Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Amish Porn

and, of course, it is SFW.

thanks TomK

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Did I Tell Ya I Like Ormond Beach?

As I mentioned in a few previous posts, I like it here in Ormond Beach. Always something to occupy my time and there always seems to be a seabreeze blowing.

Well, this evening, after thejeepjunkie and the olelongrooffan and the Kid spent a long afternoon with Manuel Labor, actually, thejeepjunkie and the Kid did it all day. Seems they were over at the Kid's sister's Parochial School putting together some playground equipment all morning and we met up at Alda's kid's house around noon.

Yes, that is correct, noon. This olelongrooffan, after having retired to the master suite of the Taj Mahal around 10 last evening, awoke this morning about 7:30 and had a couple pieces of toast and a glass of ice cold whole milk while checking out the local newspaper's website. I got up to head to get a shower in order to go visit Manuel Labor. On the way, I passed my California King bed and decided to stretch out and, to quote my Mom, "rest my eyes". I woke up at 10:30 to a call from thejeepjunkie and performed the same routine, toast, milk and a moment to "rest my eyes". I reawoke at 11:45 and this time passed on the toast and milk and went straight for the shower, otherwise I would have slept til 4. I guess I needed the sleep or else I wouldn't have fallen into that slumber so quickly.

Yeah, that is my story and I am sticking to it.

Anyway, thejeepjunkie drove his bright yellow CJ2A while the Kid drove his CJ5 to meet with Manuel Labor. Well, you can imagine when the next door neighbor, the original owner of a 1960 CJ5, and his YJ owning son-in-law saw those two treasures, work ceased for at least an hour so these four boys could jaw-bone about Willys and Jeeps in general.

Finally those two Lee boys got back at it.

thejeepjunkie was trying to figure out how to get that Wagoner, no not Wagoneer, spray unit to work while the Kid sprayed down the louvered closet doors with a bleach solution to remove 40 years of built up nicotine.

Oh yeah, thejeepjunkie has never, until today, been able to get that spray unit to operate correctly in my presence. It took him over four hours to spray the garage of my big house in Sl-Ocala and then I had to go back and roll it out anyway. And yeah, he blames this olelongrooffan for all of it.

And the Kid?

When I arrived at Adel's kids home, he was getting ready to make up a bucket of water and use a rag to clean those doors with. I mentioned to him to use that solution in conjunction with the pump up garden sprayer I utilized last week to scrape wallpaper. (Did I mention I hate wallpaper?)

Both thejeepjunkie and the Kid thanked me for the great idea. As I told those boys, "This is not my first Beach Party." the Kid would have been there forever doing a poor job of cleaning those doors. As it turns out, thejeepjunkie won't even have to try and use that spray unit on them, they are as clean and white as the day they were originally painted.

So, around 3:30, the Kid comes in as I am rolling a finish coat of paint on the walls of the guest bedroom and thejeepjunkie is yelling Sh*t and F*ck every other word with that spray unit and the Kid mentions he is done and heading out. I asked if he had sprayed the back side of those louvered doors? "Sh*t" was his reply. It was actually quite humorous. It reminded me of this olelongrooffan and thejeepjunkie being a teenaged boys out on the original Haven Lee Farm and trying to finish up working with The GentleManFarmer so we could go screw off doing anything except what he wanted me to do. Guess the Kid is a Lee Boy after all. But, to his credit, he did clean out that pump up sprayer before he skiddaddled out of there.

Anyway, thejeepjunkie finally finished up painting with that spray unit and comes into the master where I was nearly completing the cutting in of the final coat of paint around the ceiling and getting ready to roll the walls out. "Come on, let's go, a storm like yesterday's is rolling in," he ordered. This olelongrooffan mentioned that I was nearly done and grab the roller and let's finish this up. I finished the cut in, gave him the brush to clean, I finished the roll out and we were out of there in less than 20 minutes.

Yeah, what a digression. Back to paragraph two.

After finishing up a day with Manuel Labor, thejeepjunkie, this olelongrooffan and The Good Attorney were sitting on the front porch of the Taj Mahal enjoying some cold libations and watching that previously mentioned storm roll in from the north. As we were sitting there, we hear the Beach Patrol, over their public address system equipped trucks, tell the touristas down on my beach to gather up their sh*t and get off my beach as a severe electrical storm is approaching.

TheGoodAttorney turns to thejeepjunkie and the olelongrooffan and mentions, "I guess you do get your weather forecast from the beach patrol."

