Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What I Saw Today

So, today as I was out cruizing around in the olestationbus picking up renovation parts, delivering a cheap pizza to my favorite mechanics down at thejeepjunkie's shop at Ridgewood and Bay and a free bottle of A&W Root Beer to my preferred cabinet shop, I passed by my the World Headquarters of my, previously mentioned, favorite automotive print publication. The Headquarters is located on US 1 just a couple miles from the Taj Mahal.

They have done a fantastic job on that retro old building. I have blogged about it many times. Just do a search on this blog, Classic Motorsports, to see them.

Anyway, as I was driving by this cool old building,

I spotted my first What I Saw Today in a long time. Well, as I related to thejeepjunkie tonite during our consumption of shop supplies and hurricane supplies over at the Taj Mahal, lately I have been seeing to many cool things to have just one item for a What I Saw Today blog.

Anyway, after dropping off that cheap pizza, I headed back to TheGoodAttorney's house to make sure that cabinet installer had all he needed to complete the job. He did and I tidied up, headed back to the Taj Mahal to get cleaned up and then set out for the World Headquarters, hoping upon hope that What I Saw Today subject was still resting in that out front parking place.

It was!! Lucky for me and you.

I downshifted that olestationbus into the only open parking space in the front of that sweet building and headed on in to see what they had on display this time around.

A ton of cool stuff.

When I entered, the Production Editor, Tom Heath was goofing off walking by and, as someone has done everytime I walk into that cool office complex, he stopped to welcome me. I inquired about the Classic Motorsports Mitty, or here, this past weekend up in Hotlanta and he replied they all had a blast! I have gotta get up there one year soon. And, as an aside, if you followed those links on through, a couple weeks ago while cruising in the olestationbus down SR 40, I saw that Sunbeam Tiger and the driver gave me a big me a big "Thumbs Up".

And Tom, as I know they have been trained to do, asked if I was a subscriber. I mentioned that I had to let mine lapse based on my current employment status. Wish I still had it though. Luckily thejeepjunkie always seems to have a current copy around.

So Tom and I chatted it up a bit about the stuff they have in the showroom/office, a place that I know is a blast to work at and in.

While the original Mini Cooper was cool, as was the SAAB Rally Car Tom told me I could get a real deal on...sidebar, if you have been Counting Along With Me, you will remember this oleman is just to old to be a racecar driver..., the Triumph TR3 racecar was sweet also, but the coolest thing in this place was the early 30's era Ford (I think) with a rumble seat that the Publisher of these magazines had restored with his Dad in his youth. Reminds me of TheGentlemanFarmer's Model A and thejeepjunkie's CJ5. The fact that the Publisher's family had sold this car new and then got it back and restored it in this manner allows it to be the one near and dear to my heart. If it had not been there, it would be a difficult choice as to which remaining would be my favorite. I love those old SAABs but they just make me sob.

Yeah, once again, My Apologies To You Counters.

Well, as Tom had to get back to his keys and real job, I headed out to that macadam surfaced space reserved for the daily drivers of Motorsports Marketing.

The first is the subject of What I Saw Today.

A British racing green Triumph, equipped, although my sometimes trusty Polaroid tried to keep it from you, with Overdrive. So revolutional, British Leyland had to post it on the rear fascia of their, to me, highly desirable ragtop.

And I remember this badging on this roadster from my youth. I found it to be ingenious, including the British flag, at the time incurring memories of the just as desirable Jaguar E type.

My apologies for no interior shots. That interior cover was firmly in place protecting that, probably black, interior from our, in this case, Holly Hill based, 90 plus degree weather. Wish I could find one like that for my oleragtop.

I desire this sweet oldy no matter what the angle. I didn't ask about the vintage of this but based on the rubber rear bumpers and the chrome front, I would suspect a '73 but with, possibly, an earlier year front bumper. I would stand corrected as I really messed up the identification of some automobiles as Kit Foster pointed out some, embarrassingly to me, in the comments of this post.

The bulging fenders, with the recessed hood, fenders flowing beyond the doors to the swept rear deck are just awesome. Round headlamps with, the then becoming popular, rectangular tail lights just do it for me.

So, that's What I Saw Today.



Not Enough?

Man, You Counters Are Greedy.

Actually, as I have passed by this daily driver resting ground many times---and I always see cool drivers---I knew this temporary breathing zone for all things automotive would contain something I think you will find interesting and desirable.

Right next to that oleBritishRacingGreenragtop was this first gen Mazda RX-7, still the most desirable, to this olelongrooffan, Japanese offering to date, although the Mazda Cosmo or Honda SM 600, although none of the three compare to this SM.

My apologies for that blurry image. Just know it is a sweet ride.

So, I stepped around that olestationbus and got an image of, I think, the newest Sports Car in that lot. While I am sure the Kid knows what this is, I tag it as a Mazda product, appropriately laden with Grassroots Motorsports decals and something this olelongrooffan would like in his livery.

I then ventured out a bit to see the rest of that stable.

As you might be able to make out, all of the drivers, of this unique group of owners, are Proud Of Where They Work, as every ride in this group possessed a decal promoting their workplace. Check it out. A Dodge/Plymouth/Chrysler Neon and what is that in the distance?

A previously mention Volare/Aspen? Yeah, it is there in the flesh. I have seen, at other times, an AMC Eagle in its place. Regrettably 2WD though. Guess I won't have that one.

Then I turned around and saw this, although through much more focused eyes. It is either a 2009 or 2010 Challenger. I hope it hangs around long enough to help revive the Mother Company. Those of you Counting Along With Me will remember I saw its nemisis last winter out at DIS, although it was in pace car livery.

Yeah, it's got a HEMI!

I peeked behind the fence area and saw this racing Mini.

And a Beemer coupe as well as

a couple pedestrian SUV's

I am going wager the olestationbus's younger sibling is a magazine transportator as well as a tow vehicle.

This was a much desired vehicle to me in my youth as I merely had possessed a four door sedan.

And this is Tom's Subby longroof. He mentioned to me he was considering horse trading her away to get something a little more sporty.

And, by this personalized tag this this is his "battle wagon".

Well, these are the cars of Motorsports Marketing and are a pretty cool bunch. And that is What I Saw Today.

And, as I was heading back to the olestationbus, the Publisher walked out the front door of that cool building on his way out to the parking lot.

As he passed me by, he said, "That van is bad ass."

"Thanks, Man," was my reply.

And getting to see these cool cars, having a great chat with Tom, the Production Editor, and receiving a compliment like that allows me to continue to

Celebrate Life.

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