Friday, June 10, 2011

These Interwebs Ain't All That Big

This olelongrooffan has mentioned a couple different times that I do some posting over at Curbside Classic as well as in the Hooniverse.

Well, this evening over at CC, I commented on a comment by Mr. Tactful on the post about the Buick Century coupe.  He is from my hometown of Springfield, Missouri and I mentioned that in my comment.  He replied that he had inferred that from some of my posts and that he is facebook friends with the Bus.  I thought that was pretty wild and thought maybe you would too.

And just so this short post will have an image, how about one that shows what will be here sooner than we would like?

And this summer when out playing mini golf or selling F1 owner's manuals or feeding the chickens or mowing the back forty or taking care of the kids or saving lives at Costco or working on old CJ's or attending Formula 1 races, remember to

Celebrate Life.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

What I Saw Today

Last night at Happy Hour on the massive veranda of the Taj Mahal, thejeepjunkie finally came to the realizasion that he will never utilize that power take off  he salvaged off a 1946 Willys CJ2A and told me to swing by thesungoddess's house, pick it up and put it on line for sale.

As these have a rather limited audience, ebay or craigslist isn't really the best place to get the highest dollar so I surfed these tubes for a few hours last night trying to find better sites to put it on.  willysforsale and ewillys seem to be the two most promising.

So today this olelongrooffan finally got my sorry *ss out away from this laptop and dropped by thesungoddess's house to pick it up, along with a big black bag of aluminum cans to exchange for some shop supplies at a time to be determined in the near future. Well, the Kid was there getting ready to grill him up a steak and I was able to connive him into loading this rare artifact into the bed of my Indian. We chatted it up a bit about his latest engagement with Daytona Beach's finest and his mother's reaction to it. (It was not good!) Luckily thejeepjunkie has a few connections there and it appears all will be well. However this is strike three for the Daytona Cubs groundskeeper Kid and he knows it. Well, at least he's not smoking pot or doing other sh*t that this olelongrooffan and thejeepjunkie did back in the day.

Well this olelongrooffan bid the Kid adieu to enjoy his steak and beat it on down Nova Road to Metro PCS to keep myself in vocal communications with the outside world for another month. It's pretty cool there. They have this ATM like machine out front available to accept payments and it was utilized this day by this olelongrooffan. And Metro PCS is a pretty good deal. They don't give away phones but my $47.00 per month gets me unlimited voice, texts, internet access and insurance. Oh yeah, and no contract. When I first switched to them after my move here from Slocala three years ago, they had limited coverage in just a few spots across the nation so I kept my Nextel for my Road Trip For Mom. Now, however, they are pretty much nationwide so it's a pretty good deal and will come in handy should this olelongrooffan spend the month of July in Denver.

After ensuring that this olelongrooffan has the capability to be in vocal contact with those near and dear to me, I headed over to thejeepjunkie's shop so this olelongrooffan could ascertain just what I had picked up from thesungoddess's backyard and the Kid's garage. Now I am fairly certain I have blogged more than one time about thejeepjunkie's ability to BS client relation skills with many different entities, both public and private.

Well, Counters, I have to tell you that when I turned the corner off of Seagrave, where I had previously spotted this, and turned onto Bay Street, this olelongroffan spotted this parked in back lot of thejeepjunkie's shop.

Yes, that's correct. The mobile offices of the Grand Am Racing Series. It appears those who work for Jim France's organization choose to purchase their tires from thejeepjunkie's shop!

I have seen this transporter on more than one occasion but it was usually inside the gated confines of the pits out at the Daytona International Speedway but never out in the wild. It was a pretty cool sight, at least to this olelongrooffan.

So, now, I am off to these interwebs to determine the relative value of a sixty five year old archaic device that appears to be highly desirable. Well, should you own a Willys CJ2A or the like.

And Counters, seeing that transporter out in the wild and having a rare moment with the Kid really demonstrates the way this olelongrooffan likes to

Celebrate Life.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Generally Speaking

I'd have to say this is not going to turn out well for someone.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hey blondiebluzz

Happy Birthday!! Miss you little sis...

Friday, June 3, 2011

Happy Birthday To thehorsefarmer

Sunday, June 5 is one of my older brother's birthday and I wanted to wish him a Happy Birthday Weekend
and yes, that front seat did need to be removed.