Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Barn Find: B & D Racing Selling Entire Kid 2 Race Team

Up for sale is a Barn Find 2003 Pontiac Grand Prix Stock Car bodied stock go cart. Successfully raced throughout many series when new with Valvoline Racing livery under guidance of team owner thejeepjunkie. Driver the Kid Lee was noteworthy with this setup and suffered only one minor mishap when he tapped a fellow driver with the front spoiler. Repairs shown and successfully completed in the B & D Racing race shop in Tampa, Florida. Back up driver, AcrossTheStreet Bubba, also collected lucrative finishes in minor racing series recording several victories also under the Valvoline livery. 

An expected growth spurt in 2009 resulted in the sale of the race team to the B & D Racing race shop to be raced by "Kid 2" Racing. The "Kid 2" designation was included as the managing partner of B & D Racing could never remember the name of the neighborhood kid driving for them that week. As James Lee will always be the Kid, all subsequent kids were named "Kid 2". It was after this sale to B & D Racing that John Deere was brought aboard for sponsorship. 

At this time, the team was able to upgrade to new tires and spares as well as a modern, self contained race trailer which is included in this sale. Under the John Deere sponsorship, several drivers have pursued their aspirations but none had been as successful as the Lee/Bubba driving partnership based out of the Birthplace of Speed. 

B & D Racing is liquidating their race team holdings with the sale of this package. 

The managing partner of B & D Racing is known to have said in a fit of disgust, that "if it don't have 5 lug nuts, it ain't stock car racing." 

"The John Deere, Bass Pro Shops, Sunoco fuels, Mike's Welding, Pabst Blue Ribbon Pontiac Grand Prix has been a successful venture for us, even without corporate support," he continues. 

"I only wish we could have acquired that Oldsmobile Aurora the Kid liked so much so he could have driven it for us in the Rolex24 at Daytona," he lamented. 

This sale includes: 
Race car with stock chassis, suspension and ** HP Briggs and Stratton engine 
Self contained race trailer with tires and spares as shown 
John Deere and co sponsor livery included with sale 
John Deere Tractor Tow Vehicle Not Included 

Please note the racing components have been idle since 2017 after competing successfully for several seasons in the Bay area.

No Trophies are included. 

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