Friday, March 26, 2010

Sunday, March 14, 2010

If you have read this, you Counters know why this olelongrooffan is talking about two weeks ago.

So, after having a fun filled Saturday, yeah, that blog is coming, be patient, this olelongrooffan rose rather early, around 7:30 am on that Sunday.

Yeah, it is a pretty rare occassion these days that I get out of the sack that early but, for whatever reason, I did.

And is this olelongrooffan glad he did.

So I head downstairs to the dining room table at which Kris and I had shared a couple delicious dinners, fired up my trusty daily driver laptop and enjoyed my now normal ritual, a Diet Coke.

Yeah coffee and this oleman don't really agree anymore. I always lose.

Sorry for that visual Counters.

So anyway, this olelongrooffan is strolling around these tubes when my ultra compact, state of the art cell phone rings.

It is thejeepjunkie.

"Hey jeepjunkie, what's up?"

In an unusually strained tone of voice, thejeepjunkie responds, "Are you still down in MickeyMouseLand?"

I reply in the affirmative and again, "what's up?"

"Well, thesungoddess's big white truck popped a spark plug rendering it unoperable."

"Where is she?"

"thesungoddess, the Kid's sister and I are in a BP parking lot somewhere on US 441 near a pedestrian overpass down here in MickeyMouseLand and I sure could use a hand."

"You got it jeepjunkie. I can be out of here in ten minutes but this olelongrooffan is fairly certain we are across The Big O from each other and I doubt I can get to you in less than 45 minutes but know I am heading your way."

Even though Kris and this olelongrooffan had no firm plans for that Sunday and she was still nestled comfortably in her bed in that off limits master suite, I knew I had to get going. You just have to do it.

So while this olelongrooffan was enroute to thesunngoddess's fallen ride, thejeepjunkie and this olelongrooffan exchanged several wireless communications.

It seems they were less than 20 minutes from the softball fields the Kid's sister was to perform on that day and, in an apparent indication of the talent the Kid's sister possesses, one of the coach's wife was dispatched to bring that star ball player and her mother to that day's games.

In another communication between thejeepjunkie and myself, I came to the realization he was stranded in downtown Opopka, Florida, a bedroom community in the northwestern section of MickeyMouseLand.

During another, thejeepjunkie reveals he had pulled TheGoodAttorney off his beloved links to commandeer the Big Red Truck owned by a friend who drives a Black and Tan Car to get over to U-Haul and rent a car hauler to get thesungoddess's ride home for repairs.

By the time this olelongrooffan had arrived on the scene, thejeepjunkie had hoofed a the 1/2 mile or so up 441 to the local Advanced Auto Parts, purchased some tools he already owned was in this position as this olelongrooffan pulled up in my oleragtop.

As it turned out, roadside repairs were not going to happen this day.

Then TheGoodAttorney calls and informed us that U-Haul's lawyers and insurance companies tell us that the Big Red Truck is not big enough to haul thesungoddess's daily driver.

A note to you Counters out there, and this olelongrooffan does not condone lying to anybody, but every time, but one time, that I have rented a car hauler from U-Haul, this olelongrooffan was hauling a Honda Accord, no matter what.

thejeepjunkie called his local rolloff truck provider in the Home of the World's Most Famous Beach and the best that dude could do is $450, round trip.

Well, we decided to head on back home and thejeepjunkie would work on transportation arrangements on the way.

"There is no f*cking way I am paying $450 to get that truck home," I rightfully quote thejeepjunkie as saying.

We even saw a flatbed rolloff at a gas station down there in Opopka and this olelongrooffan told thejeepjunkie to jump out and see what he wanted to haul that busted truck home to Daytona Beach and this olelongrooffan circled around to pick him up.

300 bucks was the answer but he couldn't get to it for at least three hours.

So, we jumped on that Eisenhour Freeway System and headed north with thejeepjunkie making tons of phone calls trying to locate a personally owned carhauling trailer.

He even called thehorsefarmer to get his flatbed but, understandably, thehorsefarmer chose not to answer as he had his own freezing *ss cold project going on. I believe you, at least this time, as you have learned to get pictures.

In the meantime, either thejeepjunkie or this olelongrooffan came up with the Commander In Chief down there in that town at the end of the island the Taj Mahal is located on and is so famous for its lighthouse.

Thejeepjunkie rings him up.

Well, it turns out he does possess a trailer but he is up in Jacksonville working on Homeland Security practices with the Coast Guard.

thejeepjunkie says "The H*ll with Homeland Security, I need that trailer!"

This olelongrooffan can still hear the Commander In Chief laughing through thejeepjunkie's phone.

So, another trailer is located behind a garage this olelongrooffan holds near and dear to his heart but it is located a thirty minute drive north of the Taj Mahal and we had not planned on going anywhere near my Castle.

