Monday, April 6, 2009

Cool Ways To Avoid A Sex Ban From Your Wife

Sometimes, it is just great to Celebrate Life with your brother and the Kid.

Earlier, after fishing for giant catches, thejeepjunkie and the Kid dropped by the Taj Mahal. Once the Kid finished surfing Craigslist for cars for my daughter, I showed them a video I saw on Jalopnik and on Throw The Ball Already.

As noted near the end of this 2 minute video, Jason Plato commented that if he didn't win this British Touring Car Challenge race, he was having a Sex Ban Imposed by His Wife.

Well, unfortunately the rookie, Jonathon Adgens smacked the rear of that Veteran's Daewoo Chevrolet Lacetti causing demonstrative commentary among the race announcers, until it was pointed out in the comments on Jalopnik, the Plato front wheel drive actually over-braked, as seen demonstrated by the brake smoke at the right rear wheel about .59, causing the Rookie's car to, inadvertantly, smack the rear of that front wheel drive Lacetti.

But, Damn!!! That recovery by the Veteran was awesome.!!!

And, as the Kid called out, similar to comments in the Jalopnik comment section, "Who says you can't drift a front wheel drive.

Well, thejeepjunkie and the longrooffan pointed out, hopefully helpful, techniques to this 16 year old about car control. thejeepjunkie and the longrooffan seem to able to get through to the Kid, and that is cool.

Plus, the fact that, due to a not so satisfying technical infraction by the Rookie, the Veteran was awarded the Victory in this BTCC race and knowing that he has avoided a Sex Ban From His Wife allows all of us to

Celebrate Life.

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