Sunday, February 22, 2009

Celebrate Life

Those of you who have been Counting Along With Me, know the story of the Celebrate Life magnets my brothers were instrumental in recreating last fall.

Well, around Thanksgiving I got an email from a woman who's parent's Uncle was a Presbyterian minister in Texas and in Fort Walton Beach, but had passed eight years ago.

It turns out on a file cabinet and a briefcase her parents had inherited were original Celebrate Life stickers. She had googled Celebrate Life, found us, and was interested in getting a few of our magnets for her folks for Christmas. I sent five of them over to DeBary, Florida, about halfway to MickeyMouseLand.

This morning, I had an email in my inbox from her Dad mentioning they would be in Port Orange at theVDub Show and one of the Celebrate Life magnets would be viewable on the rear of their newly painted Type I. Well, if You Have Been Counting Along With Me, you know I located that dude and got a shot of the internet found and sold Celebrate Life magnet!!

But I had forgotten about these buttons that were around also!!! They had gotten two of them in that estate also.

Talk about a trip down Memory Lane!!

I sure would like to know how these items got in their Uncle's possession! Just another mystery I cannot seem to solve. Guess I will have to wait until I see TheGentlemanFarmer again.

and that is What I Saw Today.

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