Friday, October 12, 2012

Just For thirdgenfirebird

So as this olelongrooffan has said previously, I've been blogging alot over in the Hooniverse alot more than here lately.

Well, a couple weeks ago, I spotted a couple F-body Firebirds in the garage area out at the Daytona International Speedway and grabbed an image of them and included them in a post over there.

They are now parked out in the open air just inside the exit from NASCAR turn two out at my home track and today I slipped behind the closed, but not locked, gate to capture a few images of them.


Well as it turns out a semi-Hooniverse-following-dude, with the screen name of thirdgenfirebird emailed this olelongrooffan wondering what the story is behind them and if I had any more images of them.

Anyway, I got the images but not the story.  The images are below without commentary.  The story will appear once this olelongrooffan has solved the mystery of it.  Yeah, I love solving mysteries.

I have posted all of the images, no matter the quality of them.  Please don't complain as I sport an elcheapo28ebay acquired image taker and it has a mind of its own as to when it wants to cooperate.

These images were acquired beside Lake Lloyd in the infield of the Daytona International Speedway when the track was cold.

I hope all y'all enjoy them.

And it is gathering images for some dude I don't even know, and most likely will never meet, for his pleasure that allows this olelongrooffan to continue to

Celebrate Life.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Yeah, It's Been A While

Yeah Counters, it has been a while since I did any posting here on By The Numbers.  My job selling trailers has taken up a lot of my free time.  Additionally, I am writing a bunch of technical papers about trailers themselve for publication on our website.  Finally, I am doing a bunch of posting over at

If any of you Counting Along With This olelongrooffan are interested, here is a hot link to the posts I have been putting up.  Longroofian on Hooniverse.

While I haven't totally abandoned By The Numbers, the postings here will be sporatic in timing.

Check in over at Hooniverse once in a while and have some fun with this olelongrooffan.

And by having all this fun actually working, writing and blogging, this olelongrooffan is really able to

Celebrate Life.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Yeah, She Is Still "Bill"

A personal note from this olelongrooffan: I haven't been blogging a whole here lately. Been accepted pretty well over at where I blog as longroofian. Go to my byline on any of my posts and click on it and all of mine come up. Or not. Anyway I was able get the previous three out which this olelongroofan thinks are pretty good. Hope you do also. and remember to Celebrate Life.

So, a couple weeks ago this olelongrooffan was hanging out at the Taj Mahal, probably doing a blog as that seems to be my life these days. Other than scleping trailers that is. Anyway, the massive communications system lights up and it turns out it is BabySister. Now BabySister often calls just to make sure her older brother, the "oldest of the four little kids" hasn't yet kicked the bucket...I think she just wants my Comanche when I do eventually pass. "What's up BabySister?" "Well longroof next week I am going to replace the CV joints on my '08 Highlander," was her response. Yeah this is my 46 year old BabySister.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Through The Years With A Gorgeous Blonde

So Counters, this is a long and rambling, somewhat self exposing, kind of post. Hang in there because it is about a truly wonderful young lady who is very capable of doing anything she chooses to do. I am talking about my lovely daughter Jessica. That is her in the above image. Yes, this olelongrooffan still has that Snap On Tools ball cap she is sporting. And that runny nose makes this image even more treasured, well at least to me. I am sure Jessica will feel differently.

She has her feet planted on the very sliding glass door that her mom and this olelongrooffan were cleaning the moment we decided to have a child.

See it's like this.

We were living the supposedly desirable life in Naples, Florida. 4/3 pool home, a few blocks from the beach. We had entertained my sister, her then husband and young son in town from coastal France. After they left, we were washing Alex's toddler handprints from that hideaway sliding glass door and we turned to each other, gave each other a huge hug and mutually agreed we were ready for a child. I think Jessica was conceived that night. Sorry for that visual Jess.

So, our daughter Jessica came along and what a joy she has been. Her Mom is ultra fantastic as not all Mothers are. But in this case, Maureen has provided some insightful thinking and is a true treasure in the development of our daughter.

On the day of her birth, Mo was in labor for like the whole day. Well, this olelongrooffan was in process of building my first home and was dealing with some issues with the HOA where the home was being constructed. I remember, although this weekend Mo revealed she didn't, at one point she told me to "GET OFF THE F*CKING PHONE YOU BASTARD" and, for once, I listened to her. Yes, in 1995, it was a brick cellular phone.

Prior to Jessica's birth. her Mom and I got out quite a bit and had a fairly large circle of friends. We actually even partied over at "Rick's Place", a cool ass place on one of the canals there in Naples. More about that a little later. I remember Maureen and I taking Jess with us for dinner down on 5th Avenue South in Naples during its formative years. Jess was fourteen days old and in the kick ass super deluxe stroller we had gotten for her some months prior. We sat at the end of the bar in that swanky restaurant and had a grand time. Jessica was a quiet as a churchmouse as her mom and I enjoyed ourselves while she was asleep in that stroller. Yeah that is Jessica, still a trooper.

