Sunday, June 28, 2009

These Are Lees, 1970 Style

If you aren't a Lee Family Member, this post won't mean much to you.

In the Summer of 1970 TheGentlemanFarmer's coworker, Ed Dahlheimer, and my brother, thejeepjunkie, shot these old school photos. For some reason I ended up with the book Ed D published them in and I am now sharing these photos with you.

Although there is alot of room for commentary, for now, at least, I am re-publishing them for you as the original photographer published them originally, without comment. But I reserve the right to comment on them in future blogs.

Enjoy them.


Busplunge said...


Lil Jim said...

I had no idea Grandpa looked so much like Colonel Sanders, and that Dad looked like he was trying to channel coffee shop beatnik. Those are some cool pictures, thanks for sharing

Horse-farmer said...

Thanks for sharing...
brought back some good memories of lake times