Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Gentleman Farmer's Merc Wagon


Horse-farmer said...

Remembered it was a 53, but couildn't remember if long roof or not.
that 53 in Neosho MO does look good though.
thanks J for the post.
Jay posted one for you of the snow here on the farm.....

Busplunge said...

If I ever find a 53 Merc wagon like that, Tom and I are going to buy it, even if I gots to sell the bus ---well maybe not the bus, but something.

that was a sweet car, with a flathead 8 and the nicest sounding exhaust. Three rows of seats, and I don't remember if it was an auto or a stick.

I really liked it. Dad traded it for a 1959 Ford basic police car type fodor. Which was an ugly green.

He didn't keep it very long, because in 1960 or late 1959 we got a VW Micro Bus. It wasn't a 21 window but it was a 13 window.

I remember John and Ed used to ride in teh back.

He sold it to the Lakey's.