Sunday, January 4, 2009

Got Another One

Those of you who have been Counting Along With Me will remember I did a road trip to the Ozarks this summer. There was one day I spent on Haven Lee Farm watching thehorsefarmer, thejeepjunkie, thebarngoddess and the Kid build a Chicken Coupe de Ville.

While we were gathering up tools for this project, I came across the level thebarngoddess is holding the day that Coupe de Ville was built.

I had bought this level a long time ago when I was framing houses up there in the Cold, White North and had left it at The Gentleman Farmer's home when I relocated to the Sunshine State after college. I remember when I saw it, I looked for my name I had scratched in that aluminum edge, found it, and hollared, in typical #6 fashion, "It's mine, I want it back". Of course, that level is still on Haven Lee Farm.

Well today, I called thejeepjunkie to see what he was up to. Seems he and the Kid were helping theracedude move some pressure washers and such to another location, here in the Birthplace of Speed. "Come on over and bring the olestationbus." So I did.

When we got all loaded up and headed over to our destination, thejeepjunkie was rooting around and found this, similar, old level that belonged to theracedude. thejeepjunkie handed it to me and seeing that brought back some great memories of that day on Haven Lee Farm.

Thanks jeepjunkie.

I then headed out to try and track down some stuff I am to put on ebay for some new friends. I was unsuccessful and headed back toward the Taj Mahal.

I should mention that, yesterday, while the Kid and the longrooffan were enjoying the Roar Before The 24, thejeepjunkie and redneck 1 headed over to a U-Pull-It junkyard in search of some, possibly rumored, elusive Jeep parts. He found what he wanted, spent a few bucks and drug them home.

Upon my return to town, I called thejeepjunkie to see if I could finally see the stuff he got. Of course, JohnJohn, head over to the Kid's house. So I did.

He had found 4 original wheels and two original front hubs for his 1946 CJ2A and was wire brushing the caked on rust and paint from the wheels. He was excited and so was I. thejeepjunkie, like the Kid and longrooffan, prefer our vehicles stock and the chrome wheels on his 2A had to go.

They were in pretty rough shape.

So as thejeepjunkie was finishing up this exercise, he sets these two wheels up in this position and notices the one on the right is a, similar, yet different shape than the other three. He was really upset with himself. Turns out there was another wheel in the back of that old Willy's, although in rougher shape than these, and he didn't grab it.

But it's okay, theracedude has a steering wheel puller so we can grab that wheel when we go back to pull the stock steering wheel off that rusting old Willys Station wagon.

So now, I would imagine you are trying to figure out the title of this post. Is it the level I saw today? Is it the wheels thejeepjunkie got, or maybe the hubs for his CJ2A?

Nope, this is the meaning of the title of this post.

This is the second dirty 1/25 wrecker I have absconded from thejeepjunkie's garage! Of course he will see it the next time he is over but it is still, at least to me, funny. Time to get to work cleaning it up.

2009 is sure being good to me!


Horse-farmer said...

glad it was warm enough to spend some time outside down your way. After adjusting the brakes on Her Bronc, I have been inside all day trying to warm up.
Was 75 here yesterday, 30 today.
But I wouldn't trade it for your place.

Busplunge said...

Was teh first one a red 1953 Ford one ton Texaco wrecker?

d5thouta5 said...

damn....and I didn't even notice it was missing....guess I need to keep a better track of inventory....of course the 8 years of dust removed is many more wreckeers do I have anyway..????

d5thouta5 said...

hey bus....still got the 53 Ford.... gonna keep a better control so that one doesn't reappear on display in the TajMahal...of course a traveling museum is what we have here it would appear.....