We all laugh, grab a "cold pop" and remember to

Celebrate Life.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Huge Sigh!! Another Day With Manuel Labor

I have mentioned before about my employment, or lack thereof, status.

Been 15 months, 361 job applications, 22 interviews and still no luck. Unemployment Compensation has expired, ebay-ed more than 1/2 the sh*t I own, wholesaled nearly the rest. And moved from a huge *ssed house in Sl-Ocala to the sunny and cheerful Birthplace of Speed.

Other than the full time employment situation, things are actually quite well for the olelongrooffan. I hooked up with a local cabinet installation company, thanks to TheGoodAttorney, and they have generated several projects for me in the past few months. Unfortunately, many more projects are a month or so off in the future.

So what have I been doing?

Rattle can spraying the interior of the olestationbus with some super cheap Lowe's clearance paint...hope I get done before they sell out...

Continuing to surf the net for jobs I am either over qualified or under qualified...I hate the interviewer who refuses to offer me a position because "As soon as something for which you are more qualified is available, you will leave." Well, got to give her credit for that.

But the cool thing about most of my family members, just when I need to pay my daughter's cell phone bill or to make sure Geico continues to insure me or pick up a cheap-o camera, one of them seems to offer something to make it all happen.

Just this week, thejeepjunkie put me to work with Manuel Labor up the Atlantic Coast a ways to repaint the interior of a recently passed heavy smoker's home so her heirs, nonsmokers, can enjoy the near the beach house she left behind for her kids to enjoy.

Interesting thing here. Alda passed and her kids banded together to create a mutual home for all of them to enjoy. Yes, olelongrooffan siblings, it does happen.

So anyway, the funding for the final paint came through and thejeepjunkie put this olelongrooffan brother of his to work applying the finish coats of paint throughout that Hacienda.

Now as thejeepjunkie always, and I tell him this on every project, bids the said project way too cheap, it will not be regular ole US Dollars that are my compensation for the way I spend, my in between projects of my own, time with Manuel Labor.

Well, all you Counters out there are familiar with his exploits at horse, or should I say jeep, trading. He has done it again, although neither a Jeep nor a horse are involved.

Well kind of, but not in the context of this post. You see, Alda's neighbor and his wife, in September 1959, (the same year this olelongrooffan arrived), well they bought a 1960 Willy's CJ5 and still own it to this day. Red in color with a Power Take Off out the back. Look for a What I Saw Today post soon.

But you will just have to stay tuned to the far too few posts from By The Numbers to see what this geographically, and spiritually, closest sibling has done for the olelongrooffan.

And. It. Is. Good.

Thanks to thejeepjunkie for letting me

Celebrate Life

The olestationbus Snuck Out Yesterday

Even old timers want to get out of the field once in a while.

You remember my olestationbus, don't ya?

I bought this on ebay out in San Antonio Texas last year and after that minor thunderstorm passed on through, I flew out, and drove it on back to the Birthplace of Speed.

The first time I laid my eyes on the olestationbus, it was emotionally pent up in this big red airplace hanger at a private airport just outside San Antonio, just awaiting its fate. At the time, Pierre, the seller, had among others, a 64 Country Squire, an 88 Caddy Coupe de Ville, a 70's era Ford F250, a mid 80's Vette, and to quote Andy Griffith, "I don't know what all", inside that hanger. Pierre even offered to let me take any 2 of his vehicles for the price of 1. He cared about the avaition aspect of the estates he bought and the automotive portion of those estates were liquidated relatively inexpensively.

Ya see, in the Planes, Trains and Automobiles portion of the equation, Planes are definitely his preference, and, are rare and more valuable than one would think.

Well that olestationbus was lingering just waiting for a rebirth in the hands of someone who would not tear that original 170 cc, 110 horsepower, three on the tree out if it just to put some huge motor in the back and go cruising around the countryside.

So I drove the olestationbus home and have been thoroughly enjoying every moment of our time together.

It doesn't matter if I am cruising for chickadees on the beach,

hanging with the Kid and thejeepjunkie fishing,

or strutting our stuff down at Belair Plaza,

the olestationbus and the olelongrooffan have had alot of fun together.

It even gives the Kid an opportunity to get his cool CJ5 out of the house, once in a while, with his Mom's approval.

However, as this olelongrooffan lives in the Taj Mahal, less than a five minute walk, or a three minute drive...depending on the traffic light at A1A and the Cardinal Street access....the one nearest the Taj Mahal, well this means there is alot of salt air coming toward the olestationbus on a regular basis.

