Friday, May 29, 2009

This Is Fun

When I was a kid, I never really paid a lot of attention to Liberace although I do remember seeing him on Mom and TheGentleManFarmer's boob tube many times as they were big fans.

Last week while recovering from my "overdose", I found this video on youtube and thought you might want to rock out with this old dude, or is that dudette. I found humorous his comment about the composition of his audience members!!

And he wasn't even officially out of the closet.

Hope you enjoy.

And enjoying this kind of stuff allows me to

Celebrate Life.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Some Cool Stuff

Thanks to Mike thefoamguy for this video...

And from TomK there is this:

And thanks to Jonco, we have a hilarious new look at the game of tennis here.

Hope ya'll enjoy and it sure is good to be back and healthy once again. It sure helps to

Celebrate Life.

An Awesome New Product

Luckily, I don't need this for the olestationbus or the oleragtop but I do remember the GentleManFarmer requesting some for that old International Harvestor Super C out at the Halltown Haven Lee Farm back in my youth.

So, Here I Am

wallowing in my self absorption and the Bus responds, appropriately enough, with

Let's put this all into perspective.
I went to the Doctor today for my annual wellness checkup.
He told me I was going to die...


Thanks Bus, I am all better now!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Yeah, It Has Been Too Long

To those of you who may have noticed, I have been away. It has been for the longest period of time since the inception of By The Numbers, some 459 posts ago and, unremembered by the olelongrooffan, one year ago on this date!! Yet another anniversary forgotten by this gettingoldman!!

As an aside, this is post 460, which is also a kick ass Ford engine, debuting in 1968 in a Lincoln, although in the Mustang, it was a 429. And Counters, a numbers matching 68 Mustang 429 is worth a whole lot of money to the right group!! Trust me on that one. I included this because I thought you would like to know a bit of trivia that, in addition to a multitude of other things, will not earn me one red cent.

There are many reasons for my absence and, in an effort to purge myself of the self absorption I am feeling, I thought I would post some of them just to get it off my chest. While this blog is not a downer, it is not my usual off the cuff humor and feel free to move on to the "Next Blog". I won't be offended at all. Check back soon though as I have several Drafts just waiting to get out and they will soon. jdl.

This past few weeks have been the biggest bummer since I lost my job over a year ago.

On a high note, I was honored to be asked to judge the Orlando area Parade of Homes. I have been judging POH's around the state for about 15 years and love doing it. It is a blast to see new stuff in the housing industry, meet new people and see new cities and towns. Plus being able to critique a $2.5 million home is a real blast. Hint: if you can see the toilet in the powder bath from the front door, this is not a good thing.

Anyway, I developed sinus allergies over the past couple years and once I lost my job last year, I stopped take Zyrtec(sp) due to its cost and just started doing things the GentleManFarmer's way, I carry a hankerchief. Well, not wanting to be a total hick from the Ozarks blowing my snotty nose all day long, I thought I would pick up some cheap over the counter allergy medicine for the two days I would be down there. It worked pretty well.

Then a few days later I woke up and was sick as a dog, nausea, stomach contractions, sore all over, you know the feeling. I figured I picked up a bug shaking about 400 hands over two days and stayed the day in bed drinking water and sweating it out.

I woke up the next day and all was good. Back to my routine and then the following Tuesday, Whammy!!! The same thing. Never in my nearly 50 years has something like this happened to me.

"Something is not right here" this oleman says. I make a list of my symptoms and do a WebMD search.

Turns out I am allergic to the active ingredient in that allergy medicine and I had basically "ODed" myself on them and my kidneys shut down. A quick email to thehorsefarmer confirms I am not going to die anytime soon, well at least from that. 'Just give the old kidneys a break, drink lots of water and follow the BRAT diet for a few days.'

Well I did and all is well these days. I seem to have healed quite nicely and for that I Thank God.

In addition to following thehorsefarmer's dietary advice, I decided to take a sabatical on my consumption of hurricane supplies. I figured I would use this time on his recommended diet to really clean up my system. My booze consumption sure altered my sleeping habits, that is for sure.

So now it takes me a lot longer to get to sleep and I have yet to sleep through the night. However a good thing is a result, I have returned to reading voraciously, something I have gotten away from in the past few years. Actually, non fiction is fun. Beats the hell out of Rush and his ilk as well as the depressing news concerning the US Auto Industry.

