Friday, April 3, 2009

Bugs and Such

It is a well known fact that The Sunshine State has a large and diverse number of insects. We, as does nearly everyone else, have the mosquito and it is ubiquitous nearly year round.

We also have roaches palmetto bugs. Interestingly enough, well at least to the longrooffan, if access to water is denied, these little b*stards die. Note, it is high and dry around the Taj Mahal.

We also have something called a "stink bug" whose name is derived from the offensive odors it emits when attacked or excited. It apparently thrives on citrus. I have never seen one but after a couple of cold beverages from the city with the arch, thejeepjunkie could, truthfully, be called a stink bug also.

This is a "walking stick". I remember seeing these in the Ozarks woods around the Halltown Haven Lee Farm as a kid.

And our spiders are freaking huge!

We, like everyone else in the moderate climates of this hemisphere, also have dragonflies.

Our butterflies are multi-colored and majestic.

My favorite is the "lovebug" although they are deadly to the paint of an automobile. But, h*ll, with a name like "lovebug", how can they not be your favorite? I just wash my cars alot during "lovebug season".

Now I am sure you Counters out there are wondering what the h*ll I am doing writing a post about the bugs we have down in the humid region of our great country.

Well, you see, the olelongrooffan has been sitting on this post for a couple months, trying to figure out how to make it not just another old boring blog.

It came to me yesterday as I was visiting Manuel Labor while an old screen enclosure was being dismantled over at The Good Attorney's place. As that screen enclosure was coming down, the, must have been, 10,000+ ants, who had been calling that place home for many years, came out of every hole from which a self tapping screw was removed. They all congregated on the white tarp that had been placed over the hot tub on the, now, uncovered concrete slab, looking like pepper on one of my white Lenox china plates from the set that Mom had given me.

How is that for a compound sentence?

Anyway, a couple months ago, when this blog was first started, I had seen this, this, and this. I, at that time, believe it or not, had been on overload with the images of Volkswagons and needed a break. Well, after last weekend and all the old classic Amurrrrican iron, and yesterday's experience with Manuel Labor, I decided to get this thing posted.

So here goes.

As I previously mentioned, the Atlantic Coast was the spot for all of the transporters and the water cooled members of the Bug Clan. However, the Type I Volkswagons gathered at the Town Center over in Port Orange. Remember, this is where I had seen this and this.

Well, at long last, it is now time for The Rest Of The Show.

The Town Center was loaded up with Bugs, both stock and modified, of all vintages.

This one even had the cool old tool kit located inside the spare tire under the bonnet.

Sorry for the blurry image but I wanted to try and show it to you.

The one below is the Type I sporting that Celebrate Life magnet. Still working on the mysterious link between his Uncle and my Dad.

I loved this vintage set up. But knowing the power of those old Bugs, I am confident top speed was somewhere south of 50 mph.

And this trunk was full of old ads and diecast stuff.

This one is based out of the Home of The World's Most Famous Beach. That is an air conditioning unit hanging out the passenger's window.

And, true to form, its engine compartment was immaculate!!

A Super Beetle, similar to the one my sister Carol let me take my driver's test in, some 33 years ago.

And I guess there are Florida Gators fans everywhere, including at the VDub show.

Thing Central. I love the near stock one off in the distance.

But this bone stock one absolutely took my heart!

Yeah, Gators fans are everywhere.

I just had to insert this one I had seen last summer, On The Road, By The Numbers.

And this neglected, old notchback on that same trip.

Compared with this beauty.

And a VW longroof.

And a hatchback of the same style.

And on to the "kit car" section of the show.

I am pretty sure the above is a Meyers Manx dune buggy popular in the 60's. Always lusted after that back in the day.

A Bradley GT.

And a Baja Bug.

And the one in the image above? I am sorry, I do not remember what it was but I do remember it is not a Bradley.

And then there is this. When you can't figure out if you want to attend BikeWeek or the VDub Winterfest, why not have a buggy you can attend both with?

And on to the Ghia's, after the Transporter, my favorite Volkwagon.

Italian design, German engineering.

Absolutely gorgeous.

Under the "hood".

You can get a bit more info on this sweety here.

And these dudes, in my favorite pickup truck, were having a great time, even if not a word of English was heard by the olelongrooffan while I was in their vicinity.

Now, just a couple shots of the crowd surrounding that lake.

And a cool prop. A&W Root Beer, It's The Frosty Mug Taste!

Enlarge this to see the latest in rollerblades.

This buggy was for sale over in the swap meet area. My recollection is $1,200.

But it was pretty rough.

Another Riviera aftermarket Transporter.

And with all the stuff available in the swap

meet area

you could build a Type I

or a Ghia

from scratch.

By the way, that Karmann Ghia badge is the one currently resting on that VW shelf in the Taj Mahal.

I also spotted the above "Porsche 914" and the motorhome shown below.

And, "Peace, Man".

Check out that cool remote controlled Bus below.

And this, below, I had absolutely never seen before and thought I was super cool.

A combination of the Bus and a Type III.

And this Bug has had a ton of surgery.

It has a front hood on the rear and here is an image of the front.

And, of course, the American Flag proudly displayed over all of this German engineering.

And, finally, as I was leaving, I saw the most desirable daily driver at the show.

It was a great conclusion to a great few hours.

And that, along with seeing that Flower on the rear of a total stranger's Type I, lets me

Celebrate Life.


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