Well, as you can see in the process of viewing these photos, the oleTexasNativestationbus is gathering quite a bit of additional surface rust, as pointed out by TheGoodAttorney a short time back.

I commented yes, but as referenced in the post you probably just read, there ain't a h*lluva lot this old Ozark boy can do at this time.

"Wait a minute!" thejeepjunkie exclaims, "What are you doing next week?" "Trying to survive," was my response.

He replies, "I can work something out."

And he does.

As it turns out, thejeepjunkie, no matter how large the olestationbus's

lug nuts might be, thejeepjunkie has horsetraded, jeeptraded, and olestationbustraded a buddy of his to sand and paint the olestationbus, gratis to the olelongrooffan, in exchange for my working with Manuel Labor, as referenced in my previous post.

Could I pass this up?

Well, since thejeepjunkie stopped by and released the olestationbus from its tethers and let it run freely prior to its chemical based drunkedness in a local, short-on- business, buddy's body shop

the choice is not mine.

After all, I will be in my own paint booth home just a few short miles up the Atlantic coast until the paint booth of my own doing shows up in August.

And knowing thejeepjunkie, TheGoodAttorney and the spacedoutpainter are keeping an eye out on me helps me

Celebrate Life.

Pics soon.

Friday, July 17, 2009

For Years I Have Told thejeepjunkie

that in an era of over priced muscle cars, longroofs were going to appreciate in value.

And. They. Have.

But not even this olelongrooffan would be foolish enough to pay 8 large for this

78 Peugeot Wagon with 356,000 miles, yes 356,000 miles on this 30+ year old French built longroof.

You can see the full ad here on ebay.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mustang 429

A while back, in either a blog or an email, I commented on the value of a 429 in a Mustang.

Check this out.

The Shuttle Launched

Sorry, no pictures.

thejeepjunkie, TheGoodAttorney and this olelongrooffan were sitting on the front porch of the Taj Mahal this evening, taking an opportunity to enjoy Happy Hour and to Celebrate Life, while waiting for the Shuttle to launch.

I logged on the the NASA website and to to check on the status of the launch.

As the front porch of the Taj Mahal faces east, we didn't notice a rapidly approaching thunderstorm coming in from the west. It wasn't until we heard over the loudspeaker of a Volusia County Beach Patrol truck driving down the beach that a thunderstorm was approaching and everyone needed to leave the beach that we knew a storm was coming.

It was due to this cloud cover providing storm we didn't get to see the Shuttle launch, although we heard the boom.

But just to let you know, hearing our weather forecast from a beach driving Beach Patrol truck lets thejeepjunkie, The GoodAttorney and this olelongrooffan

Celebrate Life.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


A Clever German Ad

I found this earlier while surfing around these tubes and I thought you Counters out there might enjoy it.

And it is knowing there are still some clever advertising writers that lets me

Celebrate Life.

Clever Michael Jackson Tribute

I thought this is a pretty clever tribute to MJ. Tastefully Done.

click on picture to view.

Not only that, but I figured out how to create a "Click On Picture" link. Watch Out Counters.

And that lets me

Celebrate Life.

A Pretty Cool Video

I wonder how these guys come up with stuff like this. NotSoLilJim, don't you and the youngsters try this out.

thanks to thefoamguy.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Brumos 250 Update

I found this video around these tubes and thought I would share it with you Counters.

It has a lot better quality video than this olelongrooffan provided and shows several of the "mishaps" I was not quick enough to provide you, although I saw several of them live.

Remember, this is not NASCAR so there is not "The Big One".

And, know, seeing these types of racecars live in action lets me

Celebrate Life.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

bus-plunge Scoops The longrooffan Again

Over here, the bus-plunge, a blogger I find to be rather humorous in addition to being one of my older brothers, did a blog on, via Google Street View, a house in Detroit covered with stuffed animals.

Incidentally, he and I have a similar sense of humor and often stumble upon stuff on these tubes around the same time. How he found his link to the Stuffed Animal House I don't know and experience tells me I will never know.

I found my link via a dude I have blogged about once before but I don't know on what post...wait, I just remembered, he provided the image of the tree in this blog. Anyway, he has a weekly, or so, email he sends out and, while usually they contain old postcards or photos, this time he included the below image with an always included description of the provided image.

Friday, June 10, 2009

A balmy watercolor sky casts a moody mid-morning glow over the corner of Mt. Elliott and Elba where an aging, abandoned home has been cleverly re purposed as a place to hang plenty of plushies.

