Wednesday, September 9, 2009

thejeepjunkie's New Ride

So, over the past few weeks, thejeepjunkie has shared with this olelongrooffan the amount of work his trunk mounted spoiler, aftermarket wheels equipped 1990 Honda Accord needed.

Struts, air conditioning compressor, paint plus some severe rust repair, timing belt, new interior, you know, moderately old car stuff. He and I calculated it would be between $3,500 and $4 large.

He kept harping on about thesungoddess's dad's Ford Ranger pick up and how he would like to have one.

He mentioned about how thesungoddess would give him a ton of cr*p about how dirty his ole Accord was and he responded that he was using this, purchased new automobile before the Kid was even born, like a truck and it was wearing out.

I asked him why didn't he just get a truck like he wanted. He hemmed and hawwed about spending the money or having a truck payment and generally mashed that idea around in his head.

I found several on Craigslist and ebay and they are all around $5 grand but, at that price, in questionable shape.

So anyway, on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend, I called thejeepjunkie to see if he could swing by the Taj Mahal after work to help me install the remaining two windows in the olestationbus after rattle canning the interior and installing new seals all around.

He mentioned he was going to look at a truck and to swing by the Kid's house around 2.

Well, actually, that truck he was going to look at turned out to be "7". Yeah, thejeepjunkie got another one, his seventh Jeep in less than two years! This is getting so old that I did not even blog about this one. Can't wait the the "8"th.

So, anyway, Sunday nite, thejeepjunkie and the Kid show up to the Taj Mahal after fishing out in a borrowed boat and the Kid walks in with three inches of water in a five gallon bucket. He shows it to me and it has about 20 live shrimp in it.

He tells his John-John he had just caught them in his cast net out on the intercoastal and could he boil them up?

Not just Yes, but Hell Yes!

And with limited direction from the olelongrooffan and thejeepjunkie, he gets at it, with a grin from ear to ear.

While the Kid was at it, his dad and uncle were sitting on the front porch at the Taj Mahal, admiring the stars and the not quite full moon and working at our mission to always Celebrate Life. thejeepjunkie even relayed the ridiculously low purchase price of this vehicle. Nice job, Bus.

the Kid comes out a few minutes later and offers some of his prized catch to us. Both his dad and uncle politely took one each and told the Kid to have at it, as they were his catch.

Know this, those freshly caught and spicily cooked shrimp sure were good but not nearly as good as watching that 16 year old Kid enjoy doing it! He even did the dishes!

So, Labor Day Monday rolls round and I am working on tidying up the Taj Mahal when I get a call from thejeepjunkie.

Whatca doing, John-John?

Just tidying up, jeepjunkie.

Want some company?

Need you ask?

And he and the Kid show up.

I hear car doors shutting out in the parking area and look out but don't see the Kid's tell tale sand colored Jeep through the bushes where they normally park.

I didn't see the blue of that old Accord either.

It was a white vehicle of indeterminant manufacture.

Wasn't really concerned until I heard "Hello The Camp" emanating from the mouth of thejeepjunkie.

Well, I jumped away from this laptop and directed this olelongrooffan toward the front door of the Taj Mahal.

Before I could even get there, thejeepjunkie was opening that always unlocked front door and heading toward my gourmet kitchen for a "cold pop" while I ask the Kid, following his dad through that designer front door of mine, "What are you driving?"

He shows me a set of keys and mentions thejeepjunkie finally got a New Ride, and "John-John, it's not a Jeep."

Well, let's check it out. I mean, the first new vehicle thejeepjunkie has gotten as a daily driver in 20 years. H*ll yes I want to see it.

So the Kid and I head out to the parking complex and this is what I see.

Yep, it is a d*mn nice 2000 Ford Ranger. And yes, inadvertantly I included the oleragtop, the olestationbus, and my formerly Joplin, Missouri based fertilizer selling, 86 year old neighbor Bert's 88 Corolla and the now flag bearing Taj Mahal in the background. Exposed after all.

But know this Counters, it is a sharp looking truck and thejeepjunkie, as always, did not pay retail for it. And his FHP buddies comfirmed the tint on the rear window is illegal and thejeepjunkie has now removed it.

And with the olelongrooffan supplied and the Kid installed Celebrate Life magnet, it is definitely a Lee vehicle.

And, oh yeah, as TheGoodAttorney noticed the first time he saw it, that is a nail in that Goodyear Tire selling jeepjunkie's newest acquisition.

And seeing that, hopefully, lets all of us

Celebrate Life.


Anonymous said...

That's a nice Ranger. Getting a new car,or truck always makes ya feel so good!

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