Toss this into the mix.

If you have been Counting Along With Me, you know I have applied da*n near everywhere there is to apply for meaningful employment with no success. Last December, thejeepjunkie sent me over to a guy he knows who runs the local Mitsubishi service department. Turns out a senior service advisor is retiring in June and he was looking for someone to come aboard as a service advisor. I chatted it up with him and although I did not have the experience he was looking for, I had the personality. We hit it off and he told me I as much as had the position. I kept in touch and, as he mentioned, checked back with him in mid May. Well, I don't know if you have been following the news about the auto industry but there are a hell*va lot of dealerships closing and guess what, a lot of unemployed, experienced, automobile service advisors. As I was talking to him I could tell he was trying not to let me down but I had heard it before and knew what was coming. I wished him the best and he did the same for me. Haven't heard from him though and he didn't return my call.

Last week we had 37", yes over three feet, of rain over the course of five days. It sucked. I swear it could have been a tropical storm but those are alot more fun. It was flooded da*n near everywhere. It was so windy, I was afraid to drive the olestationbus as I thought it might blow over. And, oh yeah, it still needs new window seals so it is not as waterproof as I would like. It did clear up enough on Monday to get a day on the beach in with thejeepjunkie and his family. It is always fun to spend time with them and I am honored to be included in their family activities and will not deny an invite in the future. However, I sure am envious of the closeness he has with his kids and it makes me miss my daughter Jessica immensely.

Then there is this. You know I have blogged about my "little sister" Carri down in Naples. A couple weeks ago, around 10:30pm, I get a call from her in a panic. She was a bit buzzed and had tripped over her spoiled *ss little dog Presley and fallen and hit her nose. When she called she was in a panic and couldn't get the bleeding stopped. Well after a couple different phone calls, I called her Mom, theChristmasMama, to go over and check on her. Well Mom did and called me later to say Thanks as Carri was pretty messed up, although nothing permanent. Well, needless to say, the next day I got a scathing email from Carri all pissed off at me and now I am on the Dark Side. Ironically, I got a email from her sister and another friend thanking me for doing it. Time will tell there.

Finally, I get a call from my buddy Jason, I blogged about him at the practice for the Rolex races last December or January. He has gotten a place on the coast of Rhode Island for six weeks and invited me to come on up and hang for a while just to get over all of this crap. Yeah, like that is in my budget.

So there you have it. The first time I have wallowed in this much self pity in a long, long time. It is good to get it off my chest and thanks for listening.

I know it will all come together, it always does. But I da*n sure hope it happens soon.

Know I will be in better spirits in my future posts and thanks for letting me vent.

And even though I may sound down in the dumps, and I may in fact be there, all is well and I continue to try to

Celebrate Life.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Happy Anniversary

To Mom and TheGentlemanFarmer, married in 1947,

and, some forty years later,

thesungoddess and thejeepjunkie married, on the same date in 1987.

May your love for each other, and your family, continue indefinitely.

I Love Car Ads

TheNoNameDufus is lamenting the fact that

IKEA has announced its intention to take over General Motors.

Oh, The Horrors, The Horrors.

And although NoNameDufus brought a chuckle out of this olelongrooffan, I realize the car and parts included in the above image are actually of Volkswagon origin but see the humor, and, much to the vexation of the UAW, the nearly possible, realization of it.

And that led me to one of my favorite automotive commercials, at least in recent memory, I'll do a YouTube search for more, and that favorite is for a Honda Accord Longroof, although with respect to US Automotive Engineers, I think I remember correctly that it took 671 attempts by Honda Engineers to get the parts of that Accord to act as they wished them to.

But I do like this one also, maybe it is just the fact those hoons are in a Citroen Mehari, a make I recognized immediately, that continues to allow me to

Celebrate Life.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Monday, May 11, 2009

Friday, May 8, 2009

Best Of Craigslist

So, enjoys a free AOL account. I am comfortable with AOL, as I am with Internet Explorer. I know there are better accesses to these tubes but these are the ones I learned initially and I am willing to put up with their shortcomings due to my being familiar with their inner workings.

