Thursday, January 1, 2009

Games Rednecks Play

As yesterday the Atlantic was calm, light breeze, and quite warm, I thought I would head down there today and spend a few hours relaxing on the beach.

But today, it was quite unlike yesterday. Windy, rough surf, and not at all warm.

I was bummed but was going to make the most of it, until I got a call from thejeepjunkie. Whatcadoing jeepjunkie? Waiting. Waiting for what? Waiting for you to get over to the racedude's house so we can go 4 wheeling. Needless to say, I was off lickity split.

We all gathered up and headed out. There were in total seven or so vehicles. All but the CJ's filled with rednecks. 2 CJ's, a Cherokee, a big ass Blazer, and three or four pickups.

If you will remember from previous images, those wheels on thejeepjunkie's CJ2A are chrome.

And the ones on the Kid's CJ5, they are white. Look at the mud line on the spare tire and that grin on the Kid's face.

thejeepjunkie heads to the woods to talk to Mother Nature.

While the Kid observes this practice and says, "Don't step in any bear droppings."

Those CJ's stayed right with those Redneck rods in every area they were challenged. the Kid and thejeepjunkie wisely decided not to challenge the mud bog where Redneck 1 broke his truck and the Toyota and the Cherokee both got stuck. the Kid let me drive his CJ5 quite a bit and we went off through the woods on a barely there quad runner trails several different times, successfully negotiating two them all the way through.

And that was it. It was fun and a good time was had by all.

The damage toll?

Well thejeepjunkie's CJ2A's carb gasket blew but that was easily repaired by the race dude with some cardboard and chewing gum. I kid you not. Straight up Redneck.

Redneck #1, a coworker of thejeepjunkie, broke the front axle, not the housing, just the inards, to his big ass pickup. Straight up Redneck, alright.

One of the race dude's sons Cherokee over heated after a series of high rev donuts. Have I said Redneck, yet?

the Kid's CJ5 was reluctant to let them disengage the left front hub, but they were finally able to do so about 1/2 mile down that paved road.

On one particularly oddly approach rut, the Kid driving bucked me out of my seat to the floor bwtween the two and the display my cell phone, in my back pocket, got shattered. Off to Metro PCS tomorrow to have them switch my number to one of my old Nextels.

I sure had fun and might have to trade the olestationbus in for a 4wd. I think I will Scout around to see what I can find.

Thanks to thejeepjunkie and the Kid for having me along.

What? Not enough?

Oh well, I guess I will have to post the videos then.

Upon arrival.
The ole longrooffan driving his first 4wd in many years. Thanks Kid.
Another stuck Redneck.
About 1/2 through, you can hear Redneck 1 break his truck.
Quite dusty out there today.
Even the dog is a Redneck.
I about busted my ass at the end of this and lost two rechargeable batteries to that muck and this blog.
thejeepjunkie showing what his CJ can do.

Thanks again Kid and jeepjunkie. The most fun I have had in quite a while.

*I must point out the title of this post is used by another blog I frequent quite often. Just can't remember which one.
**I should also note thejeepjunkie has called me three times wanting to know when I was going to publish this!!


Horse-farmer said...

Danged cool..........
Want more pics of the mud bogging...
hell this is right up the alley of POND RUNNING, that seems to be in the nature of the Jeep, put that picture in ............
and of the Bus's wanta bee adventure at his daughter's 5 acre homestead pond.

Bring all them rednecks up here and we'll have a ball. I even have a little deere that would pull them out, and a Big Little Mule that wouldn't get stuck....
better yet,,,, have the Little Princess come to Florida ...... bet I could get both Broncs on one trailer behind the Big Little Mule and we could join in on the fun.
Of course the tops would have to come off, the Barngoddess would make them rednecks jealous with Her Bronc.
can't wait for the videos if that comes to pass.
If not, you tube them and give us the links.

Horse-farmer said...

What a hoot.........
the videos worked and it was fun to watch the action

You did a good job on the videos, keep up the good work.
Barngoddess was watching one and asked if Her Bronc would push thru that without problem.... yep..
see you soon

d5thouta5 said...

thanks for the video was a fun day and I wish I had a video of you when you almost bought the mud Scott said, 'I have never seen a pair of arms or legs move so fast as when John was trying to keep from falling in the mud."..Laughed so hard it was great....and you didn't even get dirty....good foot for the Broncos...the barngoddess's is a little too nice for this muck.....but would make a great video....nasty black mud that stains everything it touches...but had a great time none the less....the little 2A impressed everybody there....she held her own with the big boys and their redneck toys for sure....and best of all was the McGasket that Scott manufactured to get it running after we first got there..
kudos to him for that field repair.
gotta do some work to the little girls to get them ready for the next trip out....and thanks Chris for fixing the broken muffler when we got back to the barn....until then, thanks for joining our fun day....

Busplunge said...

No animals were hurt in the filming of these segments.