Saturday, September 4, 2010

More Ramblings From The olelongrooffan

The other day, this olelongrooffan was commissioned to replace an irrigation divertor head at a buddy of thejeepjunkies home. As I knew this would happen during a full overhead sun filled Florida sky, this olelongrooffan promptly remembered this occasion and set this work area up.
But prior to establishing that workspace, after acquiring nearly all of the necessary fittings and parts from the big box retailer sponsoring these guys, this olelongrooffan stopped by the purveyor of roast beef sandwiches and picked up one of their elcheap one dollar sandwiches and a pair of potato(e) cakes. As they cooked up those cakes just for me, I knew they would be full of hot grease and decided not to eat in their air conditioned environment, instead heading up John Anderson Parkway to the
So, I parked the Indian and head out to that picnic table under that covered pavillion and enjoyed those now cooled down cakes and that buck a piece sandwich washing it down with an ice cold sodie pop from my ubiquitous free cooler I got while judging the Parade of Homes down in MickeyMouseLand last spring.
Yeah, it was a d*mn sight better than the interior of a corporate designed, sterile environment.
This park is located on the Halifax River which is also the Intracoastal Waterway in these here parts.
A gentle breeze, mullet jumping in the river, and plain ole tranquility.

Remember Counters, sometimes you have to keep an eye open for the opportunities to Celebrate Life!

So, anyway, this olelongrooffan headed over to put in place that farm beach umbrella and get that head replaced.

As always seems to happen, it didn't line up just correctly and another 1 1/4" fitting was required. As that big box retailer is 25 minutes away, and driving there for a $1.29 component wasn't all that desirable, this olelongrooffan decided to head to that outrageously moderately priced hardware store down in Ormond By The Sea to acquire that part and not drive all over the freaking place to get it.

And I am glad this olelongrooffan did just that.

As I was approaching Richie's Oceanshore Garage, this olelongrooffan spotted this
I had seen this out on the road several times previously but had been unable to get an image of it to share with you Counters. Of course, this olelongrooffan immediately decelerated my Indian to stop in and visit with Richie and find out more about this monstrosity.
It turns out the owner was there picking up an obsolete brake drum turning machine from Richie to convert into a tire shaving machine. You can see it on the world's smallest trailer in the background of the first image.

As you suspect, we got to chatting it up. Meanwhile Richie says, "I gotta go pick up a customer, you guys hold down the fort."

And we do. That's how it is round here.

The owner says it is built of plywood and titled as a 1970 Ford F-100 Ranger. It certainly is unique. This olelongrooffan is super p*ssed at myself for not asking him his motivation for its construction. Well I am sure I will see him again.
And he was especially proud of the four wide seating of this Beast. And the wildest part of it?

It is Two Wheel Drive!!

So, that visit with Manuel Labor is complete and I head over to the Kid's garage to return some tools belonging to thejeepjunkie and pick up some others to try and buff out the paint on the Indian. As I am loading those tools in the bed of it, this olelongrooffan spots this 1963 FOMOCO product driving up the street. A thumbs up is offered by this olelongrooffan as it passes by.

So I am exiting The Village thejeepjunkie calls home, I rounded the corner and spot it parked on the street in front of the racing family's home, just around that corner from thesungoddess's house. So, of course, I stop and the boys, yes boys, they are about the Kid's age, come out of the garage and we start chatting it up. I recognize one of them and I mentioned I was the Kid's uncle. "Yeah, I remember your old van," one of them says. So the information about the passing of that olestationbus is exchanged and the owner mentions his 1963 F-100, 1/2 ton stepside is also on the market for $3,000. "Of course, that is negotiable."
We determined it has the same powerplant and drivertrain as my olestationbus and I noticed it even has the same interior rear view mirror! Parts bin sharing at its best, FTW!

I then was checking out the wheels on this sweety and the kid asked me if I recognized them? "They are the ones that were on James' Jeep." I thought they looked familiar. I think I have some hubcaps for them and will get them to ya." And yes, it is prerusted.

I then decided to head over to that Hess station selling petrol for $2.52 a gallon vs the $2.79 per gallon at my local Beachside Mobil.

And I spotted this Gulf livery Porsche 924 piloted by the blonde kid pumping gas into it with his, presumably, Dad looking on.
It is a clean ride, had the proper colors, proper stance and just looks hugely desirable.
Plus, it sports a sticker from my favorite sports car series! Rock on Kid!
Well Counters, that's it. I know this stuff is pretty trivial in the grand scheme of things but as this olelongrooffan basically has no life these days, this is it. But even though I have no life, I do know how to

Celebrate Life.


kashgar216 said...

When I worked as a cashier at Arby's in high school 19 years ago, the same sandwich was $1. Amazing and scary- this thing called industrialized agriculture.

Busplunge said...

That red and white ford looks awfully dang good.....

until I remember my new credo: NO MORE PROJECTS!