When was the last time you saw a house studded with stuffed animals? I know, it’s SHOCKING! This is a small part of an entire neighborhood that over the last twenty or so years has evolved into an extensive folk art environment called the Heidelberg Project. It’s definitely the Fantasyland of Detroitland.

I had the privilege of touring Detroitland a couple of weeks ago. I was in town to do a retro slide show at the Henry Ford Museum, which is in NO uncertain terms like a giant treasure chest brimming with Americana artifacts of the highest order. Among the endless array of ultimate collectibles is the bus the Rosa Parks refused to move on, a 1952 Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile and the Dymaxiom House, a 1946 futuristic prototype dwelling that looks like a cross between an Airstream trailer and a flying saucer. The museum is all part of Fordland, where you will also find Ford EVERYTHING… Ford Freeway, Ford Road, Ford Hospital, Ford Schools, Ford offices, Ford Factories, Ford Homes, Ford Credit Union and the Ford-Wyoming Drive-in, the worlds largest drive-in theater. And yes, to stand before it is spellbinding.

No trip to Detroitland would be complete without visiting Hitsville USA aka the Motown Museum. Much to my surprise visitors get to go in the recording studio inside the old house where all the legendary hits were recorded including those of the Jackson 5.

From there it was off for a drive up and down Woodward Avenue, the “Main Street USA” of Detroitland. Among the sampler platter of empty store fronts and architectural leftovers from the city’s wealthier days was a super tasty little donut shop called Dutch Girl Donuts. Sidewalk passersby can watch the donuts being made in the window just as they have since the place opened 62 years ago. The raisin donut I gobbled down there was donut perfection like I’ve NEVER known.

Speaking of food, hot dogs and soft serve are in no uncertain terms what’s on the menu in
Detroitland. But it wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t mention the super savory Polish dinners I eagerly enjoyed two nights in a row in Hamtramck, “the Polish part of town.”

I was guided there to see Detroitland’s other Fantasyland folk art environment, called “Hamtramck Disneyland.” Seeing this massive sculptural assemblage of countless colorful handmade and found model airplanes, fans, rocking horses, soldiers, guns, missiles and more built atop a residential three car garage was thought provoking to say the least. I hear the whole thing lights up and pieces of it move when the 90-year old that created it feels like flipping the switch. Guess he didn’t the evening I was there. Oh well, maybe next time!

Then it was time for Downtown Detroitland where I discovered General Motors Headquarters, formerly known as the Renaissance Center, to be a Tomorrowland like no other I’ve ever experienced. To get to the utopian space age skyscrapers I boarded the futuristic 1980’s monorail that circles the heart of town. Ironically it’s called the People Mover. Moments after disembarking and stepping inside the cavernous uber-1970s sci-fi style GM corporate showroom I was enjoying the sights and smells of the full line of sparkling new GM cars and trucks on display. I felt like I was on another planet where everything was quite fine and GM wasn’t bankrupt.

Before I could snap myself back to reality I got back on the People Mover-Monorail bound for the next stop. Just steps away from the station I found myself standing before what has to be Detroitland’s ultimate architectural treasure, and the most colorful art deco skyscraper anywhere, the Guardian Building. It’s more like what I would call a skyscraping temple. Completed in 1929, inside and out the 44- story super structure is sampler platter of Native American, Aztec and Art Deco design details often highlighted with orange, yellow and turquoise tiles.

Then I walked around the corner and saw a sign atop a storefront that simply read: ART IS EVERYWHERE. I was stopped dead in my tracks because in Detroitland art is everywhere.

Here’s to the Stuffed Animal House, the other spellbinding attractions in Detroitland and YOU!

And it is knowing my brother Jim finds the same stuff humorous as do I that continues to let me

Celebrate Life.

You Can't Fix Stupid

SAN ANTONIO (July 11) -

The car was a-rockin', and the law went a-knockin'.

Bexar County sheriff's deputies drawn by the actions of an amorous couple in a parked car allegedly found more than l'amour.

Deputy Ino Badillo tells the San Antonio Express-News they also found enough equipment and chemicals in the car Thursday night to start a methamphetamine lab.

Badillo says deputies checked out the car after neighbors reported it parked in an unusual spot, just northeast of San Antonio.

He says 26-year-old Timothy Overly and 25-year-old Candace Prewitt have been charged with public lewdness and manufacture of a controlled substance. Badillo says both were booked into the Bexar County Jail with bonds set at nearly $31,000 each.

thanks to AOL News

Friday, July 10, 2009

Flying United This Weekend?

