Monday, April 6, 2009

We Had March's Challenge, Now It Is Time For April's

Well, it appears thehorsefarmer and thebarngoddess, in an attempt to keep the stress thehorsefarmer is under to a minimum, decided to head off for a quiet weekend in the woods. I love the line of thinking in that phone call!!

Lucky them. Beautiful countryside, relaxing cabin in the woods, waterfalls, and double wide outhouses. Just glad they weren't double deckers.

Well, on their trip to Russellville, Arkansas a while back, thehorsefarmer is a challenge. I responded with this and Automotive Historian, Kit Foster, chimed in and corrected this embarrassed olelongrooffan by correctly identifying every old car in that last image. Of course, a Correction Corner was posted immediately.

So thehorsefarmer has done it again. Apparently out and about in Southern Missouri, they found an old VW repair facility and thehorsefarmer threw down the gauntlet, again.

Well, in an effort not to be embarrassed once again, I toiled long into the night searching high and low trying to find the location of that old VW repair facility and in the identification of that old Kei class mini truck.

That old VW repair facility is located at 480 Ozark Street in Cabool, Missouri, (click on Street View) adjacent to Todd's Motel. It is rumored Tony Stewart was visiting that shop on the day the Google Earth photo car drove by but I am waiting on confirmation of that from the CDM.

And that old truck, it appears to be a Cony 360 Wide Body, dating from the mid 60's. I think Kit Foster would agree with me on this one.

And, it is solving mysteries like this and knowing thehorsefarmer and thebarngoddess keep me in their thoughts, as they are in mine, that lets us all

Celebrate Life.


Horse-farmer said...

Ok you hit the nail on the head... and by golly you are right... Cabool MO, Business Highway 60.

But what of the old black car in a later post????

d5thouta5 said...

that's cheating....all the longroof had to do was enlarge the photo, then call #6 and have her run the tag through her contacts in law enforcement to determine the residence of the license holder...then look in the closet city for a repair facility that services VW's....basically he never had to leave his easy chain....

longrooffan said...

Not quite jeepjunkie...although the Secretary of State of the Lee Family, as bestowed upon the longrooffan by the BBB, has been having clandestine communications with #6, #6 has, since March, 2008, not returned my phone calls and has blocked my emails. Had to do this one the hard way and google street view a bunch of Southern Missouri highways. Although thehorsefarmer did make it easier by listing the towns he travelled Old Hwy. 60 on. Oh, and there is no clandestine communications, just added that for fun!

Horse-farmer said...

Had to give you an easy one as the second one, but you have to admit they are getting harder
wait till next month

Busplunge said...

I thought it was in Mountain Grove, on 60 highway, just after the stop sign heading west (for reference, the catholic church is just after the stop sign heading east)