Saturday, June 6, 2009

New Parts For Old Cars, Retake

Let me start off by stating I did not break the Kid's CJ5 again.

Those of you who have been Counting Along With Me will remember my olestationbus. Well that olestationbus is a 1963 Ford Falcon Station Bus and, by doing the math, you will note it is nearly 47 years old. Not the 63 years old the Bus and thejeepjunkie's CJ2As are but, while it is not my daily driver, theolestationbus is driven nearly everyday.

Well, when old cars get, well, old, parts and pieces tend to break. I have been methodically replacing as many worn parts as I can so as to avoid a catastrophic breakdown during future travels in the olestationbus.

About a month ago, I shut the driver's door on my olesweetheart and the window dropped to the bottom of the door. This Is Oh Not So Good!! I pull out my trusty Skil battery operated drill and remove the 8 philipshead screws holding the access panel on and check out the damage. Let me tell you, I was relieved to see the glass still intact and not shattered all over the inside of the oddly shaped door.

I further examined the situation and realized this

47 year old plastic grommet-like piece had broken.

It slides in the track as shown below and the plunger on the other piece fits in the hole with a funky little clip to hold it on.

Yesterday when I was down at thejeepjunkie's shop, I got him to fix my loose windshield wiper controls and then he set out to try and scavenge a replacement part up for this broken window.

Oh!! When I was down there, I realized the olestationbus has intermittent windshield wipers. Yeah, I found that pretty interesting. You see, intermittently, I will turn the wipers on and off!!

Sorry about that.

Anyway, a coworker of thejeepjunkie's tell me to head over to Fastenal and they can probably get one for me.

So I did.

When I arrived, the manager was out on a bank run and the stand in from the office next door was trying to help me find one. As we did not know what these things are called, it was a bit difficult to do a web based search. As I was looking over the shoulder of this staffer at her monitor, the manager, Kelly, returned and suggested we look in their catalog as it has pictures and illustrations.

Kelly just handed me the catalog, the stand in left and Kelly got busy doing some paperwork. I thumbed through the catalog and actually FOUND THE PART!!! I was excited as h*ll!! Kelly even commented on it.

While she was on the phone checking availability, I found the weatherstriping I need for the windows!!! Yeah, baby, a double whammy!! 50 feet for 60 bucks. I found some on the web and it was 20 feet for 100 bucks, one reason I did not buy it.

I am going to replace those little dohickeys in each of the front doors, the only roll up windows in theolestationbus. I mean at a cost each of 17 cents, why not? And that price includes the funky shaped clips!!

I bought the weather striping, two of the window thingeys, and Kelly even threw in one of the catalogs from the place she sourced them from. The stuff arrives on Tuesday.

And to all you car nuts, like me, check out their website,, and find d*mn near every body clip, fastener, screws, and more that you will ever need.

And it it finding this new source for old car parts that lets me

Celebrate Life.

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Horse-farmer said...


But first you have to know what the danged thing is called before you can find it

oh yeah the site had PICTURES,

now we know how the OleLongRoof found his part!!!!!!!

LOL, go to talk thru the Jeep and the good attorney to you the other night.