And it is by not flying United this weekend, or any weekend soon, that lets me

Celebrate Life.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Just For thehorsefarmer

If you read thehorsefarmer's blog here, you'll know why I posted this one.

thanks to Apropos of Nothing.

Three Wolf Moon

Anybody else out there on these tubes heard of the 'Three Wolf Moon' T-Shirt'?

Today, uniformed representatives of the United States Government delivered the one I ordered from

Man, I can't believe how it works.

I am confident you will be impressed also.

And getting lucky with the Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt allows me to

Celebrate Life.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I Won Big Time!!

I received an email earlier this evening confirming I had won a prize of 500,000 English pounds.

I replied I had already gotten more than that prize at the Daytona International Speedway last weekend and it was delivered by the first 2,500 people.

A New Invitational Golf Tournament

So, this morning I woke up in the master suite

of the Taj Mahal

enjoying that cool ocean breeze while listening to the surf pounding the sandy beaches down here in the Sunshine State.

As I was stirring around and becoming acclimated to another beautiful day in paradise, I spotted this girl lurking around the corner. I was immediately concerned.

Due to the number of celebrity deaths lately, I was concerned this oleunemployedconstructionworker might be needed to be of assistance on an addition to Heaven and could be on that list.

Yes, I am a celebrity, check it out here.

Luckily I was able to convince this fine young thing that I am, in fact, not David Letterman and she left apologizing profusely.

I still had an uneasy feeling that something was amiss. I remembered I had forgotten this over at Motorsports Marketing World Headquarters and thought maybe that was it.

No, that was last Saturday while I was at the Brumos 250 so that wasn't it.

So, I climbed back into that California King Size Bed and, while continuing to enjoy that cool ocean breeze, I grabbed the remote for my 104" HD flatscreen TV
and started surfing those boob tube channels.

Nearly every network had coverage of the Michael Jackson funeral. I wish someone would have told me he died, I would have winged it out to LA for his funeral, just to post for you Counters. Next time, clue me in, will ya?

As I am not really into stick and ball sports*, I headed over to SPEEDTV to see what they had to offer. Well a paid program for Devry University, while interesting, is not in my taste this wonderful morning.

So I headed over to that mainstream sports network, ESPN to see if they had any coverage of that kid Kyle Busch causing the Big One at the Coke Zero 400 last weekend.

No luck but Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, Phil Mikkelson and Arnold Palmer were on the screen.

Well, I did recognize these four as greats of the sport of Golf and thought I might check in to see what they were talking about.

Well, it seems there is a new Invitational Golf Tournament, and the general consensus between these four greats, was that it was going to rival the Masters, the US Open and the British Open in popularity. One ventured it was possible for this Tournament to become the most popular Invitational Tournament of all time.

Now, I must say this about that, I was intrigued.

As I mentioned, I don't really follow stick and ball games but to have this Tournament described this way, by these Legends, I was d*mn curious as to its origin and location.

Unfortunately, I was dealing with Letterman's Pistol Packing Mama, DeVry University and Kyle, the kid, Busch, and I did not tune in soon enough to get the name of that Tournament, its location or the Invitees.

But, as those gentlemen continued their commentary, they did include some images and an accounting of that, soon to be, Legendary Tournament.

They spoke of this Par 3 hole where one golfer plunked it into the water and the other was down in two for a, one under, birdie.

One of the commentators mentioned that a ticket to this gallery in years to come would be nearly priceless

while another agreed and commented that most every ticket to this Invitational would be highly desirable.

They also talked about the clubhouse at this event and how it would not be able to handle the throngs of spectators in years to come.

And another mentioned this clubhouse at the turn would be the spot to be as the Invitees would come in for a cold 12 ounce beverage or two and, certainly, would be available for autographs and a photo opportunity with the spectators.

Discussion went on as to the competitive abilities of the Invitees.

They commented the Invitees almost seemed to enjoy the experience of the Tournament over the actual victory of this Inaugural event.

'The competitors seemed to enjoy their companionship rather than the actual victory. Even though a victory in this event would provide "Bragging Rights" for some time to come, the competitors appeared to enjoy the panoramic views of these majestic links and the refreshments from those cart mounted dispensers.'

However, they noted, as the conclusion of this Invitational approached, the competitiveness on the course seemed to increase.

An ill timed cellular connection to one of the participants, momentarily caused his attention to be diverted and his approach shot on the 17 careened off a nearly tree branch and landed that shot into the lake as seen above.

