Monday, March 1, 2010

So, Ya Remember My olestationbus?

Don't Ya?

Well, Counters, given my employment situation at this phase of this 1/2 century old olelongrooffan, I decided it was time to quit cruising the beach for chicks, regardless of this

and quit spending my time trying to be something this olelongrooffan isn't.

Now, this past summer the olelongrooffan's olestation bus got a shiny new coat and this oleman was content.

Well, that was last summer and now this A-D-D riddled olelongrooffan is wanting something a bit different.

And as this olelongrooffan didn't capitalize on longroofs back when they were affordable, and today not having the funding in place to purchase one due to the fact that Muscle Car pricing exploded thus leading to the inflation of pricing of longroofs,

What Is This olelongrooffan To Do?

I thought I would provide a theme to the olestationbus but

thejeepjunkie has definitely vetoed this.

And the funding is definitely not in place for the conversion of my olestationbus to this (nor the desire),

So, in an attempt to satiate my desires for something different, this olelongrooffan has decided to do this makeover to my olestationbus.

And once I figure out how to monetize this move, this olelongrooffan will really be able to

Celebrate Life.


Lil Jim said...

My first thought upon seeing the moonshine van was to comment "why don't they just stop giving moonshine to crippled blinds?" and then I thought that wasn't pc and decided not to do it...

Horse-farmer said...

Hey Lil Jim

My thoughts exactly, but it is true,

If you never had any shine, you are missing the third best thing in the world.....

and I'll never tell what # 1 n # 2 are.

jesse said...

No, not the last one, do the 1st one, the police theme!

jesse said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lil Jim said...

I hope to goodness that Uncle Tom's 1 and 2 are not cocaine and hookers...

Busplunge said...

Cocaine and hookers?


DAMN, I musta missed 'em!

Son of a bitch!