Now with this free AOL account, I don't enjoy the ability to delete selective emails, it is either all or nothing. Well, I had retained over 600 emails and AOL kept prompting me to "Clean Up My Mailbox", every time I logged on. Well, there are some email I wanted to keep...the one from thehorsefarmer about his arm rest on his ole Bronco, the one from my the traffic school approving my completion of that course, and, among others, the one from TheGoodAttorney explaining the process for becoming a Certified Registered Contractor.

I know I could have moved these over to "Saved Mail" but that file is reserved for really good emails, such as the one I got from my daughter telling me how much she loved me.

So the only recourse I had was to delete each one by checking the box beside it, enmass, and then clicking delete.

I am glad I chose to execute this deletion this way as I was able to sporadically review a bunch of emails and I stumbled upon, no not Stumble Upon, stumbled upon this one I had saved for a potential blog.

So, anyway, over at, they have, on their sidebar, The Best Of Craigslist. I find many of those ads pretty humorous, and thought as they included this one as one of the best, this olelongrooffan thought it worthy of your consideration. Sorry, no pics but this is an image the item in question.

1978 Triumph Spitfire

Runs surprisingly well,

Transmission shifts nice,

Brakes work well,

Passes inspection,

All lights, wipers and horn function,

Minimal rust, solid rockers, good floor,

It's a 20-footer. Lots of dings and hickies but complete,

Originally had the rubber bumpers until chrome bumpers from an earlier car were installed,

The alloy wheels are Minilite copies called Minator also made in England. The tires are good condition Kumho.

The paint is dull so this could be a good beginner's painting project.

The convertible top isn't perforated and has clear windows.

Unless I happen to fix it prior to selling, the driver's door opens from the outside handle only, the passenger side only from the inside.

The horn honks like it has a frog in its throat.

I have no idea how many miles are on this car as the odometer has never worked.

It marks its territory with a few drops of oil, doesn't smoke and has good oil pressure.

The gauges all work, the dash lights illuminate, the heater blows hot in any season.

The driver's seat needs upholstery repair.

It comes with a tonneau cover to cover the cockpit without putting the top up.

Learn the art of "Shabby Chic". Most people having a mid-life crisis blow a king's ransom on a Porsche Boxster or late 60's Stingray - or - grow the obligatory cliche goatee + big gut and buy a Harley.

We both know you're not that lacking in creativity.

You want a car that says you take the less trodden path, that you're mechanically inclined and that you like to park anywhere without concern for door dings or theft.


Here's your car: pre-dinged and invisible to car thieves,

the thrill of top-down British motoring at a sub-Geo Metro price.

You won't have to wear a bag over your head with this $2K purchase.

Cheapskates rejoice: register it as an antique for once-every-5-years renewals, and no inspections.

Surprisingly, insuring this car is peanuts.

Buyer's Guide for the Married Man (or) How To Justify Buying My Car to a Significant Other

There's no rational justification for buying this car so you'll need to stretch the truth.

For example if you're a one-car household you could say it's the second car for commuting to a nearby employer or for getting groceries.

You and I both know your employer doesn't look favorably on iconoclasts in tiny cars who arrive late and blame dodgy Lucas electrics.

We also know that this is the wrong car for trips to Costco,

but it's all about the S.O. (significant other) at this point.

You can call it an economy car as it's a 1500cc 4-cylinder car that weighs about as much as a full dress Harley Davidson so your nose won't go Pinocchio on this point.

You could also point out you've upped your life insurance to a cool $1 million dollars and this car doesn't have air bags & sits at the height of a big rig's lug nuts.

Think outside the box.

You can do it.

Working together we are a team.

(Bonus points: this car played a role in the unraveling of a particularly dumb marriage, and for that I am glad. I should keep it as a memento but feel it might help some other trapped person break the bonds of a loveless relationship.)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

1969, Or Not?

So over at his blog, thehorsefarmer is trying to pull a Kit Foster trying to attempt correcting this olelongrooffan about the timing of just when this photograph, referenced in this blog, was taken, some 40 years ago.

As I mentioned in that blog, inscribed on the rear of that old school black and white Polaroid, in a cursive handwritting I do not recognize, was Bob (sic), it was Tom, John and Ed, 1969. The second Polaroid mentioned in that blog does, in fact, have Tom, John and Ed, 1969.

Well, as reluctant as I am to ever question a decision made by my elder brothers, it usually always comes back to haunt me, I think thehorsefarmer is in the early stages of old age and the accompanying, and well known throughout my family, selective memory. Either that or it was the G&T's he favors.

