Monday, August 30, 2010

My New Ride?

Well Counters, last week this olelongrooffan shared the memories of owning my olestationbus. Now, I have received a deposit from a dude up in Columbus, Georgia for the purchase of my slowly rusting oleragtop.

Since the Taj Mahal, the primary residence of this olelongrooffan, is located a mere two blocks from the World's Most Famous Beach, and virtually any daily driver I get is going to rust in a short time, I decided to find a beater, already rusty, cheap as h*ll mean of transportation.

Today, after returning thejeepjunkie's ride after borrowing it to pick up materials to be used during another meeting with Manuel Labor, this olelongrooffan spotted what could be my new daily driver.
That is if I can get thejeepjunkie convinced this is what I need.

And seeing the reflection of my oleragtop in the storefront window behind that classic Yugo really allows me to

Celebrate Life.


kashgar216 said...

Nooooo! I think we need an intervention.

Busplunge said...


Somebody help him, help him quick!

What the hell are you thinking?

Or What the hell have you been drinking?

A Yugo fer cryin' out loud!

Anonymous said...

that boat isn't too bad, but how do you get to jobs if there aint a canal nearby