Sunday, March 21, 2010

Yeah, It's All About Timing

So, for the last week or so, this olelongrooffan has been unable to load images onto By The Numbers. Know it has been frustrating as h*ll as I have been able to really Celebrate Life during this time and wanted to share it with those of you Counting Along With Me.

Anyway, during this time, the oleragtop has developed a serious rattle in the under carriage between the speeds of 10 to 20 mph. I was really bummed as the Kid needed to utilize the services of the oleragtop while his new ride was having new rear leaf springs installed, at the previous owner's expense.

Now, this proudoleuncle hated to provide his nephew with a partially disabled ride but the Kid understood and loved having a pretnear cool oleragtop to drive for a couple days until thejeepjunkie got his family's vehicular situation resolved.

Well, due to circumstances this olelongrooffan was able to fulfill with regards to thejeepjunkie, Apopka, Florida, the Kid's sister, softball and thesungoddess's ride, I was allowed on this past Saturday morning to elevate the oleragtop down at thejeepjunkie's shop to determine what was causing this shimmey.

So, anyway, this past Saturday, this olelongrooffan arose at the crack of dawn thirty, under the direction of thejeepjunkie and even called him around 7 freakin AM to make sure this elevation was still granted, and getting no answer, I promptly tried to load some images on By The Numbers.

Major Fail.

Finally, I decided to toss my trusty free laptop in the oleragtop and head his way. About two minutes into my journey, around 8:10 AM, thejeepjunkie gives me a call,

"Where are you, longroof?"

"Heading your way, jeepjunkie."

"See ya then."



Yeah, that's how we operate down here in The Sunshine State. Said all that needed to be said and we are done.

So, this olelongrooffan got to thejeepjunkie's shop and got to chatting it up with a member of Daytona Beach's finest who was having, under thejeepjunkie's diagnosis, new front sway bar links installed on his wife's daily driver.

During this conversation, I realized this Officer of the Law was partially responsible for thejeepjunkie landing the Entire Daytona Beach Police Department Fleet Servicing Account!!

Yeah, thejeepjunkie is good.

So, this olelongrooffan promptly asked if that was the case.

Well, this polite gentleman said he was not completely responsible, thejeepjunkie just seized the opportunity and it worked out.

I looked that civilian clad police officer in the eye and said "Thank you for allowing my brother to continue to look good to the owners of the company he works for."

Officer Mark said, "It was easy."

So, where the h*ll was I?

Oh Yeah.

thejeepjunkie had this olelongrooffan do a parts run over to the Mercedes dealer to pick up a couple of rims for a Wisconsin based E320 wagon that had run over a transmission on the Eisenhour Freeway System thus ruining both passenger side rims.

Interesting story here. It may have been relayed previously that thejeepjunkie has the local Black and Tan cars as regular clients. They are provided immediate service and are extremely loyal to thejeepjunkie and his shop. When the FHP showed up after this retired couple hit that errant tranny, now don't go there this is not Ormond Offbeat, the tow truck driver wanted to take those vacationing retirees to Pep Boys.

Well, as you travelers out there can imagine, when thousands of miles from home, who would you trust, the roll off driver or the cop, they asked what that Black and Tan driver what he thought.

That Officer, obeying his public responsibility, mentioned he could not recommend a specific shop for their repairs, but his office, as well as the Daytona Beach Police Department, utilizes thejeepjunkie's shop for all of their service needs.

Needless to say, that highly desirable Mercedes longroof ended up at thejeepjunkie's shop that day.

And, this olelongrooffan has to mention, thejeepjunkie connected those folks up with a beautiful hotel room, beachfront, at a great bargain, during Spring Break week!!

Yeah, thejeepjunkie knows how to work it.

So, in the meantime, thejeepjunkie directed me to head over to the local Mercedes dealership to pick up those new rims. Well, this olelongrooffan jumped in thejeepjunkie's new ride and beat it over to the Daimler owned dealership to pick up those replacement rims. When I arrived the parts dudes, yeah there was (were?) two of them on a Saturday morning, one of them commented that I had arrived extremely quickly.

