Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Got Pennants?

So, as this olelongrooffan was working on my olestationbus blog on Sunday, thejeepjunkie called and needed something from the Taj Mahal and did I mind getting it to him?

Well, as is with family, you just do it.

So I snagged it and headed over to the Kid's garage.

What did thejeepjunkie need? See the black and white checker thingamajug hanging around the perimeter of the master suite at the Taj Mahal in the following couple images?
Well, this olelongrooffan didn't bother to ask why that $2.22 ebay acquired checkered flag pennant was needed, I knew an explanation would be offered upon arrival at the Kid's house.
And it was. It seems thesungoddess, tired of looking at all those oil pee stains on the driveway outside the Kid's garage, had decided that while she and the Kid's sister were spending the day at the clubhouse pool thejeepjunkie should stain the driveway to cover up all those unwanted aforementioned stains.

And, as always, thejeepjunkie was happy to oblige.

As driving on that surface is not advised for 72-96 hours, a means of stopping vehicular traffic on the shiny dull new coat on that driveway was necessary.

As the Kid's CJ5 has been hustled off to a new home in the woods and his new ride, as well as thejeepjunkie's new ride don't leak oil, what has become of the cause of those driveway pee stains?

Well that Michigan yellow CJ2A has been relegated to a place of honor on the far end of thesungoddess's home, next to that often used super cool canoe and thejeepjunkie's firewoodpile.
As thejeepjunkie was entering the Kid's garage upon completion of the installation of that barrier, this olelongrooffan held up a roll of yellow surveyor's tape and asked why he didn't just use this.

"H*ll longroof, what is cooler? Your checkered flag pennant and my Havoline pennant or that yellow surveyor's tape?"

Yes, the fact thejeepjunkie wants to use something of mine, for a change, and thinks something this olelongrooffan has is cool really sets me up to

Celebrate Life.

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Anonymous said...

danged I wish i knew he had a canoe, i need one next month for our biannaul float trip on the current...
oh well pay the 50 bucks and quit complaining