Approaching the 18th, with equal scores,

one of the competitors commented on what a view this course had.

All of the commentators on ESPN agreed. 'It is amazing how this course combines many elements of famous courses from around the world, and performs this with such a seamless manner.'

Well, as we saw here, it's all about the finish.

Both golfers got on the final green with the same number of strokes, but

you can't just putter around on the green.

So, as those Legends commented on ESPN earlier, 'This is a new Invitational Tournament that will be a highly desired Invitation next year, and for years to come.'

And as those Competitors reminded me

as they headed across this quaint covered bridge from the 18th back to the clubhouse, Jack Benny, in addition to being a famous violinist, also enjoyed a satisfying game of golf.

By his rules.

And it should be noted, thehorsefarmer and thejeepjunkie spent a few hours on the Mount Vernon Missouri Municipal Golf Course last evening for the Inaugural Haven Lee Farm Invitational Golf Tournament*. Who actually claims the 'Bragging Rights' has yet to be determined*.

Thanks to thehorsefarmer for the setup* to this and

Celebrate Life.

*these are the only true facts in this blog.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Other Blogs

I did a NSFW blog over at the Complaint Department Manager about Hitler and Michael Jackson.

Those of you able to handle NSFW videos may want to check it out.

Just know I warned you.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Did I Mention

It was Hot today?

Temperature of 98 degrees with a heat index of 109.

But, as thejeepjunkie, currently enjoying a cool 4th of July up in the Ozarks, mentioned to me after the race was over and I could hear him on my cheapo Metro PCS phone,

"Last January did it snow down there in Daytona Beach?"

Excellent point jeepjunkie.

So, did the olelongrooffan stay inside the temperature controlled Taj Mahal?

No, Counters, I went out to the Daytona International Speedway to take in the Brumos 250 at high noon and stayed until the conclusion at 4:30.

Yeah, I know, I know.

But I did jump in that near ice cold pool at the Taj Mahal complex once I returned Beachside.

Not as cold as the Bus's lake but you have to work with what you got.

As I continue to

Celebrate Life.

A Touch Of Class

with a Bunch of Rednecks thrown in.

This past Thursday, thejeepjunkie, before he left on his, and his family's, annual 4th of July Expedition to the Ozark Mountains, well, he revealed to me the fact that one of his buddies who drives a black and tan car for the State of Florida had bestowed upon him, and me, tickets to the Coke Zero 400 and, more importantly, the Brumos 250.

thejeepjunkie graciously made these available to this olelongrooffan and it gave me something to do over this 4th weekend other than commiserate the fact I have no life.

thejeepjunkie left me three tickets and, as I only needed one, I gave the other two to the dude who has done the granite install on the last couple kitchen installs. Needless to say, Ishmall was floored and thanked me profusely, noting he was taking his grandson to the race and thank you very much. As this dude is American by birth, although his family emigrated from Cuba and became naturalized US citizens, and although living in the Daytona Beach area for many years, had never been to a race previously. I was honored to have allowed him that opportunity, on behalf of the benefactors of those race tickets. But, I did tell him they were FHP comp'ed tickets and to behave himself. As I had previously known he is a mature adult, I was not concerned about his representation of all of us.

Again, thanks to TheStateTrooper and thejeepjunkie for your generousity to all of us.

But hang on a moment, I have to step outside to see the Air Force Jets do a flyby after their fly over of the track.

Now, I am back. The real b*tch about those flybys is the fact the sound arrives about 25 seconds after those fighter planes fly by and you really miss the sight of them just at the top of the highest condo building down on the beach, right about the same spot thejeepjunkie and this olelongrooffan saw this last month. Alas.

So, since the time I went out to see those jets fly by I have gotten myself a bite to eat.

And get this, the Coke Zero 400 has started and just went back to green flag racing after Casey Mears spun the #7 on lap 28.

Without a boob tube here in the Taj Mahal, I know you Counters are asking how I know this?

I am following the race via Twitter. Yeah CDM, Twitter, via SpeedMag.

Does this represent a decline of cable TV networks in the future as is happening to newspapers these days?

Well, that does it for waxing nostalgic and let's get onto my day at the track.

This morning, before I left, I felt I needed to do something productive around the Taj Mahal to deserve this Day of Enjoyment. So I cleaned the bath and kitchen and then the olestationbus. As a result, I got out of the house around noon. thejeepjunkie called me enroute to DIS to see if I was enjoying myself. Well, as it was about 200 degrees out and I was sweating out every bit of the hurricane supplies I consumed last evening, it was a relatively short conversation but he did mention he had gotten Big Jim Dunn's shed insulated in relatively cool weather. Way to go jeepjunkie.

