Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Just To Let You Counters Know...

This olelongrooffan has had, for me, a pretty busy week and, unlike thejeepjunkie, have had all of my vehicles in my possession, off a trailer, out of the shop and, except the couple days the Kid used my oleragtop, available for my use whenever needed.

However, my relationship with blogspot has been a bit strained.

I have been trying to post some YouTube videos and have only been able to get 2/3's of the image to show on By The Numbers, similar to this experience, much to the consternation of thehorsefarmer and this olelongrooffan.

In addition, this olelongrooffan is unable to post images(and I got a bunch) to By The Numbers, whether through Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome.

Well, Counters, I figured out the YouTube deal and am working on the image postings.

Stay tuned as this olelongrooffan has had some much needed fun this week.

And know, when I figure it out, we will

Celebrate Life.

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