Now, thehorsefarmer is certain this photo was taken sometime in 1964 or 1965 when he was at the seminary in Rush Limbaugh's hometown, down near the Missouri bootheel. Recognize, I am on the record as opposing both this conclusion and Rush Limbaugh, on just about anything. Okay. Enough politics on this blog.

Anyway, I implore you to examine these two images, blown up from that old school Polaroid on my free

Adobe photoshop program. I contend these photos were, definitely, taken in 1969.

Sometime last year I was provided with the above image of an old black and white photograph of, from the left, the olelongrooffan, BBB and thejeepjunkie. On the edge of the photo was the month and year it was taken, as used to be done. I did not record the month, but the year was 1965. Those two youngsters are definitely not the same ages as seen in the above referenced photos.

Next up, I present this image of an old photo taken outside TheGentleman Farmer's den at 1822 South National, Springfield, Missouri. Again, those youngsters are at younger ages than the ones in the questioned photos. And that kid on the left? That is one of the few pictures I have seen of me not in a button down oxford.

Next up I offer this photo of the olelongrooffan strolling in front of a wrecked 1965 Ford Country Squire TheGentlemanFarmer owned. No button down oxford, but this time a, what are now called, golf shirt. Who knows what happened to the nose of that ole 65 longroof?

I, further, present this one, generally accepted to be from 1967.

And this one of thejeepjunkie, Dennis Wilson, and the olelongrooffan taken down in Steal-Your Dollar City. Check out that dude on the right in the oxford and slacks at an amusement park!!!! What a Hoon!!

I further present this photo of the olelongrooffan washing that cool ole XKE belonging to Leroy Lane.

And then this one, taken of the olelongrooffan on TheGentlemanFarmer's den floor on South National.

And if that is not proof enough of the ages of the youngsters in the photo in question, I have this old class photo

and this is what TheGentleman Farmer had written on the rear of it. Ahhh yes, Great For Eight, Fine For Nine.

And just to slam the gavel down on this, Mom had written

this on the rear of that photo.

Oh, and despite the speculation thehorsefarmer and the Bus are having, my namesake's Woodman of America headstone is staying right where it is for the future enjoyment of everyone who journeys to that olegraveyard. Just hope I get to see it one more time before I join JD Lee.

And just know, it is being able to document my thoughts with old photos, #6 be d*mned, that allows me to

Celebrate Life

Train? What Train?

Cool Genie

Beware, I have learned how to load videos via Mozilla Firefox.

The Best Marriage Proposal Ever

A Cute Video

but I had to mute it about 1/2 way through.


Not certain where I found it but thanks.


you appreciate cool cars like this,

you need to click here and get lost for awhile.

Where Am I Today?

So, after spending a great day Sunday on My Beach with thejeepjunkie, the Kid, thesungoddess and the Kid's sister, today these tubes told me I was in Blissfield, Michigan.

So I hopped in the olestationbus,

you remember the olestationbus

don't ya?

And I headed out for Southeast Michigan. For me, it was a quick trip. I mean to tell ya, thejeepjunkie and TheGoodAttorney tell me I can't look at a Jeep Commando on ebay...

Oh Yeah, sidebar....

The weekend before last, when thejeepjunkie tried to get that big *ssed old school NASCAR Thunderbird out of the sand, FAIL, and I tried to post a video of it, also FAIL, we were cruising around that soft sand beach and this olelongrooffan realized that he needs a four wheel drive. So I decided to put the olestationbus up on that website the Bus loves to peruse and try to find me a four wheel drive.

But what to get?

the Bus, thejeepjunkie and the Kid have the whole CJ thing covered.

thehorsefarmer, thebarngoddess and TheGoodAttorney have those Bucking Broncos covered.

NotSoLilJim and Lil Mom have the whole Power Wagon thing covered.

So what's left?

I could always pick up an International Scout, but thepartsdude down at my favorite, local auto parts store, Beachside Auto Parts told me the longrooffan would have to find new parts friends if I picked one of these up.

But what about a Series II Land Rover? Nah, maybe next time around. Just a bit out of my budget these days.

So. what. is. left?

I thought of the time I spent out on Haven Lee Farm, Halltown Edition, and I remembered a neighbor, down on the ripoff, to be described in a blog I have been working around for some time now, had a Jeep Commando. And, just know this olelongrooffan is looking for one of those, sometimes, topless rigs, less the Great Dane and the surfboard.