I mentioned to them that we wanted those vacationers to spend as much as money as possible and we need to get them wheels to do so.

They both laughed and agreed, wholeheartedly.

By the time this olelongrooffan returned with those highly anticipated rims, the bay thejeepjunkie's subordinate had decided for me to use was available.

We raised the oleragtop up in the air and after I dropped the rear end of the exhaust system and the removal of two different heat shields and a heat shield holding cross member, it was revealed to this olelongrooffan that the carrier bearing housing, plastic of course, had broken and during acceleration at lower speeds, that housing, surrounding the aft and bow of that two part drive shaft, would bounce up and down hitting the unibody at the area between the front seats causing an enormous racket.

Once this olelongrooffan determined what the problem was, I consulted with thejeepjunkie and we determined an intermediate fix until that new part arrives over at my favorite parts friends' shop on Wednesday.

Yeah, I talked to Robby over at Beachside Autoparts and he got me squared away in no time and, get this, an obscure BMW part at less than thirty bucks. Yeah, it's true.

So now this olelongrooffan knows you Counters out there are wondering what the h*ll this has to do with posting images for you on By The Numbers.

Well, it took me a moment to remember also.

After all, this olelongrooffan is still cleaning the grease out from under my fingernails!!

So after the cause of that shimmeying in the oleragtop was determined, this olelongrooffan drug my free laptop from the passenger seat of that black beauty and was connected to the land line based internet connection thejeepjunkie has down at his shop.

And get this, this olelongrooffan was able to upload images to By The Numbers with abso-f*cking-lutely no problem.

Needless to say, I was perplexed.

So, this olelongrooffan decided to head on out to my local Sprint retail operations and see what was up.

Now, this olelongrooffan is fairly certain you Counters out there are wondering how I ended up with a Free Laptop.

Well, last December, my buddy Justin stopped by for a few days and as we were talking this olelongrooffan mentioned about my not having a boob tube and really wanted another laptop to augment my daily driver Dell so I could tune in to a movie on the back up laptop while surfing these tubes.

Justin mentions he has four laptops out in his BMW SUV and what was I looking for?

I dunno, that acer you recommended to me several years ago was fine.

So, Big J heads out the front door of the Taj Mahal and returns with an acer laptop and says "Merry Christmas".

It is now my new daily driver.

So, anyway, this olelongrooffan arrived at the Sprint Zone and got the young man behind the counter to figure out why no images were able to be loaded to By The Numbers.

He got to checking it out and realized this olelongrooffan was working with three year old technology on my internet access device and that may be the problem.

I mentioned to him that I had previously inquired about a device that creates a WiFi zone and would he explain it to this olelongrooffan once again.

He said yes. It is called a MiFi, basically a cellular modem that will allow up to five computers to have wireless access within a range of 500 feet.

I mentioned that it is what I thought it was.

Now, when I previously inquired about this in December, the price then was $100 plus a three year contract. I passed on it at the time as $100 is a ton-o-money in the olelongrooffan's world these days.

However, this time when I inquired, this young man said "$50 with a $50 mail in rebate".


That means it is free to this olelongrooffan!!

"Well, young man stop trying to figure out the problem with that obsolete technology this olelongrooffan drug in here and sell me a MiFi."

And he did.

Well, Counters, this olelongrooffan drug that new MiFi back to the Taj Mahal and powered it up.

Images can now be loaded in almost no time to By The Numbers and Ormond Offbeat, my trusty back up Dell laptop is blaring country music from AOL radio and this olelongrooffan is on my daily driver acer blogging away.

Well, Counters, stay tuned as a bunch of blogs are coming your way the next few days and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did experiencing them.

And knowing that It Is All About Timing, because for free, this olelongrooffan can listen to AOL Radio and do a blog, that allows me to

Celebrate Life.

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Barry said...

Yeah, big deal, you got two computers.
But do you have health insurance?
Huh? Answer me that!


Oh. you soon will.

OK. never mind then.