The above image is of a photo Reenie took of my Dad, Jessica and me outside my Dad's "smokehouse" up in the Ozarks with Jessica riding the mascot of Haven Lee Farms. Niece Sarah, look at the natural position of Jess's legs when her feet couldn't reach the stirrups. I like to think she got that from you.

The above image is of Jessica, her cousin, and my niece Hailey and a huge Barbie doll. I remember sending this to my Mom shortly after it was taken and Mom wanted to know who the third blond in that image was.

But I have to say this about that, except for Barbie, those blondes have grown into absolutely gorgeous
young women.

The above scan is among the favorites of Jessica and this olelongrooffan. Pure unadulterated fun and relaxation. And that framed photo in the background of the second image in this post that adorns my desk to this day.  Wouldn't it be on yours?

So the marriage between her Mom and I didn't take and I moved out to a cute little bungalow and did the every other weekend and every Wednesday night thing.

Her Mom met and married a really cool guy, Rick--yeah the former owner of Rick's Place, and as Maureen's family is pretty much scattered all around the country and world, they decided to move to the DC area to be closer to Rick's family.

I would fly up there about every six weeks for a long weekend with Jessica. One night we were walking around and she said, "Dad, look at that hip car." She is my daughter afterall.

 During Christmas visits I would give Jessica some cash and we would visit a mall and she could buy whatever she wanted. One year she picked out this coat of which I particularly liked. Like her Mom, Jessica is very pragmatic about money and its value. "Why would anyone spend $300.00 on a purse?" she once querried me.

Later, after they moved back to Naples, I had since moved to Slocala and she came up to visit a couple times. This trip she brought her dog, Mookie with her. This is Mookie's cage in the back of my old Jeep Cherokee.

Another visit she, my at the time girlfriend and I baked up this big ole cookie. Her idea. Great times and memories.

After I relocated to the Birthplace of Speed, I got to spend a few hours with her down in Sanford, Florida where her family was catching the autotrain to visit family up in DC. As at the time, we had a rule not to post her images on the web and the above one was the only one I did of her that day.

Jessica is a voracious reader and she spotted this book about her then favorite car.

This was at the conclusion of the Sanford adventure with her that year. What fun I had enjoying her company.

One year down at my "baby sister" Carri's house in Naples, Jessica got dressed up as Mrs. Claus.

And a shot that year the day I arrived. I love my convertible hair. As usual, her Mom had the house done up just right.

A few years previous we attended a carnival down in Naples and Jessica won this teddy bear at the water pistols booth.

In later years, I found out she has a Facebook page and I snagged the above image from it.

Once I realized that, the ban on her on my blog was lifted. She is just beautiful isn't she?

When I was down for Christmas in 2010, Jessica, then a junior in high school was dating a sophomore in college and none of her parents approved. But her Mother allowed it as "At least I know where she is and she is not sneaking out at night to be with him." I tried to talk to her about it but did it very poorly and she became extremely upset with me, even to the point of unfriending me on Facebook and we didn't talk for nearly a year.

About 7 months ago she friended me on Facebook and we began communicating again. She even asked me to try and come down for her graduation.  Absolutely. And I was able to get down there and was bursting with pride watching her cross that stage. She sent me the proofs of her graduation photos and my boss purchased a couple of them and had them framed and presented it to me. I broke down crying like a baby when he gave it to me.

So now my little baby is all grown up and heading to a kick ass college not far from me and I am so absolutely proud of her. I hope she is equally proud of herself. Maureen and Rick have done a fantastic job of raising Jessica and I am so thankful to them for that.

Luckily she'll only be four hours from me so I hope to be able to get over to see her at school.

Congratulations Jessica and thank you from the bottom of my heart for being the sweet young lady you have grown into. I can't wait to see you mature throughout your college and adult years.

I miss you terribly and think of you every day, without exception.

I love you, Jessica.

With that sentiment, I am able to

Celebrate Life.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Celebrate Life

Several years ago, this olelongrooffan was up in the Ozarks helping my family put my Mom to rest alongside my Dad.  At the time, I did a blog about it and, should you wish, you can see it here.  At the time, I spotted the sole remaining Celebrate Life sticker my Dad had made up back in the day on the roof of Bus-Plunge's short bus we took to the cemetery that fateful day in July.

I remember as a kid these Celebrate Life stickers were everywhere.  Even my Dad's assistant had tons of them all over her ragtop Bug.  It was pretty cool.

Well, anyway, when thejeepjunkie and this olelongrooffan returned home from the Ozarks, we were sitting around trying to come up with a way to make a buck or two.  We decided to revive the Celebrate Life image and have a bunch of new fangled magnets made up thinking they would be a huge success.  While the thought behind the image is a great one, the magnets never really took off on a commercial basis.  Sure those of us who remembered the original Celebrate Life magnets wanted some and even my daughter's Mom picked up a few for her siblings.  So, consequently this olelongrooffan still has a few hundred of them gathering dust under my massive California King at the Taj Mahal.

