

We started out heading up Old Dixie Highway which around these parts looks like this. It is very tranquill with marshes and wetlands surrounding a good portion of it. We are cruising along in the Kid's Big Black Beauty, about 20 minutes into a 25 minute drive, when suddenly a series of loud cuss words eminates from thejeepjunkie. "Sh*t, I forgot the god*mn tire."
Part of this transaction involved the exchange of this spare tire for one of the seller's trailers. It has been resting quietly in the bed of thejeepjunkie's little white truck for two weeks and he had forgotten to transfer it to the Kid's Big Black Beauty.

Oh well, as this olelongrooffan commented, "Just more blog fodder."

thejeepjunkie just started laughing and mentioned that everything was blog fodder for me.

It's true. Whether interested or not, you Counters are going to hear about it.

So now we are running a bit late and thejeepjunkie decides to hit the Eisenhower Interstate System and head up to our destination.
By the way, "Life Is A Highway" by Rascal Flatts in playing on the enormous stereo system at the Taj Mahal at this moment! (See I told ya!)

Anyway, that is TheGentleman Farmer's old hat which now belongs to thejeepjunkie. This olelongrooffan used to own it but thejeepjunkie expressed such an interest in it that ownership was transferred. At least it is being used for more than garage wall art. It is not the hat seen here.

Now, I would suspect you Counters are wondering what thejeepjunkie's new toy is. Well wonder no longer as thejeepjunkie was able to acquire this
flatbed trailer. He was able to acquire it for the princely sum of one Benjamin, the aforementioned spare tire and a case of Natty Light!
Now it's not in the best of shape but who can beat the price. thejeepjunkie got from one of the guys who drives a black and tan car and that trooper is in the process of liquidating some things from his father's estate.
After we retrieved it from that field, with the help of a nice little four wheel drive tractor, we headed over to the seller's ranchette, aired up the still in great shape tires and thejeepjunkie did a little impromptu body work on that new toy.
We then took off for theracedude's house to work on his newest acquisition. This trailer was used by the trooper's dad to transport boats down south to sell at auction, hence the trailer hitch ball mounted on the front of the bed. Once, while headed back from Fort Lauderdale, he was rear ended by a pickup truck and the trailer was totalled.
As you can see, the front of it is slightly off kilter.
And the rear is way screwed up. In fact, the entire trailer is 3 inches out of square. This olelongrooffan, with the assistance of thejeepjunkie, determined this by measuring corner to corner each way on the bed of that trailer. Sometimes an oleunemployedconstructionworker's knowledge can help to determine something!
So, thejeepjunkie breaks out the trusty ole sawzall TheGoodAttorney scored for forty sawbucks on ebay and commenced to getting that bent to h*ll rear frame rail removed.
Once that mission was accomplished, he and theracedude took a break to admire thejeepjunkie's new flatbed while discussing the merits of having thepaintdude straighten that trailer up on the frame straightening machine he has at his shop. This olelongrooffan mentioned it would be a much easier job to do if the wood was removed from that trailer. They agree and thejeepjunkie gets to work removing that trailer hitch ball attired front frame rail.
Once that was done, the wood was relegated to a temporary resting place in theracedude's side yard.
You Counters can see in the above image just how tweaked this trailer is. But, as the saying goes around here, "It's not what you know, it's who I know," I am confident this trailer will be in top notch form in no time at all.

And it is knowing thejeepjunkie now doesn't have to borrow a trailer next time this or this happens that really allows this olelongrooffan to

Celebrate Life.


Anonymous said...

I love how after purchasing this potentially good trailer he heads t o friends house to do repairs instead of home, methinks you boys see the potential in things easier than the sun goddess. Nice trailer and probably smart to bring home the finished product to sell her on how it will look in your yard. Lil Jim

Anonymous said...

P.S.-Don't tell her this will make it even easier to drag home future vehicles with potential...

Busplunge said...

"I know a guy..."

The entire message behind those four words just gives me a good feeling.

Sort of like this old post from two years ago:
Man's car

d5thouta5 said...

I do have to extend my heartfelt thanks and admiration to the longrooffan for his help on the house on Saturday. I especially loved the way you just shook your head and walked the other way while waiting for the paint to dry.
As for the trip to get the latest acquisition, it was a blast and I apologize for forgetting the bug spray. But it sure beats out a tow truck.
Oh, and the 'guy' I know has a friend that just might be able to help us out.

Remember, it is not who you know...
but who Jim knows......