Sunday, January 3, 2010

The 9.5 And The Rover

A few weeks back, this olelongrooffan did a blog for you Counters about thejeepjunkie's ninth and a half Jeep CJ.

After that event filled weekend, thejeepjunkie had me put the 9.5 on Craigslist for sale with verbage provided by him.

And I did.

And got no response for a month.

thejeepjunkie was discouraged and so was I.

I then thought up an idea to list in on Craigslist, Sl-Ocala edition. It is described as a Woods Jeep after all.

Well, a week or so goes by and nothing.

Again, thejeepjunkie and this olelongrooffan are pretty disappointed.

Then, I get an email from a dude up in Georgia asking if I would be interested in trading thejeepjunkie's woods Jeep for a Rover Compact Utility Vehicle.

I forwarded the images thewoodsdude sent to me of that CUV to thejeepjunkie and we had a short chat about it over the cellular airwaves we frequent these days.

It was decided to go ahead with a straight up trade.

This morning, thewoodsdude, thejeepjunkie and this olelongrooffan got together to consumate this trade.

It was an extremely chilly 42 degrees when we hooked up with that Georgia dude. thejeepjunkie and this olelongrooffan were bundled up in sweatshirts, gloves, socks, ball caps and, in the case of this olelongrooffan, longjohns purchased this morning at my local Family Dollar store for $4.50!

Yeah, Cold.

You can see in the above image the two vehicles subject to trade this brisk Sunday morning.

Now you can tell thewoodsdude is not from these here parts as all he was wearing was a golf shirt with a denin shirt over it.

As we were standing around shooting the bull, thejeepjunkie says the only thing wrong with this Jeep is

The gas tank is full!

We all got a chuckle out of that.

Below thejeepjunkie is examining a the ubiquitous bunch of parts that always go in a trade such as this.

Good-bye 9.5.

Hello Rover.

Now this baby is resting quietly next to theracedude's garage

and will be on Craigslist, Daytona Beach edition, in about an hour.

With its tilt bed and knobby tires

this 2003 4x2 Rover Compact Utility Vehicle should go pretty quickly

with its full top and a pricetag of $2,500.

And just being a part of thejeepjunkie's latest acquisition, even though it is not another CJ, lets this olelongrooffan

Celebrate Life.


Horse-farmer said...

So are you open to trades ?????

I have a chance to come up with

#10 # 11 and #12 for you all to play with

all for Casper, even trade..

talked with Jeep couple minutes ago.

Horse-farmer said...


you boys look cold down there,
watch out for the white stuff headed your way