Alas, that diversion was a blog in itself...

Where was I?

Oh yeah.

Back to Michigan.

Yeah it was a quick trip for me as both thejeepjunkie and TheGoodAttorney won't let me look at a Jeepster Commando on ebay located out in Washington State as it will take me a month to get it home.

So I made an unblogable {new world for Webster's} ride on that 1,105 mile trip and arrived in this burb, about 30 miles southwest of the Metro Detroit area, and promptly checked into the Tavern Hotel, immediately adjacent to the Blissfield MurderMysteryTrain (does every formerly railroad oriented town have one these days?). The Tavern Hotel was merely a four star establishment, after all, I am unemployed and a five star hotel is just a bit out of range for me these days.

I got settled in and manuevered the olestationbus around this sleepy Michigan town where the only sounds you could hear this beautiful spring afternoon were the sounds of the doors of those automobile manufacturing plants in nearby Detroit slamming closed, trains roaring by and the sound of newspapers plopping on concrete driveways. I knew where the sounds of those doors slamming came from, as well as those old locomotives, so I wandered around looking for the source of that newspaper plopping sound and came upon the

wonderfully architecture that is the East Blissfield High School.

Near there, I saw this dude delivering copies of the Detroit Free Press. As I was moseying on by in the Ohio built olestationbus, I thought, 'kid, you better start exploring a new career and I would think IT and not auto related'.

I then started looking for some auto related stuff, you know, The Cool Stuff, and I came across this 1941 Chevrolet Master Deluxe, produced just before the auto building moratorium prior to WWII. It sure looks sweet, the correct color and hue.

And then I came upon that Mystery Train

and this cool old barn, built in a style I am confident there is a name for but I have been unsuccessful in google imaging it to find out what it is.

But despite the cool old barn given the horizontal surfaces shown in this photo, I sure am glad I live in the Birthplace of Speed.

I wonder where I will be tomorrow?

And it is anticipating mysteries such as this that lets me

Celebrate Life.

What I Saw Today

So, today as I was out cruizing around in the olestationbus picking up renovation parts, delivering a cheap pizza to my favorite mechanics down at thejeepjunkie's shop at Ridgewood and Bay and a free bottle of A&W Root Beer to my preferred cabinet shop, I passed by my the World Headquarters of my, previously mentioned, favorite automotive print publication. The Headquarters is located on US 1 just a couple miles from the Taj Mahal.

They have done a fantastic job on that retro old building. I have blogged about it many times. Just do a search on this blog, Classic Motorsports, to see them.

Anyway, as I was driving by this cool old building,

I spotted my first What I Saw Today in a long time. Well, as I related to thejeepjunkie tonite during our consumption of shop supplies and hurricane supplies over at the Taj Mahal, lately I have been seeing to many cool things to have just one item for a What I Saw Today blog.

Anyway, after dropping off that cheap pizza, I headed back to TheGoodAttorney's house to make sure that cabinet installer had all he needed to complete the job. He did and I tidied up, headed back to the Taj Mahal to get cleaned up and then set out for the World Headquarters, hoping upon hope that What I Saw Today subject was still resting in that out front parking place.

It was!! Lucky for me and you.

I downshifted that olestationbus into the only open parking space in the front of that sweet building and headed on in to see what they had on display this time around.

A ton of cool stuff.

When I entered, the Production Editor, Tom Heath was goofing off walking by and, as someone has done everytime I walk into that cool office complex, he stopped to welcome me. I inquired about the Classic Motorsports Mitty, or here, this past weekend up in Hotlanta and he replied they all had a blast! I have gotta get up there one year soon. And, as an aside, if you followed those links on through, a couple weeks ago while cruising in the olestationbus down SR 40, I saw that Sunbeam Tiger and the driver gave me a big me a big "Thumbs Up".

And Tom, as I know they have been trained to do, asked if I was a subscriber. I mentioned that I had to let mine lapse based on my current employment status. Wish I still had it though. Luckily thejeepjunkie always seems to have a current copy around.

So Tom and I chatted it up a bit about the stuff they have in the showroom/office, a place that I know is a blast to work at and in.

