Saturday, August 7, 2010

Another Random Image From The Library

Well Counters, it has been too long a time since this olelongrooffan has done a post in this series so I thought you Counters might enjoy another.

In the image below, my lovely daughter Jessica is sitting on the bumper of a mid 80's Toyota painted in psychedelic colors. We saw this automobile while I was visiting her some years ago when she, her Mom and her "Other Dad" lived up in the Washington, D.C. area.

Jessica's first words when she saw this car were, "Dad, check out that hip car."

Her. Exact. Words. At about 5 years old.

Now if you have been Counting Along With Me, you will probably note this is the first quasi adult image of Jessica I have posted on By The Numbers. Well as this olelongrooffan mentioned here, over 700 posts ago, her Mom and her Other Dad were pretty unsure of this whole blogging thing and didn't want her image posted on my blog. At the time I concurred and to this date have agreed with them.

However, this past week I was friended on facebook by none other than Jessica Lee and I checked out her page. She has a bunch of photos of herself posted there and I figured it was time to remove that self-imposed REDDACT on images of her appearing on By The Numbers. H*ll she probably gets more hits on her facebook page than I get on this blog. She certainly has more friends than I do!

To honor Haven Lee Farm, Halltown edition, thehorsefarmer, and thebarngoddess, I am reposting this image of a very young Jessica Lee playing on the Haven Lee Farm, Marionville edition's mascot many moons ago. RIP to TheGentlemanFarmer shown on the stoop of his bunkhouse.
And a couple semi current images of SweetJessica that I shamelessly stole from her facebook page.
Isn't she just gorgeous? Another smart blonde, just like her mom!
And it is sharing another random image and finally having the ability to share these photos of Jessica that really allows me to

Celebrate Life.

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auxarc said...

She is beautiful. Thanks for posting.