Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Cold CJ2A

So, as this olelongrooffan has pointed out in my last couple blogs, it is cold down here in the Home of The World's Most Famous Beach. Snow on the ground Saturday morning and it was cold and blustery all day long.

Well, this morning the sun rose and provided we Floridiots a clear and cold day. At 5:20 this fine Sunday evening, the sun is just starting to set and it is a chipper 38 degrees on the front porch of the Taj Mahal.

When this wonderful weather set in earlier this week, thesungoddess told thejeepjunkie that the Kid needed to use thejeepjunkie's new ride to get to and from Beachside High School until this weather passed. After all, the Kid has to pick up the Kid's sister after school these days and it is too cold for her to ride in the open air of the Kid's CJ5.

So, thejeepjunkie has been relegated to driving one of those vehicles from which his name is derived. Either the Kid's CJ5 or thejeepjunkie's CJ2A.

So every evening this week at Happy Hour hosted by this olelongrooffan at the Taj Mahal, thejeepjunkie would show up in, at least, four or five layers of clothing, scarf, hat and gloves. TheGoodAttorney and this olelongrooffan get a chuckle out of it every time.

Friday night, thejeepjunkie was running late and TheGoodAttorney asked me where he was. I commented he was probably still layering those clothes on in an attempt to stay somewhat warm in that open air, no heater equipped, mid 60's era CJ5. We both chuckled and thejeepjunkie showed up shortly and we related that story and he got a chuckle out of it also.

Well, earlier this afternoon, the massive telephone system in the Taj Mahal lights up indicating an incoming call.

I snag it and it is thejeepjunkie,

"Whatca doing longroof?"

"Trying to stay warm, jeepjunkie, how about you?"

"Down on the beach trying to get this old couple unstuck!! Got a...oh wait, the Beach Patrol is heading this way. Talk to ya soon."

And we severed our cellular connection.

About 10 minutes later, thejeepjunkie rolls up in his 2A and heads to the ornate entry door the Taj Mahal possesses.

"Hello the camp" is the familiar admission phrase and this olelongrooffan heads over to the huge refrigerator to get thejeepjunkie a "cold pop", although the can version, for his consumption.

He strips off those layers, all the while saying "I gotta pee!!"

Oh well, sorry about your luck.

Well, he does so and settles into "his" chair at the Taj Mahal.

Yeah, much like Norm and Cliff, TheGoodAttorney, thejeepjunkie and this olelongrooffan, well, we each have our favorite chair and each of us sits in our favorite chair every time we get together, both inside the overwhelming living room or on that sprawling, flag bearing, front porch.

So thejeepjunkie mentioned he was AWOLhad a hall pass for a couple hours this afternoon and was headed this way and thought he would drive down My Beach for the mile, or so, drive from Granada Blvd. down to the Cardinal Drive beach access nearest the Taj Mahal.

As he pulled onto the beach, even though the "Soft Sand, 4 wheel drived vehicles only" sign was posted, this older tourist couple had pulled down on that beach and gotten stuck.

Really Stuck.

Now, as a rule of thumb, when driving on the beach and you are starting to get stuck, don't try and go faster to get out, it is all about momentum. Spinning those drive line wheels will just get you stuck.

Real stuck.

thejeepjunkie valiantly tried to pull that stuck to the engine front wheel drive '09 Impala rental car out but to no avail. He even broke one of his chains doing so. The tow strap this olelongrooffan found out at a swap meet and had gotten for the Kid's CJ5 was in its resting place and thejeepjunkie does not have one for his bright yellow 1946 CJ2A, a situation I will have to rectify soon.

Anyway, the Beach Patrol show up and thejeepjunkie tells the somewhat exaporated Beach Patrol officer to take it easy on the old man as his wife had already read him the riot act.

That understanding BP officer followed that suggestion and between the two of them they got those, somewhat contrite, money spending tourists on their way.

While thejeepjunkie is relating this story, guess what this olelongrooffan is doing?

Trying to figure a way to blog it.

That's right, Counters, always thinking of you.

Well, since I don't have photographic proof of this, this olelongrooffan had to, after thejeepjunkie suited up to head back to the Kid's house, I had to go out into this frigid weather to get an image of thejeepjunkie as he wipes that beach sand from the various body parts of his 2A.

Yeah, it may be sunny, but does "Clear and Cold" mean anything to you Counters?

thejeepjunkie climbed into the cockpit of that ole2A and, of course, it fired right up.

this olelongrooffan walked a little closer to that pretty machine and told thejeepjunkie to turn on the seat warmers!!

He laughed and said the only seat warmer in his life is when he stands with his backside up against the roaring fire commonplace this week in the fireplace at the Kid's house.

And that is how, down here in The Sunshine State we

Celebrate Life.


Horse-farmer said...


Got one I can sell him.......


d5thouta5 said...

hey the heater works just fine....
as long as it's 82 outside....
and the roof works just fine too...
clear sky with a touch of clouds on the's a fair weather vehicle and that's my story....oh and by the way, the heated seats work just fine.....
in my next car..

Complaint Department Manager said...

Hey you old fart,