Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Now, This olelongrooffan's Version Of WTF?

I don't remember getting all political on By The Numbers previously but, I mean, this is just total out and out rape of all of us taxpaying, yes, unemployed for nearly two years and this olelongrooffan owes $154 to the IRS, citizens.

As it stands right now, the oleragtop possibly needs a new transmission, definitely needs new shoes and my insurance is due!

Yet I am paying the IRS money I don't have to allow that crook, Alcee Hastings, D-Miami, an impeached Judge, and now, sadly, a member of the House of Representatives, $511 a month to lease a Lexus! And, although elected in 1992, and in every election since, his staff claims his lease price is because he can only commit to 2 year leases in case he is not re-elected.

Rep. Harry Teague, D-New Mexico, with a net worth of 36 million dollars, spends $1,279 of my money every month on a Chevy Malibu lease. Yeah, a Malibu. Harry, you possess some killer negotiating skills there buddy.

And it is not just the Democrats.

H*ll, Rep. Sam Johnson, R-Texas, who is a staunch Republican, a deservedly decorated Veteran and a former Prisoner of War in Vietnam, collects $1,143 per month for his daily driver, and he was first elected in 1992 and often runs unopposed.

Although this olelongrooffan is not as political as some around these tubes, maybe my not having the ability to post images on blogspot might kick my *ss to start paying more attention to this cr*p.

And click on this link to see yet another reason, albeit car related, come November, 2010, this olelongrooffan will be voting the bastages out!!

And it is hoping you Counters out there agree that lets this olelongrooffan

Celebrate Life.


Anonymous said...

Well them Reps and Sens get elected and then vote themselves big raises and free medical care for life.....

Run for office and get elected and you can bilk the american public too.


kashgar216 said...

I hear you man. I assumed my state assemblywoman would drive a Prius or a Camry Hybrid. Imagine my surprise when I saw her with a new BMW 5 series! On my nickel!

You don't even want to hear the story of the San Francisco assemblywoman who crashed into a number of cars and sideswiped guardrails and ran red lights, all within 15 minutes in her state leased Highlander. Her excuse- she was on medication and has no recollection. And now she's on some state waste disposal board collecting $125k per year.

Horse-farmer said...

Where have you gone ole long roof fan, the world is waiting for your next offering....

oh yeah you are out on the prowl looking for more adventures....

Sad about the little girl on the beach... hope everyone can help her family, and don't forget Grandma driving the car, traumatic for her too I'm sure ....