Saturday, April 18, 2009

Longrooffan Wannabes

I have mentioned in the past that my vehicles all tend to have, at least, dual personalities. You forgetful Counters can see references at the end of this and near the end of this one.

Well a while back I was heading out for my daily drive on the beach...

Sidebar---I was once asked in an email, from whom I can't remember, "Why do you drive on the beach everyday?" My response? "Because I can!!"

Anyway, I saw this truck stopped in the center lane of A1A just south of the Taj Mahal.

This truck sure looked out of place amongst the tourists and all those beachfront and beachside hotels.

So can ya guess what I did?

If you Counters guessed that I stopped to see what was going on, you should go out and buy a lotto ticket because that is exactly what I did.

Although A1A is a curbed street in this urban area, in front of the vacant lot this huge *ss wrecker was stopped in front of, there are driveway cuts for future development. I whipped into one of those, grabbed the, sometimes, trusty Polaroid and proceeded to get some images for this delinquent post.

You see, overhead utility lines are located along the rear of this 2.73 acre vacant parcel. As whatever particular utility controlling these lines had decided to replace those utility poles, they had called Asplundh, a favorite local tree trimming firm, to come in and clear the trees around these poles.

Unfortunately, the boom truck toting that chipping trailer

had gotten stuck at the rear of that lot.

Now, you have to give those tree trimmers credit. As soon as they had gotten stuck, they dropped that chipper trailer and got about 15 feet away

They even tried to dig their way out of the rut they had gotten themselves into.

Alas, to no avail! The hook soon arrived and was all latched up.

It was interesting to me, the wrecker was nearly 90 degrees from the front of this boom truck, and to the left in the first image of that stuck truck. When the huge *ss wrecker starting wenching that boom truck, even though the steering wheels on that GMC were cranked hard to the left, there was no forward movement, merely lateral. Those front wheels carved furrows in that sandy lot a foot deep!!

Then the wrecker dude decided to pull that chipper trailer out of the way and take that boom truck out by the rear. Quite a site to see that huge *ss wrecker maneuvering around on that unfamiliar terrain, that being a Bahia sodded lawn vs. a macadimized roadway.

I did shoot a couple videos of this extrication process but they were, in all actuality, quite boring. Instead, enjoy this one (I have to click on "full size" to see it).

But I will say this about that. If seeing this image

reminded you of

this image, then you are now an 'Official Be A Member Of Those Counting Along With Me'.

As this is a virtual club, no certificates will follow but 'Welcome To The Club'.

And it is knowing that while my vehicles always want to emulate something else, it is great knowing those Asplundh dudes, even unbeknownst to them, want to emulate the Longrooffan, and knowing that Adam wasn't gay, that allows me to

Celebrate Life.


Horse-farmer said...

Glad you tied your beach adventure to the poor tree guys adventure.

When I saw the wrecker I thought you were going to mention the long roof that it had. Some big sleeper unit I imagine.

The Barngoddess and I celebrated yesterday by taking my Bronc down around the pond fence checking. Now that is a different post too...
but we didn't need a wrecker to help us out... just the local car wash to get all that good ole MO soil off my Bronc.

WV: ovessops

over sops with muds........
have a good weekend, thinking of you and the Jeep playing in that kitchen and wish I was there to help direct the progress.

Horse-farmer said...

Had to go with one more post because of the word verification.

WV: you figure which word in the following sentence is my WV.

When we was running in the mud around the pond, was we rationa ???

Love you all

auxarc said...

This reminds me of every other week playing "mud lots" in my Louisiana carnival days. Ganey