So, yesterday, I had done a reconnaisance mission down to the Speedway to see about upgrading my free ticket to one with infield and garage access. I was told, by the sweet young thing behind the counter, no not Counters, but the counter inside the Daytona Experience I had the pleasure of sharing with this fine bunch, that I could upgrade to, for an additional $65, access to the FanZone but access to the Garage area was limited to those comp'ed by large firms and access could not be bought. Well, I need to start working on those large firms, Real Soon.

So, anyway, I decided that since I have shared with you Counters the access I have enjoyed to the inner workings of race day at the Daytona International Speedway, I would share with you the sites seen by we, now, plebians.

First, I must say this about that.

The powers that be at NASCAR have enjoyed their success for a number of years now. Changing the rules almost willy nilly; Adding new race courses at the expense of the old school tracks; Dropping the road course tracks for more roundy rounds; and, finally, pricing themselves out of the market for the common man. I mean, $65 to get into the FanZone, on top of a grandstand ticket price of $60. Imagine getting a family of four into that, along with the cost of getting to Daytona Beach in the first place. Although in NASCAR's defense they did lower some grandstand ticket prices to $40 for the Coke Zero 400. But the fact they have sold 40,000, yes 40,000 less tickets, this year versus last year may have a h*ll of alot to do with that.

Had to take a break for a moment. It is 9:30 here in the Birthplace of Speed and, unlike many places in our Country, the City of Ormond Beach is having their annual fireworks display down at Riverside Park and I had to step out and enjoy it.

BTW, Dale Jr. and Clint Bowyer just wrecked and there is a big thunderhead about 15 miles away, over in Deland, home of thejeepjunkies favorite U-Pull-It, heading straight toward the Speedway. A Big One on the front stretch is what Twitter is telling me.

Well, like some hoon texting while driving, I am getting away from this blog, so I will attempt to step away and get on with describing my day as most of you will probably have seen the race live anyway.

So, yesterday on my recon mission, I noticed there were some cars parked behind the new NASCAR complex under construction across International Speedway Boulevard from the Speedway. As I usually parked there, free of charge, I thought I would check it out today and see if it was available.


I guess NASCAR wised up and figured they could continue to rob we patrons and charge SEVENTY DOLLARS to park there. Well, I immediately beat it the H*ll out of there to check out the privateers, although not government sanctioned, along Bill France Blvd.

Well, across ISB from the Track are a whole bunch of retail establishments including, but not limited to, Hooters, The Volusia Mall, Beall's, Marshal's, Ruby Tuesdays and a ton of others. Think of a big strip mall on the north side of International Speedway Boulevard from I-95 to Halifax Hospital, a distance of about four miles.

All of them sell parking spots on the day of the races.

Yesterday they were $10 cheaper than they were today.

So I left the, formerly free...for this ole create a parking spot man...NASCAR patron raping area and looked around. The lots closest to the track were $60, a block further north..$50, a block further north...$4o and so on and so on.

Well, as I related here, when I left the 380 back in February, it took me over an hour to get home and, although I knew I was not staying til the end of the 400, I would prefer to be as far north as possible.

So, I continued north for three more blocks and you know what I found?

And it is the absolute truth, although no pictures.

Well, in the outskirts, where the private parking lot just, south, across the street was charging $20 to park, well, I found a US Post Office with freaking huge empty parking lot.

So, I have to say this about that, thanks to my fellow taxpayers I got a free place to park, just a 12 minute stroll north of the track.

Thanks you taxpaying Counters.

Hope your 4th is as fun as mine....

So, anyway, I parked a 12 minute stroll from this spot. If you enlarge the following image, those palm trees are on the berm just above NASCAR turn 4 of the Speedway. Just to the right of this image is the turn 4 tunnel that is just a huge drainage pipe I referenced in an earlier post about NotSoLilJim and his fun family.

In the above image, you can see the some of the Speed equipment required to bring you the Big Show while below,

this is a shot of us hoons crossing International Speedway Boulevard at its intersection with Bill France, Jr. Road.

And a special thanks to the title sponsor of the 400 this year.

So this is the gathering, I earlier referred to as a Circus, but really should be referred to as a Carnival. It has all the hype and like those Barkers trying to draw me into their $60 parking spots it has everything every hardcore NASCAR fans needs to Celebrate Life.

