Sunday, January 11, 2009

Correction Corner

Up to this point, there have only been just a few Correction Corner posts. A couple of them have been required by kids, by the way. You can see them here and here. I did make a mistake identifying an orphan car at the Turkey Run, noticed by the Bus, but I was able to delete that mistake from that blog. And I mentioned the wrong year on the Kid's CJ5 in one post and mistakenly claimed Bull Shoals Lake was Beaver Lake in this one.

Now, however, it seems that more old folks are out to get me too. I can say this because I am old too.

It seems in this blog, I mistakenly identified the location of this parade vehicle belonging to "The Adel Delegation" as being from Adel, Alabama. My apologies, it was located in Adel, Georgia. Not that there is alot of difference anyway.

Adel, Georgia is less than a two hour drive from the Taj Mahal, although that day it took me 6 hours to get there. Loved It!!!

My extra special thanks to thehorsefarmer for pointing out to me the errors of my ways, especially since #4 is no longer a factor in my life.

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Horse-farmer said...

So what the heck?????

You send me to Aden Alabama looking for that relic yard.

I draw up the satellite photos and am looking real hard to find said relic yard.

What do I find?????

Looks like an Air Force missile silo site !!!! Near it are more Air Force buildings and trucks and assorted equipment.


I'll probably have CIS at my door in the next couple days wanting to know what I was doing looking at an air force missile site?????

WAIT .... those sites are relics, so I'm saved.......

Now where is Aden Ala????

OH it's Adel, GA. now.......

Heck now I forgot what interested me in that original photo that drew me to look for Aden AL.

Old age again doesth it work on my brain... either that or some of the Jeep's Lite...

Good day mates, glad you enjoyed book, beach, sky, sun, surf and warmth, cause we is sending the cold your way......

Well everywhere except where BBB lives, I don't want to tangle with his bride. Ain't no way....

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