But an interesting thing happened last week.  This olelongrooffan was down in Fantasyland for my daughter Jessica's high school graduation and I received an email.

"My all time favorite button and sticker is your Celebrate Life sticker. I had them when I was in college in 1970. I still treasure my button! I would like to order 10 magnets."

I emailed her back and replied in the affirmative that I would get them off to her when I returned to the Birthplace of Speed.

Thank you for your email. I was tickled to read it. Yes, I love Celebrate Life buttons and stickers. Here is my story. I was in college at the University of Maryland in 1968-1971. I lived right down the street from campus. My first car was an Austin Healey Sprite...British Racing Green." I had a close friend who was a priest. He was the one who gave me my first Celebrate Life button. We used to get them at a wonderful shop in Washington, DC called The Sign of Jonah. We used to go there and buy tons of buttons and stickers and give them out to all of our friends. It was a special "thing" for all of my friends. We just loved those buttons and stickers. They made us full of joy... It was truly a happy time for my friends and I. I put the buttons all over my car... Well, peace buttons (It was the Vietnam Era you know) and most prominent of all were the Celebrate Life buttons... To us they simply meant... Live Joyfully! I had a Celebrate Life sticker right on the hood of my car. My priest friend made his version of Celebrate Life with posters stenciled with the words... I am sending you a picture of me with my car... Her name was Ezmerelda... Ezzie for short. You cannot see the Celebrate Life on the car but I am also mailing you a few pictures. I would have scanned them but I have a new printer/computer and I am still getting used to it. So they will be coming via snail mail. There is a picture of my little brother and his friends sitting in my car and another of one of my friends in the car with the sticker right in front. Everyone wanted to have me take their picture with the Celebrate Life Car!!!! I think that you will get a kick out of the pictures. Ezzie and her Celebrate Life sticker was pretty famous here at the University of Maryland... It was so much fun riding around with the top down... and that Celebrate Life sticker right on the hood... Everyone would smile and wave!!! I now have a convertible Mini Cooper that is British racing green!!! Her name is Ezzie Too!! I plan to put a magnet right on her hood and one on the back just like the old college days!!! Joy and peace and love!!! I cannot wait!! I am ordering a few extra magnets to give to some of my friends!!! They are already excited by the idea!!

Hi John! Thank you for the magnets!!! Ezzie Too loves her new look! How retro!! Yes, I am still a hottie! Yes, you certainly may share my story! No, You probably do not know my priest friend because he lives in Maryland! Not Missouri!) {*~*} I love to look at my stickers! They make me smile! You are going to laugh when you see the Celebrate Life sticker on Ezzie One!! Thanks again!

I cannot convey to those of you Counting Along With this olelongrooffan how great that makes me feel.

I also blog over at Hooniverse under the name Longroofian and for the past couple years some of we Hoons submit our names into the Hoonimas pool to get another Hoon's name to exchange Hoonimas gifts with.  It is pretty cool.  Last year I received a cool fellow Hoons name and sent him off some stuff including a couple Celebrate Life magnets.  You would not believe it but he remembers them as a kid.  Here is his story.

 I have two of the magnets on the back of my car thanks to OLRF. One time in a Target parking lot a lady gave me an earful thinking they were about abortion. I paraphrase: How could I use a hippie image on an old car to be anti abortion, those were all about feminism, yaddayadda. I told her, she calmed down. When I was a kid in a Catholic school in the '80s my religion teacher had a CL sticker on the back of her Cherokee. They made it pretty far, she lived in Geneva IL. It was a very nice and catchy slogan your dad came-up with!

Here's a funny thing, CL came-up recently for me. I went to that Volvo show in St. Louis this past weekend. Fred's wife Ginger (Fred's the guy that helps me so much with Volvo stuff - an old friend of one of my friend's dad) was there too and back when I was a kid she was the religious ed secretary (I think). Anyway I asked asked her if she remembered the CL stickers on Mrs. Cordier's Jeep and she said she thought it was just some hippy thing. So more info on my great religion teacher, she would have me fast for world peace, do the rosary for peace in Ireland, meditate instead of lunches and recess, played Simon and Garfunkle as well as Imagine for us, etc. Well not just me, a whole bunch of students. She was really neat lady, I really liked her and her husband a ton (he taught me history later). Our music teacher for a while was a disgraced nun that married. It was really crazy cool progressive parish back then. Anyway I got off on a tangent, sorry. So anyway I was talking with Ginger and she said that she thought those were just some hippie flower stickers that she had on her cars. Apparantly she had them on cars before then too. Coming from Ginger the hippie comment might not have been very complimentary though. Anyway, I told Ginger what I learned from you, that they were a Catholic slogan.

Yeah Counters, even though this olelongrooffan is gainfully employed, I am basically making wages these days but being able to cheer total strangers up with something as simple as one of these magnets really allows me to

Celebrate Life.

Hope you do too.