Monday, June 1, 2009

A New Keyboard??

So I have a few year old Dell Inspiron 640m laptop on which I share my little portion of the world with you.

Well, a year or so ago, I was wiping off the keyboard and the shop towel I was using snagged a couple of keys and pulled the X and Z keys right off.

No problem, how often do you really use those keys anyway? I could still use those letters if I carefully placed these big knobs of fingers of mine in the correct location and still coax the X and Z to life on this olelaptop.

Then, I was doing the same thing a bit later and knocked the +/= key off it knoggin.

That kind of sucked as it was really difficult to do Excel applications. Yeah, those of you who work Excel often know the formulas rely heavily on the +/= keys and it really slowed down my programming of the application of that software.

So one nite, during Happy Hour with thejeepjunkie and TheGoodAttorney, I was lamenting the fact of the deterioration of my keyboard and what a b*tch it was to, rapidly, get it to accommodate my wishes.

So, TheGoodAttorney throws down the Guantlet, "Hell," he says, "just get a keyboard off ebay and hook it up."

"Yeah, like I have that knowledge." I can barely replace the radiator hoses on the olestationbus, much less replace a keyboard on the oldlaptop.

So what does TheGoodAttorney do?

He shows up with a replacement keyboard for this oleunemployedconstructionworker's laptop and instructs me to hook it up.

So I start to achieve this endeavor and thejeepjunkie, out of total frustration, removes my laptop from, well, my lap, and proceeded to install that new keyboard, under the tutelage of TheGoodAttorney, the olelongrooffan be d*mned, and then they take bets on how soon take olekeyboard will be garage art at the Taj Mahal.....about 29 seconds...

and it is SH*T like this that lets me

Celebrate Life.


Horse-farmer said...

Danged if you finally got the thing done right....

And you use excel math equations ..... yeah, and I have a bridge for sale.....

So get your butt to bloging and quit letting the Little Princess down because you didn't blog today.


Lil Jim said...

What is with the sh*t thing? Is the I broke on the new keyboard too?

Busplunge said...

Lexie the dog jumped on Ganey's keyboard and off came the "F" much as she throws the "F" bomb it has been hard writing "uck".

I took to the computer shop and they wanted 69 for a new keyboard and 85 labor to put it in.

I went on line and found instructions on how to fix it....took me 15 minutes.