While the original Mini Cooper was cool, as was the SAAB Rally Car Tom told me I could get a real deal on...sidebar, if you have been Counting Along With Me, you will remember this oleman is just to old to be a racecar driver..., the Triumph TR3 racecar was sweet also, but the coolest thing in this place was the early 30's era Ford (I think) with a rumble seat that the Publisher of these magazines had restored with his Dad in his youth. Reminds me of TheGentlemanFarmer's Model A and thejeepjunkie's CJ5. The fact that the Publisher's family had sold this car new and then got it back and restored it in this manner allows it to be the one near and dear to my heart. If it had not been there, it would be a difficult choice as to which remaining would be my favorite. I love those old SAABs but they just make me sob.

Yeah, once again, My Apologies To You Counters.

Well, as Tom had to get back to his keys and real job, I headed out to that macadam surfaced space reserved for the daily drivers of Motorsports Marketing.

The first is the subject of What I Saw Today.

A British racing green Triumph, equipped, although my sometimes trusty Polaroid tried to keep it from you, with Overdrive. So revolutional, British Leyland had to post it on the rear fascia of their, to me, highly desirable ragtop.

And I remember this badging on this roadster from my youth. I found it to be ingenious, including the British flag, at the time incurring memories of the just as desirable Jaguar E type.

My apologies for no interior shots. That interior cover was firmly in place protecting that, probably black, interior from our, in this case, Holly Hill based, 90 plus degree weather. Wish I could find one like that for my oleragtop.

I desire this sweet oldy no matter what the angle. I didn't ask about the vintage of this but based on the rubber rear bumpers and the chrome front, I would suspect a '73 but with, possibly, an earlier year front bumper. I would stand corrected as I really messed up the identification of some automobiles as Kit Foster pointed out some, embarrassingly to me, in the comments of this post.

The bulging fenders, with the recessed hood, fenders flowing beyond the doors to the swept rear deck are just awesome. Round headlamps with, the then becoming popular, rectangular tail lights just do it for me.

So, that's What I Saw Today.



Not Enough?

Man, You Counters Are Greedy.

Actually, as I have passed by this daily driver resting ground many times---and I always see cool drivers---I knew this temporary breathing zone for all things automotive would contain something I think you will find interesting and desirable.

Right next to that oleBritishRacingGreenragtop was this first gen Mazda RX-7, still the most desirable, to this olelongrooffan, Japanese offering to date, although the Mazda Cosmo or Honda SM 600, although none of the three compare to this SM.

My apologies for that blurry image. Just know it is a sweet ride.

So, I stepped around that olestationbus and got an image of, I think, the newest Sports Car in that lot. While I am sure the Kid knows what this is, I tag it as a Mazda product, appropriately laden with Grassroots Motorsports decals and something this olelongrooffan would like in his livery.

I then ventured out a bit to see the rest of that stable.

As you might be able to make out, all of the drivers, of this unique group of owners, are Proud Of Where They Work, as every ride in this group possessed a decal promoting their workplace. Check it out. A Dodge/Plymouth/Chrysler Neon and what is that in the distance?

A previously mention Volare/Aspen? Yeah, it is there in the flesh. I have seen, at other times, an AMC Eagle in its place. Regrettably 2WD though. Guess I won't have that one.

Then I turned around and saw this, although through much more focused eyes. It is either a 2009 or 2010 Challenger. I hope it hangs around long enough to help revive the Mother Company. Those of you Counting Along With Me will remember I saw its nemisis last winter out at DIS, although it was in pace car livery.

Yeah, it's got a HEMI!

I peeked behind the fence area and saw this racing Mini.

And a Beemer coupe as well as

a couple pedestrian SUV's

I am going wager the olestationbus's younger sibling is a magazine transportator as well as a tow vehicle.

This was a much desired vehicle to me in my youth as I merely had possessed a four door sedan.

And this is Tom's Subby longroof. He mentioned to me he was considering horse trading her away to get something a little more sporty.

And, by this personalized tag this this is his "battle wagon".

Well, these are the cars of Motorsports Marketing and are a pretty cool bunch. And that is What I Saw Today.

And, as I was heading back to the olestationbus, the Publisher walked out the front door of that cool building on his way out to the parking lot.

As he passed me by, he said, "That van is bad ass."

"Thanks, Man," was my reply.

And getting to see these cool cars, having a great chat with Tom, the Production Editor, and receiving a compliment like that allows me to continue to

Celebrate Life.