Friday, April 3, 2009

Cool Caddys

Last month, when I was over at the Spring Fling, I didn't take a bunch of photos. While it was cool, I needed something really unique to trip my trigger, so to speak. And I am not talking about that honking Unique Whips.

I did, however, see a couple of tricked out old Cadillacs that I did take some images of.

This one is a '48 and I am confident the only original parts on it are the fenders and rear quarter panels. Even that is a stretch.

No, I don't know that hoon, a buddy of his was taking his picture while I was taking mine. I do love the fashionable fanny pack though!

And a ton of money was dropped on the interior of this $70,000, asking price, Caddy.

A day earlier, I had spotted this one, a 1960 I am pretty sure. It is parked on a motorcoach pad inside the picket fence area reserved exclusively for the applicable race car drivers' coaches during the event in which they are racing. Pretty well turned out, even a playground for their kids.

Low and Slow.

I am sure there is not a stock component in that interior.

I do love the little bullet like devices on the headlights. (Name of them? Idunno.)

And out back were these cool taillights. I am not sure if they are stock or not but I do know Cadillacs are not this cool these days. Well, maybe this one.

Now I have to tell you that seeing those well worked over Caddy's was cool and I am sure their owners are extremely proud of their rides but I would prefer TheGentleMan Farmer's old 63 Coupe de Ville

over those street rods any. day. of. the. week.

And it is knowing that my Dad enjoyed his time with that old Caddy of his allows me to

Celebrate Life.

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