Monday, April 27, 2009

Dad and Uncle Frank

it is okay to be bummed out.

Yesterday, I did a blog about some sights seen on a recent road trip.

One of the images I captured was of a 67 Pontiac Grand Prix ragtop. It is a similar vehicle to the one my Uncle Frank, TheGentlemanFarmer's brother, used to drive. In my memory, He always owned "Wide Track" Pontiac convertibles. I remember either seeing a 59 of his, or at least a photo of one in a parade. He also had a 63, and then that 67.

My Dad, TheGentleManFarmer had, in the 80's, a 66 Bonneville droptop and a 66 Pontiac Catalina sedan, both seen in this picture along with the olelongrooffan's new wave two tone Volvo 144.

Yeah, new wave two tone, blue car and one white door.

Anyway, the reason it is okay for those two former Pontiac enthusiasts to be bummed out?

Today, General Motors announced the closing of the Pontiac Motor Division sometime in 2010. Too bad. Once at the forefront of automotive design and technology, it, of recent, had become an "alsoran" within GM Corporate Headquarters.

The autoextremist has a good post about Pontiac here.

But, hell, I guess this closure should have been expected.

I mean even Burt Reynolds is doing this.

But unlike that T/A,

The Pontiac Motor Division is truly priceless.

Noone will give you one red cent for it.

And that is why Uncle Frank, TheGentleManFarmer and this olelongrooffan are bummed out.


d5thouta5 said...

just me but I think that old new-wave two toned Volvo was just as cool, and maybe more so, than the old Pontiacs....sure ran on a lot less petro and a lot less to insure...and there wasn't a care in the world on whether it got scratched or not...

Busplunge said...

Some pontiacs here, also check out the challenge on the bus.