And the only automaker represented here this year was Chevy and they pulled out all the stops.

They had a bright red-orange Camaro present

but as I had seen one of these in Pace Car form earlier this year, these are the only images I got of it.

But I will tell you this, they had

about 8 or 10 cars and trucks there and all of them were open for inspection.

Except for, of course, the ones I really wanted to see. This the GT1 Corvette

and Dale Jr's show car. Regardless of all the bucks spent, GM still is missing it.

And, by the way, did you notice how no one is looking at the Corvette but Jr's car is being looked at by some hoon in a sleeveless Tshirt?

And, seriously, Sprint..WTF is this thing? Maybe some part of an ad campaign this TV-less person knows nothing about? This assinine ad campaign makes me want to change my internet cellular provider right now!!

Average weight of the people I saw today. North of 200 lbs.

Maybe it is because of the types of food served. Or is it the type of food served is what is desired by the average NASCAR hoon?

But, yeah, it is a midway.

Every driver has their own trailer selling the same stuff just with different logos and decals. Even Digger has its own trailer. Who is Digger by the way? I didn't care enough to go check it out.

And check out these hoons below.

No further comment is available about that shot.

And over at the Fast and Furious Booth, redneck hoons prevail.

I guess I am just to old to get it.

I mean check out the front wheel covers on the front of this horsefarmer's Big Mule wannabe.

Although this built up 70's Chevelle was done tastefully, if that trips your trigger.

And this old rodded out Charger wasn't too bad either.

But I will have to pass on a BRIGHT RED Bentley.

and this 64 Chevy ragtop was alright but I could make out a ripple on the passenger's door where the door handle had been shaved off. I thought about going back to all the other cars to do a quality check but there were just to many rednecks around and, besides, it was nearing 2:00 pm, the start time of the Brumos race.

But on the way out, I did see the Air Force booth...check out the tat on the arm of that dude...

as well as the Border Patrol booth.

So, I left the carnival and got inside the Speedway proper and started hoofing it west, for the first time, in the Grandstands.

I entered on the extreme east end of the grandstands, right where NotSoLilJim and the youngsters and I had ventured to check out the track and my seat? Well it is out of sight in the following image, around the pits and on the extreme west end of the Grandstands.

It took me longer to hike down there than to hike from my free parking spot to the Speedway.

Oh, this is what a SAFER barrier looks like.

And a shot of pits just about where Tony Stewart took out Kyle Busch.

At the Nationwide race in February, the Kid, thejeepjunkie, TheGoodAttorney and this olelongrooffan were sitting on the top floor of that black building on the left in the following image.

Finally, this olelongrooffan arrived at my seat and this is the view I had. Yeah, love that trash can too.

But, actually, this is a pretty good seat for Rolex racing. I was situated right at the spot the race cars left the infield and reentered the NASCAR portion of the track.

I had a great view of most of the infield as well as NASCAR turns 1 and 2.

Furthermore, I was close enough that I had to dig a few minute pieces of rubber out of my eyes more than once. And while it was hot, yes it is Florida and it is the 4th of July, there was a nice breeze blowing across the infield and the partly cloudy skies, along with a cooler filled with ice cold bottle water, halped to keep this olesportscarracingfan cool. Incidentally, the above image is the GT winning Porsche followed closely by the #70 Mazda.

It was a great race. The #10 Suntrust and the 99 Gainsco DP's, two of my favorites, we head to toe for the final 20 laps with the 10 car, shown above, prevailing at the finish. In the GT class, the #86 Porsche and the 70 Mazda had a hard fought battle to the finish also. I was holding out for a Mazda victory just because that team was so nice to the Kid a couple years ago but to no avail.

On the last lap, another Pirelli FAIL on the right rear of this prototype and it was unable to finish the race. On the way out, I got this image of it as it rested on the tarmac just shy of the entrance to NASCAR turn 1. Beyond the vehicles in this image is the entrance to the infield portion of the Speedway.

And while my cheapo Polaroid (thanks again Bus) is not the best video camera, I did get these shots.

This one just as they were heading out for their warm up laps.

And this one standing just in front of my seat. That cop in the following video was keeping the hoons away from the catch fence. And know that when those race cars when by, the aluminum stands I was sitting on were humming with vibrations.

And while this free StateTrooper provided seat would suck for a NASCAR race, for the Brumos Race it was fantastic. Thanks Jay.

By the way, the high pitched GT cars in these videos are the Mazdas.

And I hope all y'all had a great 4th of July, as I did, and were able to

Celebrate Life.