Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Seagulls Have Gone

So, after surfing around all morning, this afternoon, I decided to get out and about in the oleragtop. Remembering what I saw yesterday morning, I was curious if there would be a repeat. Nope.

I guess those seagulls determined they couldn't get me down so they decided to stay

on the beach. After a short drive down that beach, I pulled out my trusty atlas to determine where I was going today. I decided to drive out Dunlawton and see the sights.

Not much to see other than shopping centers and gated subdivisions, although they kept all the trees alongside the roadway when they built those centers so it was rather scenic.

I turn off to head over to US 1 to get on back to the Taj Mahal and I stumbled upon a couple fields of these.

At first, I thought they were llama's but there was a sign advertising Alpacas For Sale. I had never heard of one before so I did a search and came up with this.

Now if you have been Counting Along With Me, you know big animal statues follow me around. You might remember I saw them, among other places, here and here.

Well on that Alpacas ranch the farmer had seven lifesize horse statues sharing the field with those unique animals. I guess the advantage to horse statues versus real horses is the price of feed is alot cheaper. The disadvantage to those statues versus real horses is there is no horse poop for the Kid to drive one of my cars through.

And the trend keeps following me.

But today, a new one might be starting. It appears word has gotten out in the animal world of this trend and now

Small statues of big animals have started to follow me around as I

Celebrate Life.


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