About 90 minutes out of our way, there and back, to borrow that free flat bed trailer.

Me, this olelongrooffan didn't care, I knew a blog was in the works but thejeepjunkie was pretty stressed out as the main woman in his life was going to be driving his new ride the next day if that big white truck was not repaired on this Sunday, and it was now just after the noon hour on that fateful Sunday.

Just after we picked up that Big Red Truck, thejeepjunkie's cell phone starts emitting that irritating BEEPBEEPBEEPBEEPBEEPBEEP that is his ringtone.

It was the Commander in Chief heading home from practicing Defending Our Homeland and would be at his homestead in about twenty minutes, just about how far we were from his place and we were welcome to his trailer.

Yeah, it is all about Karma.

So we get down to the Commander In Chief's place and he is decked out. We were in too much of a hurry to check out what was on the inside of that four stall garage but in the carport adjacent was a cool pontoon boat, a hydraulic dump trailer and a mack daddy Honest-To-God car hauling trailer. Not a flatbed but a real car hauler with an electric winch, retractable ramps, real over the wheel straps and working LED side marker and tail lights.

Inside the small garage under this carport was a four wheel steering John Deere lawn tractor and a vintage restored Wheel Horse tractor.

And, as the Commander In Chief commented, in a totally unassuming way, when this olelongrooffan pointed out how nice his stuff is, "Yeah, I like my toys."

BBB, the Bus, thehorsefarmer, thejeepjunkie and this olelongrooffan could be related to this guy.

So anyway, we bolted down that Interstate System and thejeepjunkie mentioned that, even at 75 miles per hour, the trailer hardly seemed to be there.

Well, upon arrival at that BP in downtown, thejeepjunkie fired up the pop-pop-pop-popping engine on thebarngoddess's ride pulled it right up onto that super deluxe trailer while this olelongrooffan was gathering images.

And we got back on that Eisenhour Interstate System, for the fourth time that day and headed back to the Haven Lee Farm, Jeep Version, up there in the Birthplace of Speed.

Now, Counters, it was a bit windy that day and even that Big Red Truck was close to its limits.

This olelongrooffan kept pretty quiet during that ride other than noting thejeepjunkie was doing a great job and listening to his comments on his ride situation, the wind, and wondering how the Kid's sister was doing at softball.

The biggest problem on the whole trip was the Son Of A B*tch who tailgated us the whole trip home.

Oh Wait!!

Anyway, we got thebarngoddess's daily driver back to the Kid's house and commenced to returning that mack daddy trailer to the Commander In Chief. Yeah, that's his detached garage in the background.

So, with that mission accomplished, we set off for the Kid's house so thejeepjunkie could make sure thejeepjunkie had a ride to work the next day.

Well, this olelongrooffan dropped off thejeepjunkie, hung for a bit and then set off for the Taj Mahal, after returning that Big Red Truck to its rightful owner.

Later that evening, the massive phone system lights up here at the Taj Mahal.

It was thejeepjunkie.

"What's up, jeepjunkie?"

"Just looking for a Donor Car."

"C'mon over."

"See ya in ten, longroof."

Unfortunately, thejeepjunkie was unable to perform the necessary repairs and ended up sending that Big White Truck down to the local Ford repair specialist where this olelongrooffan spotted this and it was running by the end of the day Monday.

So, this olelongrooffan commenced to showing the Kid all of the idiosycrasies of my oleragtop-easy since, after all, the Kid cut his eye teeth on a 67 CJ5, thejeepjunkie had a couple cold pops and we all were set so far as transportation was concerned.

And all was cool, even though the Kid's New Ride was getting the spring back in its step, this olelongrooffan was able to loan out my slightly disabled oleragtop to him, thesungoddess was driving thejeepjunkie's new ride, and thejeepjunkie still had TheGoodAttorney's Bronco to drive.

Plus, thejeepjunkie paid $140 to have thesungoddess's Big Truck repaired, $70 in petrol for the Big Red Truck and the combined cost was less than a ride on a roll off and we all get to share in the adventures of thejeepjunkie and the olelongrooffan on a Spring Sunday down here in The Sunshine State!

And with that experience, we are all able to

Celebrate Life.

This olelongrooffan Loves Life's Adventures.

Oh Yeah, Saturday, March 13 is coming soon.

Man, I gotta blog more, this olelongrooffan is waaaaay behind.

And in the words of my favorite comedian, Rodney Dangerfield, "My second car is a tow truck!"

And, Man, does he know how to Celebrate Life.

Just like the rest of us.

You Can YouTube Him Just For Fun

And Continue To

Celebrate Life.


d5thouta5 said...

Once AGAIN,.....thnaks for the assist longroof.....
and it was an adventure filled day for sure.....and as thegoodattorney says.....
it's not what you know....
it's who I know....


bus said...

You know are a Lee if trips more than 50 miles require a chase vehicle.